New Yorker Cover Rocks ** #DOMA is DEAD

As usual the New Yorker magazine has a fantastic cover about the striking down of DOMA. Everything in NYC ROCKS!new-yorker-cover-bert-ernie-gay-marriage-580



ImageWhat a great day for equality. Today’s Supreme Court rules are long over due in the battle for Gay Rights and Equality. Gay people had been the last group that people could openly discriminate against. In this day and age to openly discriminate against anyone for any reason is appalling. It’s about time that people understood the truth about being Gay. You are, to quote Lady Gaga, Born That Way! Its not a choice you make; its not a preference, its part of who you are. For bible thumpers, stop being so hypocritical. Do you follow every word in the bible? Divorce? Fine. Adultery? Fine. I wont get into religion, but if you think you are justified for discriminating against someone for their sexual orientation by religion, you are wrong. Hate is hate and you should join the modern world.

What makes me happiest about today’s decision is that young people can eventually know being gay is the same as being non-gay. You have the same future options of marriage, family. I hope in time parents are more understanding with their kids and encourage open dialogue and if they happen to be gay that they are treated the same as their non-gay siblings. I hope kids in high school, sports teams stop having the worst insult you can give a man is that he is feminine.

I am not naive, I know this decision wont change discrimination over night. Civil Rights for African Americans was passed 50 years ago and look how disrespectfully many people treat our President, Mr. Obama. The tea party wants their country back, what that means is a white President and a white majority. Disgusting. My hope is this does not turn into a Roe v Wade never ending battle. I hope this is the first day people start understanding gay people are just like everyone else. And deserve the same rights as everyone else.

Some Unemployed Keep Losing Ground by WSJ

IMG_1473This is an article in today’s Wall Street Journal, it shows how many unemployed people are not getting re-hired and what a devastating effect its having on the long term unemployed.

I highly recommend reading this piece in its entirety at by Ben Cassellman


The recession ended four years ago. But for many job seekers, it hasn’t felt like much of a recovery.

“Once people reach a point where they no longer consider themselves employable…it is very difficult to pull them back,” said Joe Carbone, president of WorkPlace, a Connecticut workforce-development agency that has developed a program targeting the long-term unemployed. “We are losing thousands of people a day. This is like an epidemic.”


Nearly 12 million Americans were unemployed in May, down from a peak of more than 15 million, but still more than four million higher than when the recession began in December 2007. Millions more have given up looking for work and no longer count as unemployed. The share of the population that is working or looking for work stands near a three-decade low.

Peggy Noonan and Me and The IRS

IMG_1521I try to read Peggy’s weekly column in The Wall Street Journal; although I prefer seeing her speaking live and giving her opinions on various Sunday News Shows. I don’t always agree with her, actually I often don’t agree with her. I have a lot of respect for her; she called out Sarah Palin as being unprepared to be VP when no one else was saying that. I like people who tell it like it is, Ms. Noonan does. I try to as well!

Anyway in her column this week she talks about the IRS case and how shockingly little is being done to investigate it. I was shocked to see FBI Director Robert Mueller testifying saying he didn know how many agents were investigating the case, he couldn’t name a single agent who was working on it and didnt even know who was heading up the investigation. Thats mind numbing. The President of the United States says he wants immediate action and a month later the FBI  Director knows nothing of the investigation. Thats shocking and shameful. Peggy also points out that a new CNN poll now shows a 10% increase in the number of people who think the White House was directly involved. There needs to be a thorough and complete transparent investigation on this. The IRS should never be allowed to target any group of people. I am by no means a fan of the Tea Party but they deserve the same consideration as anyone else.

And, where is President Obama? On hearing this news from the FBI Director he should have been outraged and come out forcefully saying, again, this will be top priority. Where is Mr. Obama on a lot of things, explaining what we are doing in Syria and why; why he is ignoring the staggeringly high number of unemployed people; what is his vision for the Country for the next decade, century? What is America’s role in the world today? Those are for different posts but they do address a leadership style that leaves everyone wondering whats going on and who’s in charge. Does anyone yet know how ObamaCare is going to affect them? I don’t.

Back to the investigation of the IRS the reason its so important is because the American people deserve to know what happened, why it happened, who was involved. This issue is going to be incredibly damaging to the Democrats going forward. The Tea Party people are motivated by this, its making them gather more and they might have a more successful election than they did in 2010. Its mobilizing and motivating them; which you cant really blame them for; what if it was Jews that were targeted, or Gays, anyone would be up in arms as they should be.

Most people who read my blog think I am extremely liberal, I dont like labels and consider myself an Independent so you might be surprised reading words that could have come out of Karl Rove’s mouth, but I believe in equality and wont tolerate crimes in Government. I use the word crime for a reason. Whomever did this or was instructed to do this was not only breaking the rules of the IRS they should be considered to have broken the law. I think too many companies, banks, etc when caught doing wrong doing pay stiff fines. I think they should be jailed. The idea of being behind bars is much harsher than paying a big fine and keeping your $12million a year job.

Talk about media bias; I was watching CNN interview someone from the Tea Party who was affected by this, the person from CNN said something about how in the bigger picture should any groups like this get tax exemption status; she rightfully told the interviewer that that is not what the issue at hand is. The issue at hand is why were they targeted.

Personally I think none of them (DEMS, GOP) should get tax exempt status, but that is a question for another day. I highly recommend Democrats getting this issue investigated and out in the open and show a sense of urgency. By not doing so not only are the Tea Party people going to gain strength they will also be able to claim Government doesnt know what its doing.

Act Now!

One World Trade Center

IMG_1537I was meeting my brother earlier today in lower Manhattan near where I used to live for 5 years. So much has changed since I left there in 2005. One World Trade Center is almost completed and is the tallest building in the United States I believe.  I was there for September 11th, I lived through all of it. Now almost a dozen years later the site is almost being completed. As I have mentioned in previous postings what being a few blocks from Ground Zero was like, today walking by there for the first time in many years it made me feel sad. I dont feel like the erection of these buildings is America coming back I feel that its just a big mess down there. Rather than look at the new tower with American pride I looked at it as a disappointment. The site looks like a bunch of buildings that are mismatched and dont belong together. In hind site the Twin Towers should have been immediately rebuilt. They were part of New York City, an essential part. Even though they were baron and ugly they were NYC, Manhattan. We should have had an f-you attitude to the world and put  the Towers back up. They were part of New York, New Yorkers looked to them to know where they were in the City.

It was very strange walking through the WFC – World Financial Center; which ironically was built on a landfill that came from digging out the foundation of the Twin Towers. I lived in that area, the residential part is Battery Park City, for 5 years. Right now the WFC is almost completely closed and being redone into some kind of modern space for shops, restaurants and businesses. Walking through the closed off areas reminded me of all the business lunches I had with people from Merrill Lynch and other downtown clients. It was jarring to see it all walled off and under construction. Maybe this will be good for the area, maybe it will bring more business and jobs and revenue. I hope so, I want whats best for NYC and all of its residents. It was just a strange moment and feeling. Also to make it more out of place I was meeting my brother who lives in Boston, where I am from, and was here on business. I love seeing my brother, he is one of the few people in the world that I know has my best interests at heart when advising me. But seeing him on my turf is always funny and fun. We met for an hour or more and just hung out before his business meetings. I remember years ago when I was still living in Battery Park City my uncle, my mothers brother, who always hated Manhattan came to visit with his wife. My brother happened to be there that day too, and we all went to lunch or dinner, I dont remember which. That was the last time I saw my uncle. I knew he was sick with cancer, even before he did. I could tell that day. Even his coming back to Manhattan, when he had told me many times he never would because he hated it here, his presence meant something was wrong. But I digress.

One World Trade Center, with 7 WTC in the background, is ugly, overdone and excessive. I miss the Twin Towers, WTC 1 and 2; and wish we had put them back up instead on this ongoing new WTC.

“My Punching Bag” A #MustRead Piece My Nephew Wrote About His Dad, My Brother

IMG_4361Just when I thought I couldnt respect someone anymore than I already do, I read this article by my nephew Eric Ginsburg. The depth and insight he has is incredible for a young man of 25. Its an article everyone should read, a son’s story to his father. Eric is a professional journalist at @YesWeekly in NC.

Here is a brief excerpt; click the link to see the full piece

I stood on his chest, triumphant and jubilant. Donning red overalls on top of a Waldo-esque red-andwhite striped shirt, I dropped down to slap him repeatedly on both sides of his face.

“Don’t hurt Daddy!” he said playfully, as I shifted to squeezing his cheeks with vigor, laughing in enjoyment.

“You’ve got to be careful, you could hurt my face, honey,” he said. “You don’t seem concerned.”

** The pic is the 2 of them, taken right here at the #Manor

Long-Term #Unemployed Can’t Catch A Break, #Jobs Report Shows

ImageThis article from the Huffington Post is something everyone should read. While the media hypes the 175,000 number as something good; its actually the “break even” number to keep up with population growth. At this rate of job creation we wont be at full recovery until after 2020. The number of long term unemployed people has been estimated at anywhere from 4.2 million people to 89 million people. Seventy – three percent of Americans rank job creation as their number one priority. The Congress, President Obama, GOP and DEMS not one have proposed a job creation bill since September 2011. We have heard a lot of talk, and talk is meaningless.

A short snipped of the article please read the full article at

The ranks of the long-term unemployed have dwindled by 1 million since last year, but economists are uncertain whether they’re finding jobs or dropping out of the labor force. Only people who have actively searched for work within four weeks of the government’s survey count as unemployed.