Today We Honor Valerie Harper

Valerie HarperIt was just announced this morning that Ms. Harper has terminal brain cancer and is likely to survive only 3 months. This is heart breaking news, I have always loved and respected her. Mary Tyler Moore Show would not have been as good as it was without Valerie. Rhoda was so fun, her own spin off TV show wasnt as good but I feel like Valerie has always been around. When I was a young kid watching MTM I didnt know this was the first TV show starring a single woman; the show seemed natural and warm and always fun. There was something about Rhoda that always seemed like the underdog you wanted to root for. This is such sad news, since like I said I feel Valerie Harpers smiling sincere face has always been around. My father also died of a brain tumor so it brings back memories.

Today I want to honor and thank Valerie Harper for all the good times she has brought all of us and to wish her doctors wrong and that she survives much longer. With this news, not even Mary can ‘turn the world on with her smile.’


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