Wednesday Roundup #AndrewSGinsburg

IMG_1430I have been quite busy lately and now its time for me to weigh in on a few issues that are going on:

  • The reason the watered down gun control background checks failed in the Senate when 90% of the public wants background checks. The reason is simple, gun control is not high on peoples priority list. The number one priority of the American public is the economy and job creation. President Obama, Congress and the Media are all failing us in completely ignoring the issue of longterm unemployment. The number of people unemployed and the length of their unemployment has not been seen since the Great Depression. Estimates are from 25 million to 89 million people are unemployed as of now. This is whats on the publics mind, not guns and most likely not immigration. The fact that the President of the United States is ignoring this issue is deplorable; the fact the media isnt being the ‘check’ on government as they should be and reporting on whats going on is a complete breakdown in our news media. If Barack Obama had spent the amount of time, energy and weight of his office on jobs instead of guns we would have a jobs bill that would start putting people back to work. I am saddened, and disgusted, to say that I think Mr. Obama is more concerned with his “legacy” than the real problems that are going on today. Ironically if immigration fails like guns did, he wont have a legacy to speak of.
  • The tragedy in Boston last week is really chilling to think about. I am from Boston, so I know the city well. The 2 bombs that went off were in the Back Bay very close to my brothers home and where my mother had a thriving art business for decades. The thought of all of Boston being on lockdown numbs the mind. I was here in Manhattan for 9/11, living a few blocks from the Trade Center; I couldnt go home for 2 weeks because the area was considered a ‘crime scene’ After 9/11 we kept hearing about a second wave of terrorism that would be coming and were all on edge for a long time. But, we were never on lockdown, never had a madman running around that could have a suicide belt on, throw grenades, shoot innocent people. That was not part of our threat back on 9/11. It does give me some relief that the cataclysmic terrorist attacks that were predicted a decade ago, like nuclear weapons going off in American cities, has not happened as of yet. What has happened are more the lone wolf one off kind of thing. Whereas thats a horrible thing, and I dont want to diminish the pain and anguish people went through; its hardly bringing down the 2 most iconic buildings in the country and killing thousands.
  • The Associated Press’ twitter account getting hacked yesterday is really a chilling event; the hackers put out a tweet saying that the White House had been attacked by terrorists. The stock market dropped over 200 points. All of this hacking that is going on could lead to serious trouble; just about every news media outlet has been hacked. If false reports are going out it could send our country into panic mode. What if one of those reports said North Korea nuked South Korea and the United States retaliated by nuking the North? We need more cyber safety. For other things like the electrical grid, banks. As citizens we must know we are more secure than we are.
  • Online news media is in serious trouble. Ad revenue is going down, this on top of print revenue disappearing. That revenue used to be used to have correspondents and reporters telling people the news of the world. With the revenue drying up how we get our news could be greatly impacted. Online, digital and social media are all also facing an uncertain future. They are trying to turn all of these outlets into money making centers. That sounds good and fair, in order to subsidize the news but as a user when you see ads crawling across your screen; if you are forced to watch a video commercial before seeing a video you want to see its getting to the point where I wont even watch online videos, knowing I have to sit through 30 seconds or longer of paid advertisement. I dont like being forced, I dont like not having the option to opt out. As a matter of fact it makes me hostile towards the companies that play the ads. They should figure that out soon enough and come up with a different model, but for now its a complete annoyance.
  • Do you ever feel like nothing changes? Israel and Palestine, Iran wanting Nukes, North Korea wanting and getting Nukes and making absurd threats. It doesnt matter who is in office, its the same old tired story. Americans should come together knowing that the situations have been the same, or getting worse, for decades. Its not President Obama’s fault, or Clinton or Bush. These issues just go on and on and on.

And Thats The Way It Is on April 24, 2013!


2 thoughts on “Wednesday Roundup #AndrewSGinsburg

  1. As usual, Andrew, you make several great points. I agree with you that our President should be focusing on job creation. I just don’t understand why it isn’t his number one priority. I also agree with your comments about on-line advertising. While I don’t want to pay to play words with friends, I get really annoyed to have a 15-30 second video clip playing on my tablet after every move I make. The last one was for a movie and I just swore I’d never see it because of the promo. Finally, you point about things being the same no matter who’s in charge is right on target. Years ago, I read the novel, Captains and Kings, by Taylor Caldwell. I saw how much greed motivated and ruled people. I truly believe our public leaders are mere puppets for the money brokers who really rule the world. As far as terrorism is concerned, I think they use that to generate fear and keep us distracted from their true motive of taking all the money and leaving us with nothing.

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