The Ad for MarriageEquality ** The Politics of Hate ** Laura Bush

IMG_1340When I first read about and saw the ad showing same sex marriage in a positive light and showed clips of many conservatives stating their belief that gays should be able to get married it was very exciting for me. I thought, isnt that great people like Dick Cheney, Laura Bush, Colin Powell all saying they believed in same sex marriage. As a gay man I thought this message is great for everyone to hear; from people who are on the fence to the actual bigots who think gays should be dead, let alone get married; the message coming from both sides of the isle is one the country should hear, and see unity in.  And then Laura Bush ruined it by asking for her image and voice to be removed from the ad. Why on earth would she do that when she has publicly stated she believes in same sex marriage. She is sending the message to others that its ok to discriminate against gay people. What a horrible message to convey. Now, one could argue that none of the people in the ad were consulted or asked if their images and statements could be used; I am not sure how the law works when you say something publicly. I would imagine its fair game since so many politicians do it. But of all people I am very disappointed in Mrs. Bush. Her running away from this issue shows her own weakness to stand up for her beliefs and it shows other people they are fine in disagreeing with same sex marriage.

So many politicians use the politics of hate to divide and conquer people. To get elected they will villainies a group of people, whether they be black, Jews, Catholics, gays, and use fear of this other group to get people elected again and again. In 2004 Karl Rove used gay marriage as wedge issue to get more people to come out and vote; thats probably the only reason George W. Bush had a second term. Think about that for a second, Rove played politics with people’s lives, he demonized gays and gay marriage really making gay people lesser human beings than non gay people. That was a disgusting act on his part, and it worked.  Now 9 years later things have changed dramatically for gay people; public opinion polls for the first time are showing a majority of Americans approve of same sex marriage; this has been trending higher and higher the last 3 years or so. For the first time in history a President of the United States, Barack Obama, publicly supported gay marriage; and also making history he spoke to the civil rights and equality of gays in his inaugural address. Not to mention his getting rid of Dont Ask Dont Tell in the Military.

We are at a point in history where people who are against same sex marriage will be viewed similarly to the people who disapproved of civil rights for blacks and for interracial marriage. Their are so many religious hate groups around it amazes me; a hate group is defined as people who actively try to deny the rights of others. The Mormon church organized and funded $20 million to defeat marriage equality in CA. Freedom of the Family, Family Works, all of those kinds of groups hide behind the bible by saying being gay is wrong. There was someone from Congress talking about how gay marriage was wrong, this man was on his 4th wife. Three divorces. You cant pick and choose which parts of the bible you want to obey and which parts you don’t. Newt Gingrich divorced 2 women. Also, there are many who think the translation of the original bible was incorrect; that the book does not condemn gay people. The book condemns pedophiles; the mis translation was supposed to be condemning pedophiles but instead was translated to gays.

Thinking people know that people are born gay; thats why its sexual orientation and not sexual preference. Soon enough they will find the gene/chromosome that will prove without a doubt that people are born gay. The future looks bright for gay people; no one under 30 years old cares if people are gay or not; so as time moves forward same sex marriage will no longer be an issue and people who discriminate against gays will be vilified.

As for Laura Bush, I have lost all respect for you today as so many others will no doubt.


One thought on “The Ad for MarriageEquality ** The Politics of Hate ** Laura Bush

  1. Thank you for sharing your perspective on this issue. I, too, was surprised when Laura Bush asked for her image and video to be removed from the ad. If her reason was privacy or that they didn’t ask first, that is one thing. But, if she does not want to support marriage equality publicly after saying so, then that’s something entirely different. I thought she was a better person than that.
    I also agree that this is the civil rights issue of this century. In a few years, people will look at those who oppose marriage equality with the same disdain that we today look at the Klan and George Wallace and the White supremacist’s of the ’60’s.
    Many of the people who oppose homosexuality cite the Bible for their opposition. Yet, I would bet they could not find exactly where it says anything about the subject. They only want to pick and chose the verses that support their prejudice. Enough of that. Genetics will prove them on the wrong side of history.

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