The Jobs Crisis: It May Not Be “Breaking News,” But It’s Definitely “Broken News”

IMG_1441This is a must read article by Arinna Huffington; she is the only one talking about the jobs crisis as illustrated in her column:


BREAKING! This just in: the economy is terrible and the country is suffering its worst jobs crisis since the Depression… developing…

Of course, this isn’t actually breaking news — it’s aching news — and, before the tragic bombings in Boston, the most important story going on. But you wouldn’t know that if you watched any of the Sunday shows last week.

On CBS’ Face the Nation, the topics were the background check bill and immigration, with Senator Marco Rubio.

On ABC’s This Week we had the president’s budget, Jay-Z’s trip to Cuba, Ken Burns’ Jackie Robinson documentary and immigration, with Senator Marco Rubio.

On NBC’s Meet the Press, they went with the background check bill, the president’s budget, Ken Burns’ Jackie Robinson documentary, and immigration, with Senator Marco Rubio.

The piece continues via @HuffPostMedia


5 thoughts on “The Jobs Crisis: It May Not Be “Breaking News,” But It’s Definitely “Broken News”

  1. they should be talking about a jobs bill. everyday ! im tired of being out of work,and trying to get a job.every time i interview its the same ol story.nobody wants to give a guy in his mid 50’s a chance.its getting sick to my stomach about this! i lost my job of 35 years because the company i worked for shut down.its been a tough ride finding a job,too many factors against me,age,worked in the same industry for too many years,nobody wants to take a chance on you..really sickening!

    1. I am so sorry for what you are doing through; I and many others are as well. It infuriates me that President Obama, Congress, the Media all ignore the subject. Arianna Huffington is the only one that brings it up.

  2. I’m 53 and had to relocate due to lack of opportunities. I’m not “flippin burgers” but am hosting at a burger joint for $11/hour. Got my first pay check yesterday and was elated for about 2 minutes, then reality set in.

    In addition to holding elected officials accountable, we must also remember that people are getting paid big gov bucks to operate workforce programs, alleviate poverty, homelessness, strengthen families, provide affordable housing, etc. The nonprofit sector gets $billions to provide public benefit but we are not getting our moneys worth. Another lack of leadership problem, the sector is BROKEN, no

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