What Are The President Congress and the Media Not Talking About?

IMG_1432Lets see, we have a GOP and tea party thats obsessed with budget cuts, lowering the deficit, cutting vital programs and of course obstructing everything president Obama wants to do. We have a president who is clearly working on his legacy, he wants gun control, immigration and a grand bargain on debt reduction to be what he is remembered for. We have a media that goes for the lowest hanging fruit and will make a story out of anything thats easy and salacious. Everyone thinks the media is left leaning, they are actually just lazy and want any kind of sensational stories to tell to try to boost ratings and clicks on their websites. This combination is a recipe for finishing off the decline of the American Empire.

So, what is it that no one is talking about? The long term unemployed. Their are estimates that run anywhere from 5 million to 89 million of people who are long term unemployed and or who have stopped looking for work because they cant find any. The media should be explaining to the public about this crisis, and what the long term consequences of it will be. Last month the unemployment rate dropped; the reason it dropped was because 500,000 people stopped looking for work. Last week on Meet the Press Andrea Mitchell was starting to explain this and David Gregory cut her off to talk about something else. This is the story. No one digs into the numbers; yes we have had 4 years or however long of job creation; however that job creation is only enough to break even. This is the first period since the Great Depression that this many people have been unemployed for this long a period. The workforce participation rate, which is basically the percentage of people who have jobs compared to the entire population, has not been this low since the 1970s when women were barely in the workforce. Their have been some articles showing prejudice in hiring through ageism, the longterm unemployed and how companies wait for that perfect hire and make people go through rounds of interviews then decide not to hire anyone. In general the Media, whose purpose is to call out the government on what they are doing wrong and to educate the public of serious issues, gets a grade of F.

President Obama was going to pivot to jobs after ObamaCare, or after the election, or after the midterms. Wait, he never did it. For those that say he tried to push a jobs bill through the congress that is true. However, he did this in September 2011 and has done almost nothing since. Thats unacceptable. I see him on the road, almost campaign style, talking about gun control. Gun control is an important issue, but its not worth spending all of his political capital on. So, why is he focusing on guns over jobs? Some say he knows he won’t get anywhere with jobs so he is deliberately not talking about it and he is talking about guns so it will become one of his legacy issues. This to me is deplorable behavior. For those that say he can do more than one thing at a time, that is true. But in order to get the kind of jobs bill passed that will make a dent in unemployment he needs to be out there rallying the cause. The GOP talks about how we are spending record levels on Food Stamps and other assistance programs. Hmmm, why would that be the case? Oh yeah, the 10’s of millions of people who are unemployed and need assistance. And yet Barack Obama is making minimal effort at best to create jobs, he is a huge disappointment and for job creation he also receives a grade of F.

The GOP is more to blame than Mr. Obama for the lackluster economy since they have obstructed and filibustered everything Obama has tried to do. By being the party of ‘just say no’ they have made the environment in Washington caustic and much worse than it was when President Bush was in office. What is the GOP’s motivation for this? I think its racial, I could be right I could be wrong. In 2010 when the tea party came in they made things even worse. Yes there is a debt problem but its not as pressing as the unemployment problem. Every cut the tea party tries to enact has the exact opposite effect, their actions have made the debt larger. As I have mentioned I think the tea party should be tried for treason by mishandling of the economy. Every crisis that they have caused has slowed the economy. The slower the economy is makes for few jobs created, consumers spending less, GDP falling. All of this adds to the debt and deficit and all of it is caused by the tea party in their so called effort to lower the debt. The GOP and tea party get grades of criminal F.

Why is longterm unemployment such a problem? Because it destroys peoples lives, it takes away their dignity, ends many marriages. Why should the government care? Well in the coming years those 25 – 89 million people are going to be signing up for welfare, medicaid and are going to put a much more serious strain on the debt of this country. If Obama spent the time and effort on creating jobs rather then gun control we could have serious investments made. We need another large stimulus for job creation, we need tax incentives for companies that hire the longterm unemployed. There is so much that could be done. If the government invested $400 Billion in job creation now the taxes the workers would pay would lower the deficit by $4Trillion over 10 years.

If things continue as they are Mr. Obama’s legacy will be one of a president who did nothing for the jobless and this will over shadow anything else he has done.


One thought on “What Are The President Congress and the Media Not Talking About?

  1. Excellent, well thought out analysis. I hope, but do not know, that your conclusion re Obama is wrong. Looks to me that he is concentrating on 2014 and a takeover of the House. As it stands, no effective job creation will be allowed by the House.

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