Long-Term #Unemployed Can’t Catch A Break, #Jobs Report Shows

ImageThis article from the Huffington Post is something everyone should read. While the media hypes the 175,000 number as something good; its actually the “break even” number to keep up with population growth. At this rate of job creation we wont be at full recovery until after 2020. The number of long term unemployed people has been estimated at anywhere from 4.2 million people to 89 million people. Seventy – three percent of Americans rank job creation as their number one priority. The Congress, President Obama, GOP and DEMS not one have proposed a job creation bill since September 2011. We have heard a lot of talk, and talk is meaningless.

A short snipped of the article please read the full article at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/06/07/long-term-unemployed-jobs-report_n_3402015.html

The ranks of the long-term unemployed have dwindled by 1 million since last year, but economists are uncertain whether they’re finding jobs or dropping out of the labor force. Only people who have actively searched for work within four weeks of the government’s survey count as unemployed.


One thought on “Long-Term #Unemployed Can’t Catch A Break, #Jobs Report Shows

  1. Like, “Duh”. Corporate Nationals take heed. You are fleecing us to the extent that we can no longer be part of your consumer machine.

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