Peggy Noonan and Me and The IRS

IMG_1521I try to read Peggy’s weekly column in The Wall Street Journal; although I prefer seeing her speaking live and giving her opinions on various Sunday News Shows. I don’t always agree with her, actually I often don’t agree with her. I have a lot of respect for her; she called out Sarah Palin as being unprepared to be VP when no one else was saying that. I like people who tell it like it is, Ms. Noonan does. I try to as well!

Anyway in her column this week she talks about the IRS case and how shockingly little is being done to investigate it. I was shocked to see FBI Director Robert Mueller testifying saying he didn know how many agents were investigating the case, he couldn’t name a single agent who was working on it and didnt even know who was heading up the investigation. Thats mind numbing. The President of the United States says he wants immediate action and a month later the FBI  Director knows nothing of the investigation. Thats shocking and shameful. Peggy also points out that a new CNN poll now shows a 10% increase in the number of people who think the White House was directly involved. There needs to be a thorough and complete transparent investigation on this. The IRS should never be allowed to target any group of people. I am by no means a fan of the Tea Party but they deserve the same consideration as anyone else.

And, where is President Obama? On hearing this news from the FBI Director he should have been outraged and come out forcefully saying, again, this will be top priority. Where is Mr. Obama on a lot of things, explaining what we are doing in Syria and why; why he is ignoring the staggeringly high number of unemployed people; what is his vision for the Country for the next decade, century? What is America’s role in the world today? Those are for different posts but they do address a leadership style that leaves everyone wondering whats going on and who’s in charge. Does anyone yet know how ObamaCare is going to affect them? I don’t.

Back to the investigation of the IRS the reason its so important is because the American people deserve to know what happened, why it happened, who was involved. This issue is going to be incredibly damaging to the Democrats going forward. The Tea Party people are motivated by this, its making them gather more and they might have a more successful election than they did in 2010. Its mobilizing and motivating them; which you cant really blame them for; what if it was Jews that were targeted, or Gays, anyone would be up in arms as they should be.

Most people who read my blog think I am extremely liberal, I dont like labels and consider myself an Independent so you might be surprised reading words that could have come out of Karl Rove’s mouth, but I believe in equality and wont tolerate crimes in Government. I use the word crime for a reason. Whomever did this or was instructed to do this was not only breaking the rules of the IRS they should be considered to have broken the law. I think too many companies, banks, etc when caught doing wrong doing pay stiff fines. I think they should be jailed. The idea of being behind bars is much harsher than paying a big fine and keeping your $12million a year job.

Talk about media bias; I was watching CNN interview someone from the Tea Party who was affected by this, the person from CNN said something about how in the bigger picture should any groups like this get tax exemption status; she rightfully told the interviewer that that is not what the issue at hand is. The issue at hand is why were they targeted.

Personally I think none of them (DEMS, GOP) should get tax exempt status, but that is a question for another day. I highly recommend Democrats getting this issue investigated and out in the open and show a sense of urgency. By not doing so not only are the Tea Party people going to gain strength they will also be able to claim Government doesnt know what its doing.

Act Now!


3 thoughts on “Peggy Noonan and Me and The IRS

  1. The real scandal at IRS is the way they took it upon themselves to interpret the law as congress wrote it. see: for Lawrence O’Donnell’s comments.
    The second thing to note is that upon release of transcripts by Rep. Elijah Cummings, we learn that person in Cincinnati IRS office who ordered the extra scrutiny of RW groups was acting on his own and was himself a Republican. Also, none of the groups were denied tax exempt status.
    Finally, two groups were denied and they were both Democratic oriented groups.See Joan Walsh’s column in Salon:

    Regarding Obamacare: This is an amazing resource where a concerned individual may learn about the new law.

    President Obama has a plan regarding the economy and jobs:
    The problem he faces is that the House GOP will not act on anything that he tries to promote.

    We have a broken Congress. That is the problem that our country faces. The partisanship keeps people from “crossing the aisle” and working to produce legislation for the common good. I wish I had a solution to offer. Some think changing the people in Congress in the answer, but, I fear they would be replaced by others who also aren’t interested in working with each other.

    I know that President Obama is our leader but I think it is unrealistic to expect that he alone can fix what is ailing our system. It takes the entire leadership of our government to make this happen. When we have both GOP leaders, Speaker Boehner and Minority Leader Mc’Connell, stating publicly that their primary goal is to defeat Barack Obama, we can have little hope they will work to promote his vision for our country.

    1. Thanks Pat, I can always count on you for your true opinion and not just telling me what I want to hear. I do think Obama has a serious communications problem; your defense of him is better than his defense of himself. Dont underestimate the stupidity of the American public. Seeing the Director of the FBI having not a clue about the investigation is in complete contrast to what Obama asked for, a thorough investigation. We need to hear from POTUS he is taking this seriously and his top FBI guy paints a picture of lack of interest.

      Communication is what is needed, whether its the IRS or ObamaCare or policy in the Middle East; and I feel we dont get that from Mr. Obama. George W. might have been very limited but his messages were always clear and simple, like he was. But President Obama doesnt seem to be able to communicate with the American people. I am glad you sent me a link about ObamaCare, but why isnt it common knowledge how this bill can help us all? Again, communication.

      You are completely correct about 100% GOP obstructionism of everything Obama wanted to do; especially with job creation and the economy, so much so that I think many in the GOP should be jailed for treason. Their goal was to make him look bad, Obama’s goal was to get America moving again. That, to me is unacceptable. My fault with Obama is that he hasnt been pushing job creation and has instead been focusing on gun control and immigration. Thats not the priority of Americans top issues.

  2. Andrew, I found this article written by Barack Obama back in 05 when he was first in the Senate: I hope you will read it. The comments are interesting, too.

    I like what he says about working together and about both sides going to extreme positions. I guess that I will always be a defender of President Obama and I just can’t imagine what it must be like to try to manage all the issues that affect the United States. I think he could use some support from other Democrats to boost the communication issues and get the word out to counter the lies. Just today Mitch McConnell gave a speech where he acknowledged that Obama had nothing directly to do with the IRS scandal, but then he went on to accuse Obama of creating a culture of intimidation. If anybody has created a negative culture in DC it is McConnell and his cronies. I can’t think of any recent president who has had is birth place questioned, his religion questioned, his patriotism questioned. If Obama found a cure for cancer, the right would charge him with practicing medicine without a license.

    Here’s where I fault Obama. When he had a majority in both houses of congress early in his first term, he blew so many opportunities to get things done. He wanted to be bipartisan and get bills passed with support from both sides. He was deluded or arrogant enough to think he could make that happen. He could have gotten many judicial appointment through too. But he waited too long and the mid-terms took away the house majority. If we don’t regain the majority in the House and retain the majority in the Senate, we will have gridlock until 2016. It is very important to Get Out The Vote in 2014. That is what I will be promoting.

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