Some Random Tuesday Thoughts

IMG_0794I always have a bunch of things going on in my head; my doctor told me that my brain never stops running, so today I thought I’d put a few down rather than a longer individual post:

  • The Fiscal Cliff needs to be resolved ASAP; there are so many different elements to this problem that will all have unwanted consequences.
    • Companies say they arent hiring because they are unsure of what their tax rates will be in the coming years; solve this problem and that excuse is taken away
    • The prestige of the United States is at stake; the world thinks we cant govern ourselves. This might not mean much now but in the future the U.S.A. might no longer be the gold standard for living or the gold standard for the dollar. This has the ability to lower the credibility of our country
    • The tea party zealots who want no compromising dont understand that without compromise nothing gets done
  • It’s December 4th and 60 degrees in NYC; we just had a ‘super storm’ Sandy that flooded parts of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island. Those who dont believe in climate change need to rethink their stance. This kind of erratic weather is exactly what was predicted. Its time to take serious action now.
  • Still, nothing is being done to help the longterm unemployed to get jobs. The number of longterm unemployed has been at 5 million people for over 18 months. This group being ignored is a crisis and all our political leaders are doing are posturing about the fiscal cliff. The GOP doesnt want to add stimulus for infrastructure. It was Ike that built the interstate highways; Obama should go big, go bold. He should initiate an interstate high speed rail system. He can use public funds to get private corporations involved. All of this would bring more jobs, lessen pollution, lessen traffic. We need big we need bold.
  • Interviews are such an odd way of hiring people. You sit down with a complete stranger waiting to be asked any kind of insightful or absurd question. You have your questions prepared. But how effective of a way to hire someone is this. What do you learn about each other in 45 minutes? I was on an interview a while back where the woman interviewing me had no questions, had nothing to say about the job she was filling. I spoke about my experience and received a blank stare. Not only was this an odd situation to be in it also led me to believe what she would be like to work for. I like fun, enthusiasm and creative thinking, especially in a sales environment. I could tell she wasnt going to provide any of this. Another pet peeve; companies that want you to give a presentation to them about their product/service. This to me is a bit absurd. The best way to sell a product is by working for a company and hearing how they position the product, hearing how others in the company position the product. Someone that doesnt work there doesnt know these things, is just guessing at best. Along with interviews I would suggest a psychographic test that might shed light on the employees and employers compatibility.
  • Did we learn anything from the presidential election? The GOP is blaming Romney for the most part; I think Romney is dull, insincere and certainly doesnt seem like he is interested in the regular people of our country. But I think its the GOP brand that sunk him. The GOP alienated the youth vote with their bigoted views on gays; they alienated the Latino vote with their view of self deportation; they alienated the women’s vote with trying to control their bodies. They basically have alienated everyone but hard core zealots. I hope they learn to make that tent bigger, invite more people in. I hope one of the strong GOP players comes in and says loudly and proudly that they are conservative, they believe in science and facts and will run the campaign and the country that way. This will also make the DEM party smarter by dealing with real issues.

Its hard to believe that the year is almost over and a new one will begin. So many possibilities when a new year starts, but living through the last few years which offered little positive results makes the coming of a new year an iffy proposition. I lift a glass to toast good things to come!


One thought on “Some Random Tuesday Thoughts

  1. I really like your idea regarding an Ike like big interstate high speed rail system. We need an alternative to airlines and cars and buses. How great it would be to hop on a train in Chicago and be in New York in just a few hours! Maybe we should start a White House petition asking President Obama to try to get this through Congress.

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