On the Lighter Side — A Funny Memory

IMG_0696Today instead of writing about the dismal economy, our dysfunctional government or the jobs crisis I thought I would write about something a bit less serious. Not sure why this memory came back to me last week but it did and made me laugh. This story takes place within a year of my moving to Manhattan after graduating college; I was coming home to our house in the suburbs for some reason. I grew up in a different time, when people didnt lock their doors, kids walked to the school bus alone, we’d ride our bikes all over town. The 1970s was like that. Anyway we lived in a nice suburb of Boston in a big house on a hill with lots of grass and lots of land (3 acres I think, it was big for the area). I must have flown on the shuttle from NYC to Boston, back in the days before security lines and that kind of thing. I could actually be in a cab and decide on the way there if I should take the shuttle that left on the hour or the other one that left on the half hour. When I got to Boston I must have taken a car home, which was unusual because one of my parents would normally pick me up, or I’d take a cab to my mothers offices on Newbury Street then go home with her. When I got home I wasnt able to shut off the alarm; I dont remember if my parents changed the code or what the problem was. My parents decided to get a burglar alarm when my brother and I went to college since my father was a doctor my mother would be home alone a lot and she felt more secure with having an alarm.

When I got in the house somehow I got the alarm to go off then I think I threw a load of laundry in. If you’ve ever lived in an apartment building nothing looks better than a washer and dry that you can use as much as you want; and you dont have to save quarters to use them. Then I was hungry so I decided I’d take some Ritz crackers with peanut butter a fluff into the den and eat that and watch tv. About 15 mins later I noticed 3 or 4 policemen in the backyard. This was a highly unusual sight; first because no one had ever come into our backyard without coming through the house and secondly they were police! I got up and walked out the back door and they were like Sir dont come any closer and tell us who you are. So I explained I had forgotten the alarm code; this was my family’s house. They could see in the window that I was eating and watching tv; I somewhat (totally) sarcastically said something like If I was going to rob the house do you think I’d take a break first for peanut butter and fluff and to watch tv? Needless to say they didnt find this amusing. I even showed them my drivers license which had the house we were standing in the back of as my home address.  I think the only way they would leave was to call one of my parents. Miraculously they got one of them on the phone and they vouched for me and then they left with some kind of warning about not forgetting again.

Really, a 22 year old eating and watching tv and the police not getting I lived there?  Like I said not sure why that story popped into my head recently but it made me laugh so thats why I am writing it here.


3 thoughts on “On the Lighter Side — A Funny Memory

  1. That’s alarming!(Yes, intended) I can’t believe those cops didn’t shot you. Now, I want to know what is fluff? I’m guessing marshmallow? Your story sounds like something one of my boys would have done. Thanks for sharing a bit of “fluff” in this dismal news cycle.

    1. Thanks for reading and responding Pat! Yes its marshmallow fluff; I used to love it, and I probably had some on my face while talking to the police! I think my father got $75 charge for the police having to come. I like your son who would have done something like that!

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