ImageWhat a great day for equality. Today’s Supreme Court rules are long over due in the battle for Gay Rights and Equality. Gay people had been the last group that people could openly discriminate against. In this day and age to openly discriminate against anyone for any reason is appalling. It’s about time that people understood the truth about being Gay. You are, to quote Lady Gaga, Born That Way! Its not a choice you make; its not a preference, its part of who you are. For bible thumpers, stop being so hypocritical. Do you follow every word in the bible? Divorce? Fine. Adultery? Fine. I wont get into religion, but if you think you are justified for discriminating against someone for their sexual orientation by religion, you are wrong. Hate is hate and you should join the modern world.

What makes me happiest about today’s decision is that young people can eventually know being gay is the same as being non-gay. You have the same future options of marriage, family. I hope in time parents are more understanding with their kids and encourage open dialogue and if they happen to be gay that they are treated the same as their non-gay siblings. I hope kids in high school, sports teams stop having the worst insult you can give a man is that he is feminine.

I am not naive, I know this decision wont change discrimination over night. Civil Rights for African Americans was passed 50 years ago and look how disrespectfully many people treat our President, Mr. Obama. The tea party wants their country back, what that means is a white President and a white majority. Disgusting. My hope is this does not turn into a Roe v Wade never ending battle. I hope this is the first day people start understanding gay people are just like everyone else. And deserve the same rights as everyone else.


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