Consumers Politics Companies Don’t Mix

IMG_1250This campaign season is the first I remember where companies actually said who they were backing, supporting and donating to. Many also made loud proclamations against our existing healthcare law, the ACA. I know this new information has something to do with the Citizens United ruling by the Supreme Court; which I totally disapprove of. Thats another story. Right now I am focused on company’s who have said outright that they want to deny their workers healthcare, will raise prices if they have to institute ‘ObamaCare’, and other companies that made it public that they were giving large donations to one side or the other. The first thing that comes to mind is AT&T giving a large donation to Mitt Romney. Thats information I dont need to know. Thats information that tells me AT&T supports anti gay policies, anti choice, and anti diversity. Thats a huge blemish on their company and on the brand. Who wants to use a company that supports discrimination? Who wants to give their hard earned money to a company that isnt for the betterment of all but who actually supports bigotry and discrimination?

To me this is just bad business. The country is so unnecessarily polarized anything any company puts out there is going to be disapproved by about half the country. When my AT&T contract is up will I consider Verizon? Yes. When I hear Applebeas amongst other restaurants doesnt want to give their employees health insurance and will either raise the cost of eating there or lower the salaries of those that work there; do I want to eat there? No I don’t.  I know many companies have their prejudices but I dont want to read about them in the news. Do we really need to boycott those companies that harbor discriminatory values and behaviors? If we know about it we certainly do. In a way all of this blows my mind. Before anti gay bigotry was acceptable it was anti black, anti Jewish, anti Catholic. When you have a party like the GOP that openly discriminates against gays, without even trying to hide or sugarcoat it; its disgusting. When you have a company that publicly supports GOP candidates you have to think they also approve of their hatred and bigotry.

The easy answer to all of this is to end the hatred, bigotry and treat each other like we want to be treated ourselves. Thats a fantasy world, unfortunately their are people who thrive on bigotry and want to keep their constituents safe from  those scary gay/black/different people. Also the thought that the average American citizen doesnt care that the people who serve them food or help them at stores doesnt have healthcare and that we dont mind. Thats totally wrong.

I care. I wont shop at a store that doesnt treat their employees well, giving them healthcare, sick days and other essentials. Its time for Corporate America to respect everyone. Blacks, Jews, Catholics, Gays, Transgender, whatever it is I only want to give my money to companies that respect today’s America.

Join me in sticking up for the underdog!


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