So Much Going On Yet So Few Results

IMG_1394 I feel like every time I turn on the tv or go online for news its like groundhog day. Crisis after crisis, each side pointing fingers at the other, lots of scare talk. Why is there no one who can really explain things so that people can understand the problems of the day and attempt to fix them. What we have now are a bunch of politicians who are posturing and posing; trying to keep their jobs and their power. While non of them is thinking about the American public. The American public overwhelmingly has stated job creation and the economy as their top priority. Congress and President Obama have completely ignored that. We still have a crisis of epic proportions with 25 million people unemployed; and what do we get from Washington? Guns and Immigration. While both are admirable and should be dealt with thats not what the people want as their top priority. What we want are more jobs. Even the employed people are very anxious about losing their jobs because they know finding another one is extremely difficult. Who do I hold responsible for all of this? All of the leaders in Washington. I will say that a good 80% of the blame goes to the GOP for their obstructing everything, not compromising and basically seeming like sore losers who just want to take the country down.

I agree our biggest crisis now is the tepid economy and the minimal job growth. We should have leaders who focus on this. As I have said many times on this blog we need more stimulus spending to create jobs. Its all about jobs. Jobs will bring in more tax revenue that will lower the debt and deficit. More jobs will raise consumer confidence, which will make consumers spend more. Consumers spending more is what fuels our economy and makes it grow. Instead we lurch from crisis to crisis. That makes everyone uneasy, companies hire fewer people, people put off spending, and the downward spiral keeps on going. Whats going on right now with the sequester is an absolutely absurd situation. All of these spending cuts will lead to many lay offs, higher unemployment, slowing of the economy. The economy has to be strong to institute cuts that will make our economy fiscally viable for the longterm. Let me be very clear; nothing has been done for job creation in years. There is nothing being proposed now, except a small ‘fix it’ program. What are they doing in DC instead of creating jobs, or working together for the good of the country? They, John McCain and his boys, are annihilating Hagel, going over everything he has ever said. Knowing all along he will be confirmed, but Hagel is already weakened by all of this; he is starting his job as a tainted Sec of Defense. Thats not the image we want for the most powerful nation on earth. John Boehner is in the news today, being told by his tea party coalition that if he offers any increase in taxes he will lose his speakership. So the fuck what? Boehner should do whats best for the country not cow tow to the tea party, which should be referred to as the American Taliban.

As disgusting as this situation is there is hope for the future. Today the GOP announced that many of them had signed a petition to legalize same sex marriage. I am sure it was done just for politics, but the example it sets for young people is excellent. Also, people under 30 are much more rational and much less prejudicial over matters of gay rights, rights for black people. The up and coming generation is not tied down to the narrow minded hateful talk and rhetoric of todays GOP. So there is hope for our future when our future arrives.

In a perfect world, or in one that someone backs me financially so I can do it, I’d like to see the media focus on what exactly is the impact of our $16.5 Trillion debt; whats the longterm impact of 25 million people not being able to afford to live; what exactly is the sequester; is it really spending more than last year? If so, why all the fuss. If not why are people saying that. I know there are opposing views but there are also proven facts that could be given to people so they know how to make a decision. If people knew that spending $400B on stimulus for job creation now would net us a savings of $4Trillion in 10 years then they’d know it was worth doing. The American public doesnt have the facts it needs to make decisions. And thats because they dont want the facts. They want to watch or read what reinforces the opinions they already have. I for one, hate that. I want all facts to make a clear decision.

Our country is headed in a bad direction. Are there any decent minded Koch brothers type people that could fund research and education to people? Is there anyone out there that wants to save the United States of America? If so, please contact me. I can do it, I need the backing. And our country needs to be saved.


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