Online Advertising is Out Of Control

Italy2011 733Its a bit ironic that I am writing about this subject since I worked selling online advertising for many years, and might again in the future, but the state of advertising on the internet is completely out of control. I wont go on sites that have ads that cover the news, the ones that come in from the left of right that you need to hit the X to get rid of. Too annoying for me to waste my time. Flashing ads are distracting and should be eliminated. One of the latest trends in online advertising is digital ads will appear from websites you have visited by havent purchased something from. For instance I received a gift certificate for Brooks Brothers, so I have been on that site many times trying to see what I want to get. I bought a pair of ray bans and a few other things. Now on almost every site I go on I see ads for exactly what I have already purchased. Even worse, I was looking for sunglasses on the Oliver People’s website, I didnt like any of them, but ads for Oliver People’s appear on almost every site I visit. Very annoying. As technology gets more sophisticated and everything we do is tracked and used for marketing and advertising they are missing one vital point. Some times you didnt buy because you didnt like what you saw. I remember about a year or so ago my brother came to NYC and was staying at the Waldorf = Astoria. I did a search to get the exact address of the hotel so I could go meet him. For months after that I saw ads about the Waldorf, room rates, discounts.

Of all of life’s problems this isnt really on the radar but it is annoying. Companies need to understand how to better reach people without annoying them. Life has changed so much with the Internet; its practically put almost all news organizations out of business because it costs much less to advertise online than it does in print. We need news organizations to have enough money to cover the news in depth, so we cant get rid of online advertising. But you do have to weigh the balance of annoying potential customers with getting your message out there, for both the company and the news organization. I think their are a lot better ways to go about this; and I would gladly share them with a company that hired me.

It’s all about the ads though. Thats what tanked Facebook IPO, they didnt have a model for digital advertising, so they had no revenue stream. I see they are now putting ads right in the news feed, to me thats kinda lame. Also, when I see people on Facebook “like” MasterCard, I’m like wtf? And of course there is twitter, no one had found a way to make money off of it, again, I have many many ideas for companies to make money off of twitter; and as I said earlier I would gladly share them with a company that hired me, I have a different way of thinking about things and great instincts.

What we have now are people who are in charge of what company’s do who have no clue. They farm out the social media to the PR department who also does know what to do. You have advertising that is so intrusive that viewers wont go to their sites; you have advertisers annoying clients with products they already purchased or decided not to purchase. Time for change.


3 thoughts on “Online Advertising is Out Of Control

  1. I see determination in you brother. Since the internet has become more popular than TV, advertisers see this as an opportunity to spam the World Wide Web with useless, annoying ads! They don’t CARE what you want to see, they care what THEY want you too see.

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