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Italy2011 281After a slight delay in postings I am back and ready to give my opinions in an apolitical and unbiased way. My goad, to have people get out of the ‘safe zone’ and think bigger.  I dont like GOP or DEMS that tow the party line no matter what it is. To me thats being programmed and not thinking on your own. I am not a fan of twitter groups that try to talk just to each other; open dialogue between people who maybe disagree is the best way to move things forward. Right now our Country is bogged down in bitter partisanship and hence nothing has really been done since President Obama took office. The Congress has been an utter failure in moving the people’s agenda forward; this is 90% cause by the GOP. Here are some thoughts on recent events:

  • What happened to Job creation? It was talked about in the campaigns, but not since. Both DEMS and GOP have been an utter failure with this. The longterm unemployment is the single largest threat to the U.S. and yet you see no one lifting a finger to get people back to work. I am deeply disappointed in Mr. Obama for not pushing this agenda, instead he chose to push Guns and Immigration. There are an estimated 89 million Americans looking for work, and there are no jobs bills, no talk of jobs. Yes the GOP had blocked Obama many times, now that that is a given its up to Mr. Obama to spend his time pushing for those that need jobs. A decade from now the bankruptcy of the United States will come from government aid and assistance to those that never could find work. A much smaller investment now could not only put those people back to work but could also lower the long term debt with the revenue received from the 89 million people.
  • Speaking of debt, taxes are an issue that must be addressed. But can they? Who owns the U.S.? You hear all about the big lobbying groups, big oil, big tobacco, big pharma. You hear about all the power they have, in other words the government is completely corrupt. We look at Afghanistan and talk about how corrupt they are, seems we are just as bad. Hearing about Apple paying a 2% rate of taxes is nauseating, or the year GE paid no taxes. This must be stopped. Corporations need to pay their fair share, that would lower the long term debt faster than anything. Yes, the U.S. has the highest business tax rates in the world, but not one of the large companies pays those taxes. Its time to hold people accountable and change the tax laws. Mitt Romney is a perfect example. Whatever he does with his money he pays extremely low taxes, this is all legal and above board. But it needs to change. There should be no loop holes for people who keep money over seas; and if you earn over $1M per year perhaps you should have no loop holes at all. Lets level the playing field. I am completely against wealth redistribution, however companies and individuals need to pay their fair share. That will go directly to the debt.
  • These scandals, IRS, Benghazi, and whats the other one? The umbrella thing? First, its protocol for someone to hold an umbrella over the President of the United States of America; case closed. The IRS, its outrageous if they did target tea party groups and that should be investigated. Why isnt the Bush appointee who was heading up the IRS at the time in question being investigated. I dont see how you can say Obama is at fault when you have a GOP nominated man heading up the agency. But, this needs to be thoroughly investigated and those that did wrong should be fired or possibly tried and sent to prison. As long as its really the person involved and not some underling thats used as a scapegoat. Benghazi, why dont we know who received the requests for more security and why the security wasnt provided. This should be a non partisan investigation as it falls under national security. The talking points? Who authorized scrubbing terrorism out of them? What did Hillary and POTUS know and when did they know it. Is this a cover up? I dont think so. Obama never claimed to have completely defeated al Qaeda and all of terrorism. If the talking points said our consulate in Benghazi came under a terrorist attack and we are looking to investigate it I dont think anyone in the public would have held that against Obama. We are never going to completely eliminate terrorism, its a fact of life that we all have to get used to. My unanswered questions have more to do with who received the request for back up and what that person did with that request. Who makes those decisions? Surely Hillary and Barack cant micromanage every decision. But, the GOP has done a good job of muddling this story up so much that it makes people ponder and wonder, they are obviously doing it for political reasons.

The takeaway from all this? People trust government even less and are becoming more polarized. I would like to see more people involved in the voting process so people that grand stand and do nothing but obstruct progress are voted out. As I have said many times on here I want to expand voting and make it much easier to vote. Yes on an iPhone or android. Now it seems like our government is so sinister and corrupt that there is nothing we can do to change it. Our voting people out of office can change that.


6 thoughts on “Opinions And Commentary You Should Be Reading

  1. Some groups on Twitter promote social activism. We select politicians and target them with email, tweets, and phone calls. We don’t just talk or write about a subject. We act. Believe me the politicians have staff who tally the messages they receive from the public, especially their constituents.

    1. You seem to have missed the entire point of my piece; I dont like the us against them mentality and also targeting people is most likely useless since the voting districts have been gerrymandered so much that there is little chance of a politician losing their seat. Instead the message of my piece is that we should all open our minds and get rid of the us against them attitude. Btw, “just writing” about something, bringing awareness to people to think a bit differently is doing something. There is nothing more powerful than getting people to think and act differently and my hope is that my words, that are read around the world and by my strong following, will be a catalyst for change.

  2. I do agree with you Andrew about the warring mentality. We know that they can work together to solve the problems facing our country. I try to promote civil discourse on Twitter. Even when trolls post something hateful, I try to send them the message that insulting someone is no way to get your message across. Also, I think discussing issues promotes clarity and helps us find a purpose in our communications. Your blog for instance always promotes social justice, especially in the area of job creation and employment issues. I believe it is the responsibility of citizens to communicate regularly with their representatives in Congress. We need to let them know when we like what they’ve done and we need to give them a fit when they do something we don’t like. I believe with all my heart that “words matter” and your words do help people to stop and reflect and think in new ways. I am sorry my comment came across as disparaging the work you do. Whether we are talking among ourselves or publishing something for the world to see, “words matter.” Anyone who doesn’t realize that can just think about “47%” and they will see that they do.

  3. I still have to wonder .. since reading your ‘ABOUT’ &’ MY RULES’ I can expect a straight answer . . What is with this .. Mr. Obama thing . I have noticed many of the ‘reporters & pundits of news using that Title with the current POTUS . I search for Mr. Clinton . Bush , Bush II or Carter ,, yields persons not residing at 1600 penn . Explain the ‘Mr’

    1. For the last 16 years I have heard both Bush and Clinton referred to at President Bush or Mr. Bush interchangeably, while they were in office. When I write I try to say President Obama, sometimes I get lazy and write Mr. Obama. I think its disrespectful to refer to him as simply Obama, although with twitter you are limited in space. And I am probably guilty of that on here too. Let me be completely clear, my referring to him as Mr. Obama shows no disrespect at all. I am not Fox News trying to decrease his importance by using the word Mr. but I am also not someone who blindly agrees with everything he does and will call him out just like I have with the tea party, John Boehner, etc. I hope that clears it up

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