Thanks To All of My Followers @GinsburgJobs Has Over 35,000!

IMG_1210First I would like to personally thank each and every person that follows me, reads my tweets, interacts, comments and participates. I had no idea when I started this endeavor that I would enjoy it so much and more importantly that I would get so much positive feedback. I have had people tell me from around the globe that they love my tweets, count on them for news and look forward to them. Thats really nice to hear and I am so glad that what I am doing is making a difference, however large or however small. I have also heard from a lot of people that disagree with me; I am always up for an intelligent conversation about differing points of view. There is a difference between another bright person with a differing point of view than a troll who is just negative and not worth any time. Come to think of it I have been accused of being an anti Obama mouthpiece as well as being extremely liberal. I guess thats one of my points with twitter and this blog: forget labels. Do whats right. People tell me I have a different and distinct ‘voice’ and I take that as a fantastic compliment. I like to point out what I see as wrong in the world, in the hopes of righting it. If you are a hard core DEM that doesnt mean you have to agree with everything Obama is doing. If you are hard core GOP do you really want to see people die because they dont have the money to have health insurance? To me, there is a right thing to do and thats what I strive to do; I dont care about party affiliation. I care about whats right. Now, I must say that todays GOP is a disgrace; alienating minorities, gays, women. With such hard core non bending stances its hard to sympathize with any of their positions. That doesnt mean that if John McCain has what I think is a good idea I wouldnt stand up and say so. When Portman came out in favor of gay marriage because his son is gay, I applaud that. I do hope for the day when the GOP becomes a sane alternative to the DEMS.

I hope my tweets and this blog have opened people’s minds a bit; I try to tweet views from the left and the right. I wish that the news media wasnt so lazy and they could actually write articles that make people think. For example would Joe Biden have made a better POTUS then Obama? Would Biden’s 30 or 40 years of contacts, friendships and relationships have helped him to pass more bills, lessen the gridlock, get more people back to work? I think quite possibly yes. The same for Hillary. Everyone is looking for the next new “out of Washington” person to come along and save the day. What if, what it takes to save the day are votes, and those votes in Congress are helped by longterm relationships. To me thats a topic worth a national debate. We should discuss these kind of issues for the betterment of our Country, not to score political points or to diminish Obama. Right and Left should want the same things; the best for our Country.

I was watching a documentary the other night on Ethel Kennedy, the other Mrs. Kennedy. Each of her children spoke of how their parents showed them up close and personal how a lot of other people live in this country and around the world. The Kennedy family has vast wealth and they taught their kids that they should always look out for the under dog, always help those in need. Teddy Kennedy to me is an inspirational hero. I never paid much attention to exactly what bills he was working on or things like that. But, here you have a billionaire who could sit back and enjoy the best of everything in life; yet he spent his life fighting for healthcare for the needy, working on bills to provide for people who werent as privileged as he was. To me thats what our Country should be about; helping people in need. And, not just with financial hand outs but jobs, education, ways they can make it on their own.

This piece is very me. I have lots on my mind, lots I want to share, lots I want fixed in the world and I say them as they come to me. But, the real purpose of this post is to again thank you all for following me, I hope you have learned things from me, as I definitely have learned from all of you. So, thanks for followings me.

Lets find ways to change the world!


3 thoughts on “Thanks To All of My Followers @GinsburgJobs Has Over 35,000!

  1. Congrats on 35,000 followers. To me that means you are doing something right. I am trying to copy your success. I don’t just swallow everything the politicians and media try to feed me. I try to question what I read and hear. Like you, I try to post items that spark some thought. Maybe I don’t agree with the entire message, but, I find that all or nothing thinking gets me nowhere. Life just isn’t that simple. No one is 100% right or wrong most of this time. It helps to step back once in awhile and really try to look at things from many points of view. Please keep up the good work and I look forward to reading more blog posts.

    1. Yep, though I’m left-wing, I’m not to agree with progressives, i can only say that its unlikely I’ll ever agree with conservatives. But debate and informing oneself is absolutely crucial, if one is to remain human.

  2. thank you for all you have to say i look foward to reading your words.i wish more people would read this and try to understand whats said here.keep up the good words

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