Why I Want a Strong Intelligent Thriving GOP And so Should DEMS

Italy2011 666-1Think about it, right now, as I see it, we have one decent party and one party filled with extremist lunatics. Thats not good for our Country, how are we ever going to learn from each other, make better decisions and have a thriving America when these are the choices. We have so much going on, so many problems to solve, so much is at stake and yet we dont have anyone to turn to. When I was a kid and Reagan was president the Republicans were normal people; they had differing points of view but that just made the Democrats better. You need a good opponent to keep yourself in top form, and to produce top results for the Country. Like I have mentioned in the past on these pages, I never considered myself affiliated with any party, I wanted to hear the ideas from the best and the brightest. For about a decade or so the GOP has turned itself into a laughingstock, an anti logic, anti science, anti fact party. Thats such a travesty, a serious travesty for the our future. When you count out facts, science, and logic how is it that you think we can move forward and tackle the tough problems that we face. In addition to that I see the GOP as a party of haters, a party that excludes non whites, gays, hispanics, people in need. Now this might be political gold for Democrats but its not for everyone else. I want to hear competing visions of the best ways to solve our problems, the best ways to make a better future. Culture wars are boring and they are a distraction. The same people who are against gay marriage now are the ones who were against inter racial marriage in the past. We need to move past petty arguments and look at the big picture.

Today our biggest problems are unemployment, our ability to properly govern the U.S., and our long term debt and deficits. But what are our politicians doing? They are posturing, giving ultimatums, they are wasting time. All of these issues need immediate attention and they arent getting it because both sides seem more interested in winning the news cycle than actually making things better. This is only going to lead to more and more stagnation and a worsening of our economy. Seriously, the GOP threatened last year, and today, to have the United States of America, the worlds largest economy, default on its debt? Last year that threat caused tremendous harm: slowing the economy, slowing hiring, slowing consumer confidence, slowing consumer spending.

What I want to see is a smart thriving GOP that has good alternatives to todays problems. I want to hear their ideas, specifics, on how markets ail work themselves out about hiring, healthcare and cutting big government. I want to hear what they mean by big government. What exactly would be cut, what exactly would they get rid of? And how will getting rid of that help the Country to better days ahead. A strong GOP will make a stronger DEM party. Good ideas from both sides make for better thought process and better outcomes for the American people. I dont want to hear a GOP that runs on a message of anti gay issues, anti healthcare issues; I want to hear a strong solid GOP talk about how we get the longterm unemployed back to work, how we lower the deficit and debt without causing more fiscal harm, how we make our Country better. Instead we hear stalling, threats of going over the fiscal cliff, defaulting on our debt, cutting programs that help the needy. Thats not good for anyone. Instead present ideas that are win/win for the country, for the needy, for the unemployed, for the future growth of the Country.

We really shouldnt be divided as a Country like we are. We all want the same things, employment, safety, a prospering Country. I would like to see ideas from both sides of the isle that are actually good. I want an end to posturing, saying anything to keeping your job. I would like every member of Congress and the Executive branch to think nothing other than what will make our Country better. How will we get the 25 million un/under employed back to work, what can we do to secure the United States of America as the best place on earth to live or aspire to coming to.

Barack Obama has been a mediocre president in my view, what I want to see in the future is a GOP that can talk in facts, that can have good ideas everyone wants to hear about, not just the haters. This will not just make our Country better it will keep the DEMS on theirs toes and make them have better ideas too. The anti-fact thing, doesnt work.


8 thoughts on “Why I Want a Strong Intelligent Thriving GOP And so Should DEMS

  1. Agreed, but the GOP has benefited from charging up its most extreme members who in the days of the religious right figured out how to gain power through primaries. The mainstreamers are going to have to be more honest with the party activists if they are to survive this schism.

  2. I agree about the value of competition, but I am not so sure that necessarily means that it is the GOP we need to fill that role. Maybe there is an irony in denying that, since the value of competition is specifically supposed to be a pillar of conservatism, but I would argue that good ideas from MORE THAN TWO sides make for better thought process and better outcomes for the American people. You seem to be taking for granted that our system or the political theories supporting it are fundamentally sound beneath some surface defects. I believe a really healthy future may not much resemble present expectations at all. So I suppose I am more of a radical. It does amuse me, however, when some Democrats conclude that I am just their kind of guy simply because I’m to the left of guys like Boehner. That’s actually no big feat.

    1. Thanks for reading and your thoughtful reply, I appreciate it. I wasnt taking for granted that our system is fundamentally sound; quite the opposite. I’d love to see more than 2 parties with great ideas. I just think having the GOP be sane is such a far reaching concept that a 3rd party would be even more wishful thinking. I’d love 3 parties for people to choose from!

      1. No problem. Thanks for clarifying. To me, a GOP return to sanity is simply more fantastic even than the dream that they might just go away. (Or cease to exist as an influential organization.) What I was trying to say with my last comment, about Dems jumping to the conclusion that I’m just like them, was that maybe what we really need is just greater respect for *internal* dissent. I think it’s true the Obama administration has left a lot to be desired. I believe the government could take more action on the ongoing problems with housing market directly, for example. But, again, although I would be pleased to admit if I was shown to be wrong, I’m not so sure there really are a lot of good ideas hidden in those right-wing talking points.

  3. I agree with your sentiments, but I think part of the problem is that perspective is off for both sides. You say above that GOP policy comes across anti-gay and anti-healthcare, which I do not deny your right to think that’s what it is, but I ask you to consider that perhaps that is not what is intended by the stance the GOP takes. For example, the anti-gay policy for the GOP may be seen as pro-religious freedom and the anti-healthcare policy may be pro-limited government. These things cannot be assumed to be the same if either side is to work together. I’m not suggesting in whatever case you were thinking specfically these things apply, but as an individual I get annoyed when I am accused of being anti-gay because I support a stance on an issue based on principles of religious freedom. I’m not against equalizing gay and straight unions under the law, I am against the legal implications for religious institutions that may or may not agree with gay marriage, an implication by the way, that has been exemplifed in the issues religious employers have had with the mandate to provide birth control even though it is against their belief. Likewise, I hate being considered selfish because I’m against the Affordable Care Act. My stance has nothing to do with not wanting people to have healthcare. It has to do with not wanting the government controlling healthcare. Neither are anti-gay or anti-healthcare sentiments.
    You can take from my examples what you will, but my purpose was to suggest that neither side does any one any favors when it assumes the most negative intent by the other. And yes, I know the GOP is guilty of this as well.

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting, I appreciate it. I dont buy the religious argument about gays; are you just as adamant about divorce, adultery, working on Sundays? Religious freedom is fine but picking and choosing what to believe in is hypocritical. For example, a religious institution that employs people and offers healthcare; shouldnt they, by your logic, deny it to someone who is divorced or had premarital sex? I think any and all employers should be competitive within their industry; do you think it would be religious freedom if in 1975 Mormon institutions didnt offer black people insurance because they thought blacks were sub humans? It is anti gay if you choose to follow religion about gays but dont choose to follow religion about marriage, where the husband owns the wife, she is his property.

      The healthcare issue is extremely troubling. Every wealthy industrialized country has some sort of universal healthcare but the U.S.A. With the Depression our Country is in people are going bankrupt to get healthcare. How does that help anyone. Surely somewhere in religion there must be a passage to help the needy. Forget about big or small government, think of individuals who are suffering. People who cant leave a job because they need health insurance.

      Helping others in need should be the religious mantra, in my opinion. I am lucky I am not in need but I would do anything to help those that are. And gay rights are exactly the same civil rights as black people. If you dont follow the entire bible and u pick and choose what to believe in you are really being selective with whom you want to be discriminate against, you arent being religious.

  4. Great answer Andrew. There is so much hypocrisy that so called religious people spout these days. They want to pick and choose which parts of the Bible to cite or ignore. The Bible is a guide and folks who say it is God’s word just don’t want to obey all of it. Only the part they adhere to. You did a great job pointing out the inconsistencies in the previous comment.

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