One World Trade Center

IMG_1537I was meeting my brother earlier today in lower Manhattan near where I used to live for 5 years. So much has changed since I left there in 2005. One World Trade Center is almost completed and is the tallest building in the United States I believe.  I was there for September 11th, I lived through all of it. Now almost a dozen years later the site is almost being completed. As I have mentioned in previous postings what being a few blocks from Ground Zero was like, today walking by there for the first time in many years it made me feel sad. I dont feel like the erection of these buildings is America coming back I feel that its just a big mess down there. Rather than look at the new tower with American pride I looked at it as a disappointment. The site looks like a bunch of buildings that are mismatched and dont belong together. In hind site the Twin Towers should have been immediately rebuilt. They were part of New York City, an essential part. Even though they were baron and ugly they were NYC, Manhattan. We should have had an f-you attitude to the world and put  the Towers back up. They were part of New York, New Yorkers looked to them to know where they were in the City.

It was very strange walking through the WFC – World Financial Center; which ironically was built on a landfill that came from digging out the foundation of the Twin Towers. I lived in that area, the residential part is Battery Park City, for 5 years. Right now the WFC is almost completely closed and being redone into some kind of modern space for shops, restaurants and businesses. Walking through the closed off areas reminded me of all the business lunches I had with people from Merrill Lynch and other downtown clients. It was jarring to see it all walled off and under construction. Maybe this will be good for the area, maybe it will bring more business and jobs and revenue. I hope so, I want whats best for NYC and all of its residents. It was just a strange moment and feeling. Also to make it more out of place I was meeting my brother who lives in Boston, where I am from, and was here on business. I love seeing my brother, he is one of the few people in the world that I know has my best interests at heart when advising me. But seeing him on my turf is always funny and fun. We met for an hour or more and just hung out before his business meetings. I remember years ago when I was still living in Battery Park City my uncle, my mothers brother, who always hated Manhattan came to visit with his wife. My brother happened to be there that day too, and we all went to lunch or dinner, I dont remember which. That was the last time I saw my uncle. I knew he was sick with cancer, even before he did. I could tell that day. Even his coming back to Manhattan, when he had told me many times he never would because he hated it here, his presence meant something was wrong. But I digress.

One World Trade Center, with 7 WTC in the background, is ugly, overdone and excessive. I miss the Twin Towers, WTC 1 and 2; and wish we had put them back up instead on this ongoing new WTC.


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