Some Twitter Tips — Better Than What You Read in a Magazine

IMG_3055I remember when I first joined twitter about a year ago I read a bunch of different articles about how to best utilize twitter, what times were the best times to tweet, how many tweets you should do per hour, what subjects your tweets should be about. As usual I read, digested and ignored most of the info that was out there. I did things my way, which have turned out to be pretty successful. I have had people tell me they look forward to my tweets, others will say they look to me to keep them informed. Those compliments mean a lot to me; the thought that something I am doing is helping other people is a really nice feeling; people have also commented similarly on my blog. It blows my mind sometimes when I see people reading this blog from all over the world; literally. Sure, not everyone loves my tweets and I get plenty of trolls who accuse me both of being a crazy left winger or an apologist for the GOP. I think if I am causing a stir on both sides that I am doing something right. Also over the last year I have amassed about 23,000 followers. Thats pretty cool. So, back to the advice, first forget everything else you have heard and read on, these are in no particular order:

  • Your Avatar, or small pic, is important. I recommend everyone having a pic of your face on the Avatar; if you want to be a bit more subtle you can use a profile or something like that. I find talking to people who dont have one (just the orange blob) a bit off putting. I like to know who I am talking to; not your address, but I prefer knowing if I am talking to a man or woman, approx age, location etc. This is where twitter is different from Facebook, twitter has no profile. I am also not a fan of cat or animal pics. Your Avatar is how people will remember you; its much easier to recognize a face than it is to remember people’s @ names. I am visual and remember people most when they have a face pic, wearing a distinctive color. You Avatar is your brand. I also recommend not changing them. I am sure people recognize my pic more than the name @GinsburgJobs.
  • The best time to tweet? There is no answer for that. You are talking about a global audience. One of my followers is from Australia, when I am getting up she is going to bed. So you cant say what is best. I can tell you for me what has worked out best; its mornings. I got the most RT (re tweets) in the mornings, much more so than during the day. Which works for me because as I read the morning news I tweet what I think is important for people to know. So I really am doing it on my time table but its worked out great. It also depends on what you want your twitter account to be about; mine includes current events so whats in the major newspapers websites are things I tweet a lot. Its also ok to tweet the same tweet more than once. I wouldnt do it too much, but remember your audience is global so somethings need RT later in the day. As far as how many tweets per hour; I never count, I just tweet what I think people should know about.
  • My rule about following people is that if someone follows me I will follow them back; if people are rude, arent fact based in conversation and annoy me a few times I will block them. Also, dont ever send out a tweet thanking people for following you if you havent followed them back. To me thats odd. I always unfollow people that do that.  Also, try not to look at the number of followers you have; they will accumulate as you find your voice and others that share your interests. You can follow people who are recommended by twitter.

These are just a few of the many things I have learned with twitter. You do want to create your brand, be seen as a thought leader. When I started I was going to just tweet about unemployment. That got dull and depressing, so I widened my field to politics (which are very related to job creation), the economy, current events. The Andrew Ginsburg Brand is Trust.


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