“With Positions to Fill, Employers Wait for Perfection” A Must Read For Job Seekers and HR

imagesThis is a fantastic article from the New York Times that is a must read for anyone unemployed, interviewing, looking for a job or working for a hiring company. The article goes in depth about companies making candidates go through 20 interviews per job; and still not get hired. It really shows what many have told me directly, that candidates are in good faith applying for jobs and jumping through hoops and continuing to be unemployed for weeks, months and years. If you are going through this yourself, or know others who are, please read this article. It validates what you are going through and can help others understand what its like out there.

The full article is at http://www.nytimes.com/2013/03/07/business/economy/despite-job-vacancies-employers-shy-away-from-hiring.html?ref=todayspaper

I would also like to see an article or series of articles about the human toll of years of rejection. I have spoken to many therapists who say their clients, the ones that can afford to go, are in deep states of depression over the endless rejection and the endless days with no job to go to. Substance abuse is spiking and marriages are ending because of this crisis. In the meantime, start with this article, and the comments too.


One thought on ““With Positions to Fill, Employers Wait for Perfection” A Must Read For Job Seekers and HR

  1. Aloha Andrew! It’s all bullshit! I think the article gives too much credit to middle-upper management in the corporate world – that they devote even a second to this. Out-of-work folks that serially interview for fictional job openings with fictional job descriptions should just buy lottery tickets.

    It’s bullshit and it’s all Human Resources’ fault. HR has lost it’s purpose. It’s called “Human Resources” for a reason. HR used to be the most important department in any enterprise, the person that every person knew, the face of a company – because they created the company culture and hired accordingly – they hired people that shared the company’s philosophy. HR set the tone for employee relations, etc. After one interview at a law firm in Silicon Valley, I was hired – with no law firm experience. The HR Director told me that they paid more attention to where a person is going, more than where they’ve been. I was loyal and productive, and in two years, my salary tripled. Unfortunately, that’s not how 99% of HR departments operate anymore.

    HRs that put out “unemployed need not apply” are acting in direct conflict with the term HUMAN RESOURCES! They took the “person” out of personnel! Who in their right mind thinks that someone who has not worked for 6 months, but worked previously for 10, 20, 30 years will suddenly NOT know how to work? It just doesn’t make sense, UNLESS you’re trying to justify being inept, incompetent, ass-kissing assholes. That’s why more assholes are being hired, than qualified personnel. NO ONE wants to make decisions – just like our DUMB CONGRESS.

    There’s conversations about this kind of shit, everywhere, all day long. Time for some good old fashioned peaceful, organized unrest.


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