My Views On Guns ** The Wrong Topic

IMG_1413Let me start out by saying that we are debating the wrong subject. Gun control is an important issue that needs to be addressed but the main issue facing our Country today is the long term unemployed. There are some 25 million, some estimates say 89 million people who are unemployed, stopped looking for work or arent earning enough to survive on. Today’s most pressing issue is getting people back to work, with whatever measure is needed; stimulus to build something; tax incentives for companies to hire people. The workforce participation rate is the lowest in over 30 years and the length and number of unemployed people has not been seen since the Great Depression of the 1930s. Tomorrow’s jobs report looks like another disappointment with job growth not even able to keep up with population growth. The fact that Congress, Mr. Obama, the media have all chosen to ignore this situation of the long term unemployed is maddening. Its also a foolish economic move; at some point all of these millions of people are going to put a heavy strain on the government with Food Stamps, Welfare. When an investment today would stop all that, and it would create jobs that would generate revenue for the government. No one I know who is unemployed wants a hand out; they want a job.

Now on to guns and my views on them. Again, I cant stress enough, this is not the right time to have a battle of gun control, its a time for a battle for job creation. The only time I have ever held a gun, a rifle actually, I think, was in summer camp for Riflery. I am born and bred in Boston and having been living in NYC since graduating from college many moons ago. I personally dont want a gun, dont know anyone that owns a gun. To me guns lead to violence. But I know its not as simple as that. Lots of things go into the mass slaughterings we have seen too many of in the last decade. Laws to outlaw guns wont necessarily stop any future events. The problem we have here is a stalemate. Both sides are right. Outlawing guns will only make the criminals have guns and too many guns are what leads to violence are both true. So you have the left and right fighting points which are both valid and what ends up is a stalemate. No one wins, both parties lose, the American public loses and nothing gets done. Like I have said, this is tragic when many more people are affected by unemployment and poverty than are gun laws it pisses me off that we devote so much time to this. Is Mr. Obama looking for a legacy issue rather than an issue that could help struggling Americans today?

To me the thought of hunting and killing living animals for sport is something I cant even imagine. If you notice everyone on the left always starts their argument by saying hunting is great and one of our rights. To me hunting is cruel and inhumane. Do I eat hamburgers and steaks, yes. Do I know how they are killed, no. So I might not have the high ground with this, but to me killing animals to feed people is different than killing them for sport. Now, I obviously dont make the rules and we do have a 2nd Amendment to the Constitution that allows this. Fine. I dont endorse it, but thats the law and thats the way it is. People talk about ‘background’ checks. What does that mean? What exact information are they looking for? How much access should the government have to my personal, or yours, psychological make up? Yes, I think that is an infringement on my privacy to look into my past, but not my criminal past. Thats fair game. I dont have a criminal past so dont bother looking.

To me there are some common sense fair minded things that can be done with guns. The most important being, have gun licensing like drivers licenses. I just had to renew my drivers license, I had to get an eye exam. I think every gun owner should have to have a license. If they pass a treasured gun to one of their kids, whomever owns the guns should be subject to getting a license to use it. The license should last 5 – 10 years and need to be renewed. Maybe you cant go into someones personal psychological profile, but you can go into their criminal record. I think thats completely fair. Also, perhaps they should make gun owners have insurance on their guns, like people have to have insurance on their cars. Liability insurance.

Nothing is going to stop deranged people from mass killings, whether by bomb, semi automatics, hand guns, knives. The goal is to have fewer killings not to win political points. Washington needs to stop digging their heels in on issues like this. The longevity of this country revolves around our economy.

Like I said, the fight we should be having now is over how much stimulus we will allocate to job creation for the longterm unemployed. Thats our best bet for a bright financial future.


5 thoughts on “My Views On Guns ** The Wrong Topic

  1. Well Done once again Andrew . I drive a school bus and we have many hoops to jump through every year . I like the idea of some sort if paper trail for gun owners .
    Enjoyable as always Andrew . Best of Manor Moving !!

  2. What makes you think US (or any other nation for that matter) has only one “topic” & is it inconceivable that they are inter-related? Guns are a topic, jail for whistle blowers is a topic, Islamaphobis is a topic, secret tax havens are a topic, Gitmo is a topic: related: habeaus corpus, justice for imprisoned black American, fracking is a topic, civil & human rights is a topic, living wages for workers and real taxation for wealthy is a topic…(not to even go near third world public health, education & social services)….which leads me to the secret tax havens just disclosed….. government transparency is a topic, misogyny, bigotry, homophobia, athiestophobia, Zionophilia and Palestinophobia, socialistphobia are topics, economic and military imperialism is a topic, “Promoting the divide & conquer, fear-mongering metality that seems inherent in American”us and themism” of a culture that seems to have mutated from Puritanism is a topic, raping the global environment is a topic, cyber censorship is a topic, drones are a topic, especially when protected by legalised government secrecy. exploitation of the third world is a topic.

    From a distance, the US looks like a basket case with “Communist” China in a great rush off to jump off the cliff next and the rest of us following

    Just being topical…

    Date: Thu, 4 Apr 2013 18:40:34 +0000 To:

  3. HI Andrew, Thanks for trying to address the very complex issue of gun ownership. My husband’s family has lived along the Illinois River since they moved into this area. Hunting was a way of life that all the children, mostly the boys, were schooled in by their father’s and older siblings. Duck hunting is still a major sport for my step-son and youngest son. They spend many hours together each fall preparing for hunting season and enjoying the hunt. The ducks they kill are eaten by family and friends. My husband’s father fed his family of four on the animals he killed. They grew up eating duck, goose, rabbit and squirrel. He also fished and trapped muskrats and mink for their pelts. This way of life is as odd to city people as hailing taxi’s is for folks who live in the country. My husband inherited several guns from his dad and has passed them on to his sons and grandson’s. I have a gun that belonged to my dad. It is a .45 and I’ve only shot it once when I was a teenager. So, here I want to say that I am in total agreement with you about licensing the gun owner and requiring insurance. If we must do that for driving, then, it makes sense to have it for owning a gun. You are correct that none of this will stop a crazed person if they are intent on hurting people. Timothy McVeigh didn’t need a gun, yet he killed many people.

    I hope that our President will be able to get sensible gun control’s in place and then I think his next great mission will be to get folks back to work and get a raise of the minimum wage. I guess we will have to wait and see.

    1. Thanks for your reply Pat and education on guns; it is interesting how nothing like that goes on in the City. I am also glad you understood I wasnt criticizing gun owners. I do think that a license and insurance are no brainers. I would like to see Obama spend this much time and effort on the long term unemployed; the situation is getting worse not better. Last month alone 500,000 people were too discouraged by the lack of jobs that they stopped looking. Thats staggering. The fact Obama rarely mentions this crisis is maddening to me. Too many people took this article the wrong way, I am glad you didnt. And, like I said, it was nice to hear and be educated by what you wrote.

  4. I can completely understand your frustration, Andrew. I think the job situation is urgent and needs the focus of our leaders. On the same note, nothing motivates action like tragedy that is in your face. While the job crisis is something that people understand and face, it isn’t making front-page news. I know that sounds cynical, but this is how I see the push for gun reform.

    I feel that ultimately our government should be addressing both of these issues. Sensible gun regulation is important and its about time something is done, but it should not be done at the expense of other things on the agenda, especially not our job crisis.

    -Ali Olomi

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