Please Don’t Stop The Music — Disgusted with D.C.

IMG_1347Not sure why that song of Rihanna’s song is going through my head. Please don’t stop the music. Maybe it has something to do with Please dont stop the bullshit in Washington. Today’s news of no deal on the sequester just has me disgusted with every single person in our Executive and Congressional branches. While my disgust is mainly targeted at President Obama and Speaker Boehner its important to note that both sides have not acted equally in creating these endless crisis. My estimate is that 75% of the problems come from the GOP while 25% come from DEMS. Keeping this in mind, no one gets off blame free. We know the back story, the GOP has obstructed everything Obama has tried to do as president. From Day 1 they vetoed his stimulus plan, that they hadnt seen yet, wouldnt allow a larger stimulus, blamed him for the economy not growing fast enough when in fact it was the GOP and their obstructionism that sidelined and slowed down the economy. This sequester is the result of a ‘kick the can down the road’ deal made last year. Spending cuts so devastating no one would want them. It should be noted here that President Obama offered a $4Trillion Grand Bargain, but since that included tax hikes the tea party would not stand behind Boehner and vote for this. So thats the back story, the GOP is largely to blame for where we are now, all of the crisis to crisis governing and the lack of job creation.

Knowing all of this doesnt give Mr. Obama a free pass to shrug his shoulders and say ‘well, I tried.’ No it makes him have to try harder, it makes him have to twist arms, it makes him have to be a leader that even the anti-science tea party could work with. I have not seen Obama show this kind of leadership. As is well known in Washington Mr. Obama does not have close working relationships with anyone in congress; neither DEMS nor GOP. This is completely unacceptable. The way you get things done in Washington isnt being the outsider but by being the person who know whom to call; by having relationships. Like Chris Matthews always says, Reagan and Tip O’Neil could sit down, put their differences aside and get deals done. I dont think Barack Obama was prepared for this kind of work; I think he was prepared to make the best policy decisions and not have to deal with such vitriol coming from the other side. This is why I have always thought Hillary Clinton would have been a better president; the Clintons have deep relationships with people, the Clintons know how to get things done. But, that didnt happen. We do have a very bright president, but one that cant form relationships and cant sell his accomplishments. Why dont I know what the Affordable Care Act will do for me? Because Obama has not articulated it.

It was all over the news yesterday that if Speaker Boehner allowed tax hikes he surely would lose his speakership. I am sure the 25 million Americans that are unemployed feel his pain; the ones that worked hard played by the rules then got laid off. I am sure they can relate to an over paid person who doesnt have the courage to stand up for what needs to be done in this country. Yes his party has been high jacked by people who dismiss facts, science, and economics. But Mr. Speaker grow some balls and tell your caucus what needs to be done; even if you lose your job.

Like I said at the outset I am disgusted with everyone in Washington. Another point is that the American people have declared job creation as their top priority and that has been completely ignored by Congress and the White House. This is appalling, we vote these people into office and they dont follow our wishes? Instead they let a plan happen that will make the economy and job losses a much bigger problem than it already is. Its like both sides are playing chicken with the economy, national security and peoples lives. This is just unacceptable. So, whats my solution? The one I give every month about jobs; sit in a room until you get it done; have weekly meetings with Obama and congressional leaders; grow up and put country first? I’d like to give that advice but have already given it so many times I am bored with it. And, obviously no one is taking my advice.

The only glimmer of hope in this situation is that the enough of the public will be so disgusted that their leaders went on vacation while devastating cuts are set to take place is that these people can come together to form and vote for candidates who do whats best for the country. So many people on twitter today are speechless and disgusted that I was hearing many left and right people talking about what they did have in common. I do hope that this act brings the sane elements out in each party so we can have a better, or even a future at all.


3 thoughts on “Please Don’t Stop The Music — Disgusted with D.C.

  1. I have to wonder, in regard to what you said about relationships, if you or I was treated as badly as the President has since day 1, how much effort would we put into nurturing a relationship with people that are blatantly against you as a person? I know, it’s the president’s job to work with the house and senate. But the GOP has not done 1 even tiny thing to signal they would even listen to anything he has to say. My gut tells me it’s their overriding bigotry driving their actions. It doesn’t seem to me to be an R vs D thing, but the white man’s entitlement that is driving what might otherwise be reasonable people. Yeah, his skin should be pretty thick by now. But relationship building is a 2 way street. The members of the GOP don’t seem to have indicated, at least what the public sees, that they are willing to do any relationship building. They (Boehner, really) seem perfectly happy to be able to say “He’s not talking to us.”

    Speaking of Boehner, I can’t remember a speaker of the house that whined as much as that guy. It seems every time he speaks, he’s saying either the WH or the Senate needs to give the house legislation. This is the first time I can remember a speaker deferring to have bills brought to the house, instead of creating them. What are they doing if they are not preparing legislation?

    1. Thanks for reading my blog and taking the time to have such a well thought out response. Your point is very valid about relationships are 2 way streets. And I have no doubt the reason for the extremism on the right is racially motivated. It sickens me that that is the case in this day and age, but it is.

      Perhaps I am being too hard on Obama for not having relationships; but it does bring to my mind that perhaps someone older, who has been around longer, and already has relationship might do a better job at making legislation. Someone like Hillary or Joe Biden. This fiasco is an embarrassment to our country and is one of the reasons fewer people strive to live in the U.S.A.

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