Anger Violence Tragedy Motivation *** Sandy Hook

IMG_0450When I heard about yesterday’s shooting, my first reaction was “again?” There is so much chatter going on today on social media, so many opinions being shared back and forth. Some opinions are similar some are polar opposites. I think social media is a good place for people to vent their feelings, their confusion, their anger and sorrow. As usual opinions were expressed from the point of view of the left and the right. The most outrageous comment I have heard was Mike Huckabee saying this happened because we dont have enough God in our lives. Not only is that absolute bullshit its also highly cruel to the people who are suffering through this tragedy.

My thoughts about these mass shootings usually has to do with the person themselves; what motivated them to do this. What in their lives makes a person want to inflict such ugly violence and murder to innocent people, especially children. What brings them to this point? A mental illness; frustration with life. Maybe some people are born predisposed to cause violence and the desire to hurt other people. That concept is foreign to me because I am the exact opposite. If there is something I can do to help someone else I’d gladly try to do it.  So thats my first question, whats the motivation. I am not sure that is a question that can ever be answered. Obviously not by the people who kill themselves; but in older cases like Ted Bundy and Son of Sam I dont particularly trust what kind of answers they give. So we might never know.

The next part is where do people get the weapons to kill; the loaded issue of gun control. I am a person who grew up in New England and has lived in NYC since college. I dont think I have ever seen a gun, aside from one you see cops wearing. I have no interest in guns and never understood why people get so crazy on this issue. Yes, I think its reasonable to be able to protect yourself; so having a gun at home I could see. In this case I believe a weapon was used that was made for use during a war. Guns that shoot out multiple rounds in seconds; sorry I dont know the proper name. A gun like that should be outlawed completely. There is not one reason a citizen would need one of those.  I think gun control laws should be completely rewritten, and be much more closely monitored and tougher laws. I heard others say today that if a teacher was carrying a gun this wouldnt have happened. Again, thats such bullshit. Are we supposed to all walk around armed? People should not be able to carry guns around with them, or into a bar. Seriously, in a bar, where you drink and your judgement is impaired.

People who are pro gun will tell you that the people who want guns will find them, no matter how strict the laws are. I think thats accurate. I think there will always be a black market for things like guns. So then you come back to the question of why change the laws since ‘people kill people, guns don’t.’ This is not an inaccurate statement; it is the individual that has some sort of motivation and will find a weapon to carry out his rampage. That doesnt mean that making guns much harder to obtain wont stop some of these events from happening. It sickens me that our government is too afraid of the NRA and gun lobby to stand up to them to change the laws. Obama said yesterday something way too tepid. Mayor Bloomberg said we should act immediately on this issue. I agree with Bloomberg.  There must be tighter restrictions, better ID checks, waiting periods that could be put in place. Also a much stricter code of how to maintain a gun once you own it.

My heart goes out to all the victims families and loved ones.


5 thoughts on “Anger Violence Tragedy Motivation *** Sandy Hook

  1. Andrew, I agree with most of what you say. Having grown up in a more rural environment, then being a four-tour Vietnam Veteran, gives me a much different experience regarding Guns, and while I am all for keeping Our 2nd Amendment Rights intact, I agree that Automatic, and Semi-automatic weapons should be limited to Soldiers and Law Enforcement personnel.

    Tragedies like Yesterday’s in Newtown, one of, if not the first, I recall which targeted little Elementary School students, should be enough to bring together Law Makers of every persuasion, and finally get some control over Assault Weapons, and who may own one.

    Thanks for the “Follow” on Twitter, and expect some more visits to your Blog too.

    Herman Morgan, Patriotic Liberal # 1

  2. Like many others, could not believe one could just loose their mind and start shooting…kids! But It seems to be happening far too often, and each case getting worse than the last. The past 24 hours, I too have read and heard GUN CONTROL, and now mental illness. Why can’t we discuss and find solutions for both? Years ago, I worked for a halfway house, and they housed a special dorm for them. When I first started, I have to be honest, I was scared. They were criminals and they had very serious mental disabilities and illness. As I began to do my own research, most had illness from HEREDITY, upbringing and some life experiences. All the information and training we were given was all from a criminal stand point vs mental illness. Bottom line, they are pushed through the system as criminals. And if they get help along the way considered lucky. Most , have never been evaluated for mental illness. The type of medication was very serious, I couldn’t even begin to pronounce let alone spell. The dosage was always very, very heavy, many were left very lethargic. Still quite a few functioned well and went to work.
    After working with the mentally ill, I can say, I truly do appreciate my sanity. You have no idea how hard they have to work just to get through their day. I am not sure why Mike Huckabee made those statements, but like someone said on Tweeter ” I dare you to say that to one of those parents face” Well, please forgive me if you didn’t quite get all of my point, it’s rather late here in Ohio. You really do have great blogs…I enjoying reading them.

  3. My HEART sank and has not risen to where it should be after Learning about Hook School . That could of been the town I work for in the Midwest . Andrew again your passion is on target and your voice will be heard. I pray for the day comes when the these laws get tweaked . Keep Blogging Andrew you are making a difference with HEART . God Bless the USA.

  4. Once again Andrew your heart&mind are in the right place. its a very tough issue(gun Control) Gov. probably avoids the topic cause they know just how expensive an issue it could be,As we just saw in the Election 6billion to end up where they started…They need to make it a Mental Health discussion.the studies have been done its time to take”meaningful Action” Just start talking & mental health care will be the Ultimate Winner Keep Religion Out of it

  5. Look to Australia as your model. We had an amnesty to hand in all firearms after the Port Arthur massacre. Admittedly, it isn’t written into our constitution that we have a right to bear arms. Now, the only people who can get a licence to own a gun are farmers, and members of gun clubs. Of course, the police & military use weapons as part of their job. This was a very unpopular move by the government in some quarters, but by many others at the time there was a very strong feeling that something like that massacre could never be allowed to happen again.

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