What a Job Seeker Should Never Say *** What Everyone in HR Must Read

IMG_1308Today as usual I was sending out some resumes and it really hit me what an ineffective way this is for both the hiring companies and for a job seeker. Let me start from the job seekers stand point; keep in mind that the best talent a company can hire in most cases is not found by frustrating someone who could turn your company around. Ok, so first, I get a lot of job search agents emailed to me from Linked In, Monster, and some other sources. Many of these ‘matches’ are located in Chicago, San Diego or other places I dont live. I live in NYC and filled out the proper information that I should only receive open positions located in Manhattan. Another issue with these job alerts is that they are the same jobs day after day; even if I have applied for them. I think Linked In is the biggest offender here although Monster is right up there.

When applying for jobs online some company’s let you apply through Linked In which makes the process much easier. Although many many companies lead you to their site where they have 12 pages of information that want you to fill out. No, thats not an exaggeration, its actually 12 pages. Is the best talent out there really going to fill out 12 pages of information? Probably not. When you look through the 12 pages, after uploading your resume the next page will ask you to fill out what your most recent jobs were. All information thats included in your resume. Stop, think, if you are looking to hire the best and brightest out there, do you think they might be turned off and move on to another company? Also included in the 12 pages are requirements for references. I have worked for many years and have many high level people I have called on to be a reference for me. But, I couldnt ask a CEO of a company to be on standby waiting to give a reference for me. If someone offers you a job or you are one of a few selected, thats when you give references. When you have good references you dont waste their time or give out their number unless its actually close to a job offer. If you are hiring now, think about it, if someone with great talent has C-level references do you honestly think that candidate would list them as a reference before even talking to someone at a company? The answer to that is no. There are also many sites like Taleo where you fill out your information and its supposed to make the application process more streamlined. This, and the 12 page online application form, each take about 15 minutes to fill out. Thats a long time if you are trying to send out a lot of resumes. Its also a long time to invest if you never hear back from the hiring company. The problem with Taleo is that it never recognizes you or remembers your username or password. This is extremely frustrating since you can fill out an entire application (15 – 20 mins) and at the end it will tell you that your application is invalid because the email you gave is already in use. In use by me! It doesnt ask you to sign in. And when you do sign in, the next page comes up and asks you to sign in again and wont accept the username and password that you gave on the page before.

Where am I going with all of this? If you are a job seeker you get extremely frustrated and might stop applying for a specific job. If you are a hiring manager, VP of HR you should know that you could be missing out on the best talent out there. Yes there are 400 candidates for every open position, but if you are the VP of Sales or HR who do you want to hire? You want to hire the Rockstar that will improve your company. But, are you alienating them and pushing them away? Many companies feel that they can do whatever they want. But in reality they can’t. They want whats best for their company and their hiring practices might be pushing the best away. Dont forget, even in this economy, there are many talented candidates who have done so well financially they still dont need to accept a mediocre offer or subject themselves to spending 20 minutes per job.

My advice to people who are hiring is to be active, go out there and look online, see who is doing what. Dont be passive and just look at who is applying and filling out the forms, be proactive. Who out there has a presence, who has a following. Even in this economy companies are missing out on hiring the best and the brightest. Be proactive and find your next Rockstar!


One thought on “What a Job Seeker Should Never Say *** What Everyone in HR Must Read

  1. Fantastic post Andrew – it is important for employers to hear the frustrations with these online application processes and let’s hope some take it onboard. You are quite right when you say they are missing out on top notch candidates – I know many senior level people who simply won’t go through the process and it is the company’s loss, these candidates are at the top of their game.

    Thanks again for the post and my wish for you this year is that you find a great job, you’ve worked so hard at your job search!

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