Tea Party Treason and the GOP

IMG_1213Right now we are in the middle of a huge crisis that was completely self inflicted. The ‘fiscal cliff’ that we are about to go over in a matter of days will end all of the Bush Tax cuts; end the payroll tax cut and immediately enact $1 Trillion in budget cuts. If these actions are to take place they would have tremendous impact on this country, especially the middle and lower class. We have known about this for more than 18 months, yet no one has done anything about it. Since it was an election year President Obama didnt have the leadership skills or courage to start discussions sooner, and the GOP as usual is all about obstructionism and ‘no tax cuts.’ So talks were put off until after the election. The root of this fiasco started last year when the GOP threatened to block raising the debt ceiling; something that was always done without hesitation in our Country’s history. The debt ceiling consists of money we already spent, money the Congress already voted on and agreed to spend. The GOP or more precisely the tea party was willing to let the U.S.A. default on its debt for the first time in our history. This alone is astounding. The thought of putting the richest country on earth in the position of default to me is a criminal treasonous act. With all that went on last year, the tea party is solely responsible for the immediate effects of what happened then; first our credit rating was lowered for the first time in American history and the reason for the drop in the credit rating was because the United States of America was seen as not being able to govern itself. Also, GDP slowed, hiring slowed, the economy slowed. More doubt was put into consumers and businesses minds which caused lower spending, less hiring and knowing we’d be right where we are today.

Some say going over the fiscal cliff isnt that big of a deal. The GOP theory is that if they go over the cliff then in January they would be voting for decreasing taxes (for $250,000 and below) not raising taxes this year on those earning over $1 million per year. This is ludicrous, self serving and again I say its criminal. Now we also have the debt ceiling coming due early than anticipated, by the end of the year. We have completely stalled negotiations, and congress not even in session. The House has passed this off to the Senate to figure out. I place the blame for all of this completely on the tea party and their inability to compromise. Its 100% their fault we are in this mess. I think John Boehner has tried in somewhat good faith to negotiate a deal with President Obama, both last year and now; but he has to deal with this block of tea party people that dont understand finances, governance or what the real problem is. Our biggest problem right now is not debt, its unemployment. Unemployment some estimates is as high as a staggering 23%. You have 25 million people who are looking for jobs and cant find them, companies arent hiring, the markets are going up and down. This is all due to unemployment. What the tea party doesnt understand is that once you get more people working, more people will be paying taxes and both the deficit and long term debt will go down. All of our energy should be placed on getting people back to work. Any tax incentives should be for companies to hire people, especially the longterm unemployed who are regularly discriminated against. What the tea party has done yet again has caused even more uncertainty which will  again slow the economy, slow spending, slow hiring, increase layoffs with more unemployment which will cause more pain, suffering to Americans. And it will also bring in less money to the Government which will cause a higher deficit.

I think deliberately causing the U.S. economy to shrink is a treasonous action. These people are working for us and being paid by us and they are held accountable to best represent the American people. The tea party has acted the opposite. I would like to see Obama have the tea party investigated and tried for criminal behavior.

I dont know whats going to happen in the next few days with the fiscal cliff. I do think President Obama should use the 14th Amendment to unilaterally raise the debt ceiling and have the tea party investigated and tried for criminal behavior.


8 thoughts on “Tea Party Treason and the GOP

  1. So raising taxes on the top 2% won’t shrink the economy? That is different than raising taxes on a broader base how? And how exactly would raising taxes on the top 2% change the unemployment picture?

    This began when congress made the “Bush tax cuts” temporary in the first place. Perhaps we should think of these as a return to the Clinton tax rates. At the very least we should rename it the Obama time bomb. After all, this was crafted under his administration.

    Be careful what you wish for, Obama may decide to pull a dictatorial move as you suggest thereby setting a precedent for a subsequent dictator to do the same in ways you don’t personally approve of.

    Ignoring debt is like ignoring entropy, you *will* lose.

    1. Raising taxes on the top 2% will help the economy by putting some of the excess money that these people have BACK into circulation. Only the wealthy have the ability to take money out of circulation by keeping it in non-productive investments such as the stock market where appreciation comes from manipulation and not formation of job creating assets. Contrary to the ridiculous assertion that government jobs shrink the economy, government jobs create workers that get real paychecks and spend them just as private sector workers do. My economic theory is that without the wealthy there can not be recession since everyone that makes a minimal amount of money must sped it to get by. Recessions are in fact only created by excessive accumulation.

  2. We have a broken Congress. I long for the days when we had representatives who were willing to reach across the aisle and work out a deal for the best interests of the people. Now, we are controlled by a few representatives and can’t get a budget, jobs deal, farm bill or any other bill that helps the country.

  3. The GOP has lost it identity. I was an Republican back in the Clinton era. 2008 after the birth of the Tea Party and after seeing and hearing their radical point of views, I knew our Country was in trouble. Reminded of the type of Government back in the 60,s Racist far right minded idiots. I am proud to be a Democrat. The House is broken. the House Of No erroiding our confidence. There are some serving in Congress that do not give a dam about this Country home Grown Terriost and their job is to destroy this Country by political means.

  4. Just look at all the money Romney has in foreign banks. How does THAT money help our economy. Most of it is invested in China. These “patriots”, pull the rug out from under the American worker and use their money to bet against America by funding China. And continuing these traitors tax breaks is supposed to to help our economy. How?

  5. This story is only telling half the story right. For one in 28 years of Trickle Down we have learned that the Top 1% are are not The Job Creators that Republicans want you to believe they are. Consumers are the Job Creators. If The consumers don’t buy products then you have no demand, and if you have no demand you have zilch in Job Creation, it’s as simple as that. Our problem is 2 fold right now, all but 40% of our Nations Money lies in the hands of about 400 families, and guess what they are not the majority of people in our Country, so everyone else has limited amounts of money to put back into the economy, or actually buying power, so everyone else, but the 400 families has no money to buy big items, but the basics to get by, which is causing the sluggish economy, and creating zero demand for product which is causing zero demand to hire people for Job’s. Secondly these very same 400 families are not so into investing back into the good ole USA, so all you need to do is look at the areas in The World that have been thriving since 1985 or so, and you will see where these 400 families are investing their money. THe Republicans have been lying about the trickle down crap for 35 years in all, and each time they get in power, and enact it we end up in a world of hurt, and then when we right the ship, and then people go , and elect more Elephant people so we can go right back down the road we just got off from. This fiscal Cliff is the fault of the Republicans period, not just Teapublicans, but Republicans, and even still after the debt ceiling debacle, and The Republicans lies about Job’s Job’s Job’s in 2010 to get elected in which they block 17 Jobs Bills, and 2 other bills that were for Veterans. Yes The Government does Create Job’s, but they are temporary, Infrastructure jobs for the most part, but still better than 0 legislation on the Economy, or jobs from The Republicans. Now we can not put all this blame on the republicans alone they did not elect themselves, so guess where the blame for all of our problems come back to, that’s right the people who just keep on voting and electing the very same people who put what our nation needs, behind their own personal goals, and ideology. It is my hope that people wake up, and realize that you can’t build a house from the roof down, and you don’t build a car from the roof down, so why in the Hell do you keep believing The Republicans when they tell you they are going to build the Economy from The 1% down.

  6. As one business owner put it in an interview on NPR: “With low tax rates, I make my business as large as it needs to be in order to accomplish my personal goals.”

    He went on, and the key takeaway was that if taxes went up for him, he’d have to employ more people, work harder, and generate more to achieve his financial goals. To a Teabag person, this is counterintuitive. To a Keynesian, it makes perfect sense.

    Remember: Under no circumstances, under zero circumstances, will a business owner hire someone unless doing so will result in a profit. Taxes, regulations, who cares? What matters is: “Will bringing a new hire onboard help me make more money?”

    As for the President, this isn’t a “leadership” problem where the fiscal cliff is an issue he could have solved. Simpson/Bowles was a horrible, disgusting proposal that would have funneled countless billions into the pockets of the 1 percent at the expense of everyone else. Worse: Simpson/Bowles was a vicious attack on the middle class and a needless dismantling of the social safety net.

    The 400 families, including the Kochs and the Waltons, are sitting on some 40 percent of the entire nation’s wealth. How much more should they have? Simpson/Bowles, the “Ryan Budget,” all these proposals dictate that whatever small protections and hopes the middle class has for a viable retirement should be stripped away and given to Mitt Romney and his fucking dancing horses.

    So no, the President didn’t have any leverage to solve the fiscal cliff. Congress enacted the sequestration and, best of all, it targets 50 percent of the bit on the Pentagon (where it should). Let’s go over the cliff, let those bites kick in, and then the Present can enact the rescue of the middle class and get credit for it.

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