Confessions of an Apple-aholic

IMG_1259It started in the early 2000s with the iPod, they were never all that fun or exciting but I wanted one to listen to on the subway or at the gym so I got one. A few years later I got another one for no particular reason, maybe I liked the way the new model looked. This is in the days before they had small ones and different colors. Then in 2007 iPhone was released. Hearing about it didnt do much for me, it seemed like it had a bunch of features I would never use. Also back then I had a blackberry that had a cell phone in it that work paid for so I wasnt particularly interested in purchasing one and paying a monthly fee. I did notice that one of my fabulous young work colleagues had one; she always had the newest things and was on top of all the trends. So I would check hers out and still wasnt really wanting one.

In 2006 my Dell desktop just stopped working one day. The machine was dead, but somehow we got all the info off the hard drive, dont ask me how. So I had to buy a new desk top, Dell was my brand so Dell is what I bought. This 2006 Dell was very unimpressive and by 2008 I wanted to get a new computer before this one died. I had heard so many people rave about Apple products so I looked into an iMac. There is an Apple store in SoHo near my doctors office so I went in a few times. Every time I went in there were lots of friendly people to great me, to show me the iMacs and when I said “Ok, thanks a lot for your help” one young guy said “Happy to help, have a nice weekend.” That said to me that Apple, and its employees, knew they had excellent products and didnt have to beg customers to buy something now. I love confidence. Apple also has excellent videos on its site that show you lots of information; they have one on switching from PC to MAC; I found that very useful. Anyway when the day came that I wanted it my partner at the time came with me and I had to decide between the 20″ or 24″ iMac. I chose the 24, knowing that if I hadn’t I would regret it. As soon as I started using it I loved it. The nice big screen, the quality. I could not have been happier. For Christmas that year I bought my partner a MacBook Pro laptop; and I also purchased the Time Capsule – which backs up your information and is a wireless network. Somewhere in there I bought the second generation iPhone, I think it was called iPhone 3?

For years I was loving everything Apple; I got the iPad when it came out and then got the iPad2. I couldnt wait to get the iPhone4; then they took so long to upgrade I also bought the iPhone 4S thinking that Siri would be life changing. I was totally into Apple, if they made it I wanted it. I got the Apple TV which was nice for renting movies or TV shows I might have missed.

Then everything changed one day in June of 2012. My iMac died; I had been itching to get a new one but wanted to wait until the desktop was 4 years since I had never owned a computer that long. Apple has a 14 day return policy so I called on the phone, bought the 21.5″ model and then went to the store to pick it up. The size selection had changed, now it was 21.5 or 27; 27 seemed ridiculous so I got the 21.5. Much to my disappointment the new computer was no faster than my old one; the graphics were no better and I did notice a size difference. So I ordered the 27″ and returned the 21.5″. The 27 inch model was ridiculously big, not luxuriously big. It was also slow. Anyway to make a long story short I tried various versions of Macs. None was quite right. I ended up with the 15″ MacBook Pro Retina display. The picture is great, getting used to a laptop has taken a while. In here somewhere I bought the iPad4. When reading and using it I noticed a significant weight difference. The 4 is 11 oz. heavier than my 2. It was enough to make it uncomfortable so I returned it and tried the Mini. I do like the Mini, its nice and light; but I want it to have Retina display and it doesnt.

The iPhone 4S was also a disappointment; Siri is practically unusable. The iPhone5 is not too enticing. Seems to not have a lot to offer. I’ve heard lots of complaints about the phone scratching a lot. Also new rumors about a 5S coming out. Apple has changed, and not in a good way. They dont seem to have any products that are must haves for me. I believe Apple has piqued and will slowly become just another  company. I can honestly say Apple has nothing I want now. That is not good for them!


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