In Honor of My Father Who Died 11 Years Ago Today

Today marks the 11th anniversary of my father’s death. He was diagnosed, 20 months to the day, with a Glioblastoma Multi forma brain tumor. Today my site will go black except for any memories I feel like sharing about him.

Sidney D. Ginsburg, MD 1936 – 2002 1995 0014 1995_edited-1


7 thoughts on “In Honor of My Father Who Died 11 Years Ago Today

      1. I worked in L&D and I was also a patient in his practice. I attended your uncles retirement party a couple of years ago, There was alot of reminiscing and funny stories. Your father and his colleagues are love and respected by many.

      2. Thanks so much Sue, its nice to hear that not just the family still remember and have kind thoughts of my father even after so many years. I heard he was mentioned at Uncle Harold’s retirement. I chose the pic above because its shows him completely healthy and very happy, his grandchildren brought him so much happiness. That little boy in the pic is now 25 years old, is 6’5″ and writes for a newspaper. Thanks again for sharing your kind memories of my Dad.

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