Barack Obama And Job Creation

IMG_1336Let me say it simply, I dont like people who dont have open minds. In my opinion Barack Obama gets a failing grade on job creation and boosting the economy. I have tweeted this message and gotten so much flak from liberals and progressives; people accusing me of  being part of the tea party, a plutocrat, and not understanding how government works. Also, as if calling out the president is some sort of treason to the #p2 or whatever it is cause. I do think I am bringing up the right issues when people call me both a socialist liberal and a member of the GOP here to just criticize the president. Like I have written before, if you piss off both sides I think I am doing something right.

Yesterday while watching CNN Candy Crowley asked the question no one in the media ever asks: is Obama neglecting the economy and job creation by spending time on other (important) issues? She went on to say that Obama was heavily criticized in his first term for spending so much time on a healthcare bill, and not on job creation. This is the question I have been waiting for someone to ask; this is the question the media and other politicians completely ignore: What is the President of the United States doing about job creation and the tens of millions who are unemployed. The answer I sorry to say is absolutely nothing. To me that is unacceptable and could ruin his legacy. As everyone knows its congress that passes legislation, its the GOP in congress that blocked everything Obama tried to do for job creation and another stimulus. People who defend the president will say he has been blocked so what is he to do? Giving up is not the answer; ignoring the problem is not the answer.  The answer is keep fighting, use your bully pulpit to force congress into adding major stimulus to create jobs. Instead, the last jobs bill presented by Barack Obama to the congress was in September of 2011. Nothing since. That is unacceptable. There has not been a drop in the number of unemployed people in over 2 years; the current job creation is just enough to keep up with population growth. It isnt making a dent in the number of unemployed people.

Instead of saying the typical “the economy is recovering, just not fast enough” bullshit line; the president should be leading an effort to get the unemployed and longterm unemployed back to work. If he leaves office with the same number of unemployed people as when he came in history will look back at his presidency as a failure, as living through a second Great Depression with a president who did nothing about it. What can he do? He can talk about job creation every day, he can use his power and authority to set an agenda where job creation is the top priority of his administration; instead of just lip service. Where as gun control and immigration are important issues, having over 10 million people unemployed and 25 million under employed is a ticking time bomb that should have top priority.

It amazes me how people cant look at this unemployment situation and not see how dangerous it is and what a crisis it is. Democrats who are so behind Barack Obama cant see any of his short comings, and take anyone who calls them out to be a traitor. The world isnt black and white so people need to see things as they are. Or keep their minds open. Not always just point fingers at the GOP for obstructionism. What did Obama do with the debt ceiling? He said he would not negotiate. He does have the ability to stand up to the GOP and he should be using that ability now. Would Mitt Romney have been better? Of course not, he would have been much worse. That isnt an excuse though. Neither are other accomplishments that Obama has had. Yes, he has created millions of jobs, yes his stimulus saved us from a much more severe downturn; yes he has been excellent for minorities and civil rights for gays; yes he is the first president to talk about Climate Change being real. There many accomplishments Mr. Obama has had that have been fantastic for moving our country in a better way forward.

None of this excuses his lack of getting unemployed people back to work. He can do it, and he needs to.


5 thoughts on “Barack Obama And Job Creation

  1. Exceptional Andrew! Your message is so on point. Because of my background I can speak about stimulus moneys that came to my state. A lot went to capital improvements for union construction workers. A lot went to the same old nonprofits, which I know for a fact sat idle until the last minute only to be squandered. The problem? There was no plan. Like education and other issues, throwing money at a problem without a plan creates nothing.
    As for unemployment, the process for my “review” was nothing short of laughable. They started to show us a 60 Minutes piece on working for free and maybe they’ll hire you. The projector was broken so they gave us the link to watch it on our own, then it was “thanks for coming

    1. So good to hear from you today and the other day. I am hoping something good comes your way soon. Glad you understood what this post was about, most people thought it was fodder for neocons and RWNJ! Anyway thanks for reading and please do keep in touch

  2. You know, Andrew, that I am a huge Obama supporter. However, I have to agree with you. BO can and should do more to get Americans back to work. First thing he could do is eliminate all the red tape that goes with getting any kind of government grant. My little town has been trying to get grant money to put in a community water system for years. The whole process just drags on and on. We need a comprehensive jobs bill that puts people to work now. Have you ever written to him about your concerns? He has a staffer read his mail and that staffer flags 10 letters each day that Obama himself reads. Why don’t you give it a shot? You have a way with words, you know.

  3. All excellent points Andrew. Potus has accomplished many good thing BUT job creation should be the main priority at this time. I support BO but am very unhappy that jobs has not become first & foremost. I also agree people should have an open mind. I also get bashed when I disagree w/ something Potus has said or done. Very sad some people are so to the right or left but not for right or wrong.

  4. Aloha Andrew! I have been trying to champion an effort that brings more accountability and transparency to the nonprofit sector. NPs are a major economic force in our country and when they are not delivering services, or become separated from the mission, people lose jobs. Oversight of taxpayer funded orgs is nonexistent. Many are in charge of workforce programs run by gov workers that are incredibly ineffective, & are a waste of time and money. They should be partnering with private sector, and create incentives to hire longterm unemployed, they should be advocating against discrimanatory hiring practices – not just filling up. A sign in sheet for attendees. Glad others agree with u here. Write directly to PBO. I do every day.

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