A #MustRead Letter to the Editor from a Follower #Military #Unemployment Media Ignoring Longterm Unemployed

A follower of mine sent me this letter she sent in to a newspaper; the newspaper edited out the most important parts of the letter so I am publishing the full text. This letter brings up so many valid and important issues that are completely ignored by Congress, the Media, the President, by everyone. Here is an excellent reminder:

IMG_1640“Letter to the Editor”


It was interesting to see your front page story yesterday regarding $1 Billion being “found,” and furloughed workers getting back their 5th day of work per week.


Forgive me, but day after day we read articles and heard news reports about workers who lost one day of work per week for a period of time, while people such as myself cannot find a job, at all.


I was recently laid off from a management position with an IT start-up that didn’t have its financial ducks in a row.  Because I worked for such a short period of time, and hadn’t worked for a number of months previously, I was not eligible for unemployment benefits.  Since then, I was offered a contract with a local defense contractor, and while waiting to receive the contract, they decided to cancel it.


No unemployment benefits, savings gone, about to apply for food stamps, maybe welfare…..  and, in addition, I am an ex military spouse.  I left my own career to support the career of my now ex-husband, and when I need it the most, I cannot find a stable job in order to support myself.


When is the same level of attention by the paper, and others, going to be given to people who are on the verge of financial collapse because they can’t find work?


And, even more so, when is the same level of attention going to be given to military spouses who “did their duty” by giving up their careers for the “military member,” and have no way of supporting themselves if the need arises?


A one-day-a-week furlough caused you to skip your Saturday nights out?  Forgive me, but the inability to find stable work is causing many more of us to have to decide whether to pay the rent, or buy food, or maybe even forget the rent all together and just move into the car.


Isn’t it time to focus on the people who are really struggling?





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