Its Time I Weighed In #Racism #Obama #Economy #Women and of course More

Image 89I just noticed how long its been since I have posted on my blog. I’ve been busy looking for a new apartment in Manhattan, which is a full time job on its own. There were some interesting news stories going on that I want to give my opinions on, as usual please feel free to agree or disagree with reasons.

  • Lets start with racism; I guess I am the only person in the Country that didn’t watch or pay attention to the Zimmerman trial. When the news media goes to wall to wall coverage of things I tend to ignore them. So I cant comment on that case. There was an interesting article in today’s Washington Post about about acknowledging white privilege and how that privilege is too often ignored by its beneficiaries.  I don’t agree with this. Being a white man I never really thought of what a black man my age might go through. This is why I think what president Obama said to the Nation was extremely effective and educational. I think his speaking out about his experience opened my eyes to a whole world I hadnt thought about. I dont believe I am more privileged than a black man, I certainly never ignored its benefits since I had no idea what challenges blacks or minorities have. I think president Obama’s message was brilliant. I hope that it starts conversations and opens eyes around this country. When you have the President of the United States say that growing up he could hear doors locking when he crossed the street or see women clutch their purses closer to their bodies when he passed by should be a hard slap in the face to white Americans to alter their behavior and try to find ways, programs, bills passed to help those who are suffering from this.
  • More on race. I firmly believe that the hatred coming from the tea party and the GOP in general is all about race. To quote Bill Maher, I dont think they can stand seeing a black man in the White House. I know the political climate in Washington was pretty ugly when president Bush was in office, but nothing like what Obama has had to endure. I think the GOP has tried to make Obama a failure of a president from his first day in office to today. As I have mentioned I think many members of the GOP should be tried for treason for, in their efforts to make Obama look bad, sabotaging the U.S. economy, keeping millions out of work. I believe when they say ‘lets take our country back’ I think they mean lets take it back from the black man. I think racism is at the root of all of the obstructionism. I think the GOP has only 2 goals, to make president Obama look bad and to keep their jobs. Neither is what they were voted into office for.
  • The economy continues to move sideways. Their has been no drop in the number of longterm unemployed people, GDP is at anemic levels and it looks like no relief in site. Which brings up a few points. One being who will be the new Fed? Janet Yellen should be the new Fed; she has a goal of creating more jobs for the unemployed and is a highly qualified candidate. Larry Summers would be a horrible choice. Not only did he not do enough in the 2008 meltdown, he was mostly responsible for it happening. It should be obvious to everyone now that the $800B stimulus in 2009 was not enough; it was Larry Summers who wouldnt even show the president a larger stimulus package. This has caused pain and suffering for millions of Americans as the economy is not recovering as it should, or as it could have with a much larger stimulus package. Equally as important about Mr. Summers is that when he was advising president Clinton in the 1990s, it was on Summer’s recommendation that many financial policies be deregulated. Now I am not an economist, but I have done enough research and read enough articles to know about this subject. The very policies that Summers advised Clinton to deregulate were what led to the financial crash in 2008. Btw, the policies that were deregulated had been put in place after the Great Depression in the 1930s; they were written back then so their would never be another financial collapse. Larry Summers opened the gateway for the second Depression. Everyone blamed Bush, and he is not blameless, but by no means was the meltdown only his fault. So, elect Janet Yellen.
  • More on the economy; their was an article today, I think in the New York Times about has the power of the bully pulpit vanished? No it hasn’t, as I mentioned above Mr. Obama’s comments on race were brilliant; however when he tries to pivot to jobs and the economy for what is it now, the 7th or 8th time? It seems like empty rhetoric. I am deeply disappointed the Obama did not start his second term coming out swinging about job creation. It was, and still is, the top issue for the majority of Americans. I wish Obama had used all that political capital on job creation. I am confident he could have pushed congress to act since so much of the country agrees job creation is needed. Immigration and guns were not a priority to the American people. Jobs are.
  • Another topic thats been on my mind is women. Its shocking to me in this day and age that a group of men are making decisions about women’s bodies and when they can or cannot make their own decisions. It goes deeper than that. Marissa Meyer, the CEO of Yahoo, gets so much media coverage for anything she does. I think she is unfairly being judged because she is a woman running a large dying company. If a man were in her position I dont think there would be so much coverage, and the coverage is usually questioning her choices. And lastly seeing Prince William and Kate take their baby home, the media was gushing over how normal they seemed, how Wills put the car seat in himself. All the while I kept thinking it was Princess Diana who made this possible. It was Diana who insisted her children go to regular schools. In the past Royals were always educated in isolation at one of the palaces. But Diana changed all that, she wanted to show her boys how other people lived and make them as much a part of the population as possible. To me it was sad thinking Diana will never get to meet this new child, or see how well her 2 boys, excluding the nude pics of Harry, have grown up. It was Diana that forever changed the way heirs to the throne would grow up. I wish someone would have mentioned her name.

7 thoughts on “Its Time I Weighed In #Racism #Obama #Economy #Women and of course More

  1. Hi Andrew. Regarding White Privilege, I’ve been studying about it since I haven’t really thought too much about it before. Read a great book, Witnessing Whiteness by Shelly Tochulk. Learned a lot. Did you know that when BO was a senator someone at a cocktail party mistook him for a waiter and asked him to bring them a drink? Has that ever happened to you? Anyone ever mistake you for a waiter? My daughter-in-law who is Apache helped me see that sales clerks see her differently than they do me. We don’t see our White Privilege because we’ve never been without it. This little piece on WP was written in 1988 but is true today:
    I hope you will read it and give it some thought.

    Oh, and here are my thoughts on race:

    Good luck on your apartment hunting.

    1. Pat, as always thanks for reading! I think President Obama’s remarks were so brilliant because so many white people dont even realize what others go through. I will def read the link and your posting. No, I never have been mistaken for a waiter, however I have been at events and mistaken white men in tuxedos as waiters. I think every generation is getting better, I would never think of someone’s skin color had anything to do with being a “server” it never would cross my mind. What did you think of my saying racism is behind the tea party and GOP obstructionism? I truly believe that.

      1. Yes, Andrew, I agree that racism is the motivator behind the Tea Party. Their rallies are nearly always filled with angry Whites with ignorant signs.

    2. I’ve been mistaken for a waiter and a clerk when I was younger…like 18,19…it used to annoy me and it happen a lot which is why I still remember it today.

  2. The racism runs two ways. Just as many blacks profile whites and presume privilege where anything could be further from the truth. Like it or not, we are all profiled continually based on color, height, weight etc. I came of age in an environment where so called minorities received checks for taking the very same classes that coming from a largely single parent household I struggled to meet academic and financial obligations on. I personally witnessed some recipients curse this handout that they received while I had to work nights and weekends to survive. So who was the privileged one? I agree with Bill Cosby that the current climate of kidnapping gangsta rap has had extremely deleterious effects on black youth. You have to have crap to make rap, and this counter culture only promotes violence, drug abuse, racism and sexism. Lack of parenting is another big issue in all of society as a whole, but especially in populations where single parenting is not only tolerated but lauded. It doesn’t take a village to raise a child, it takes two parents a mother AND a father. Now that President Obama was elected, I don’t think society can continue to play race cards whenever it suits their agenda. We all bleed red. We all need to take responsibility and do right.

  3. Andrew I have to say I feel this is your best blog ever. You made so many varied and valid remarks it just brings it all together. Kudos for the great post & ty for composing. Hope many many people read this & are able to absorb your message which is spot on.

  4. I only disagree about one point: Marisa Meyers is scrutinized because she is a 37 UI designer & programmer brought in to a company that’s been slowly destroyed by Google and suffered terribly under its entrepreneurial founder Jerry Yang. Her experience is more alike those that start companies than those that run them. Further I personally find her claim to fame at Google, that Conversation View in Gmail, unusable and it was overhyped. As the first empowered CEO post-Yang, she seems pretty unimpressive and inexperienced when she doesn’t have her PR department script or censor her comments.

    (BTW, right on about Summers!…and don’t forget his comments on women being too stupid for science and engineering when he was president of Harvard.)

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