Higher Up Than The President of the United States

IMG_1694During my recent apartment hunt in Manhattan one of the brokers I was working with used this phrase. She wasnt talking about special interest money or payback of political favors; she was talking exactly about that, someone or group with more power than the President. What prompted the conversation was our talking about September 11th. She told me about 2 friends of hers. One worked for Morgan Stanley, who told her that everyone at MS had the day off on 9/11. At that time Morgan Stanley offices were in 7 World Trade Center. The other friend she told me about worked in the Twin Towers and was one of those people covered in soot. That friend told her about hearing bombs go off on the lower floors of the Towers before they fell. I personally saw on live TV smoke pouring out of the bottom of the buildings before they fell. Live TV reporters told of hearing explosions before the buildings fell. When you saw the look on George Bush’s face you could certainly tell he had nothing to do with this, he looked scared shitless. Now I am not a conspiracy theory kind of person but some stories pique my interest. I read a book by Jessie Ventura who went into great detail about how 9/11 was a completely planned event and that we have not been told the truth about what really happened that day.  Who would have more power than the President of the United States of America? The CIA.

I was just walking around my new neighborhood and saw Princess Diana on the cover. My first thought was, 16 years later they are still trying to use her image to sell magazines. But she had been on my mind the last few weeks. I found a book as I was getting ready to move regarding her death and how it was a set up. I think most of us dont think enough. Of course it was a hit, murder. Unfortunately the book was so boring I couldnt get through much of it but the concept itself is one that no one would think of. Diana was murdered. Just like thinking about people in the U.S. government knowing about 9/11 before hand seems so outrageous. But, what if its not? The fact is one day Diana would be the mother of the King of England. At the time of her death she was, by some accounts, on the verge of marrying Dodi Al Fayed. This was known throughout the Palace and deemed unacceptable. What if the King of England had a brown skinned Muslim half brother? They never would have allowed that to happen. When I say ‘they’ I don’t mean the Queen or her husband; their are layers and layers of people who work for the Royal Family who could have arranged this hit. Also its rumored that MI6 and the CIA were involved. If you look at the evidence it tells a very different story than what was told to the world. The amount of alcohol in the drivers system would make someone unable to walk let alone drive a car. There were other cars on the scene that police didnt pursue. This was no accident, Diana was too unpredictable to have around so someone made a decision to eliminate her. The point here isnt whether you believe this or not, the point is we all burry our heads in the sand and rule out that something like this could happen. I am asking you to open your minds that things like this happen all the time.

Jessie Ventura also goes into other conspiracies with some interesting facts. JFK killed by Lee Harvey Oswald? Thats such a ridiculous claim that it boggles the mind that thats what most people think. Few know there was a Congressional Inquiry into his death in the 1970s and the ruling was “someone else was probably involved.” The President of the United States is assassinated on live TV and no one wants to get to the bottom of it? How is that even possible? Why is it that the American people dont demand answers. Our President is killed and we really dont investigate properly. Maybe its like 9/11 where there was so much shock and surprise people werent able to even ask the right questions. It’s Ventura’s belief that the CIA and Mafia had JFK killed because he was getting too close to Cuba and perhaps opening a door they didnt want open. Interestingly Ventura believes that Nixon was brought down by the CIA because he was asking too many questions about the Kennedy assassination so they set him up.

Do we live in a world that we know, or do we take what we are told and just believe it? The point of this piece is to open people’s minds about what could be going on right under our noses and since its so outrageous we disregard facts. A magic bullet? I dont think so.

To me its more interesting to think of why? Why would any part of the U.S. government have wanted 9/11 to happen? I certainly dont think Bush or Cheney were involved, but what was the motives of these people? To have us on a constant war footing? To take away personal liberty and freedom? I dont know.

What I do know is that a lot more goes on than we the average citizen knows about.


4 thoughts on “Higher Up Than The President of the United States

  1. Very interesting and thought provoking Andrew. Once again you have peeked our interest about what really goes on in this world. Excellent post & truly appreciate your blog/thoughts. Kudos to you once again .

  2. You are correct that we are in a lose/lose situation in Syria. The Red Line is actually the Geneva Convention on 1949. President Obama laid out clearly in Ch. 8 of Audacity of Hope what he believes regarding American response to unacceptable behavior in other countries. He stated that unless we are attacked, he believes we should not act unilaterally without a broad coalition of support from the rest of the world, including Arab nations. By sending this back to Congress, he is buying time and can hopefully get more countries on board. Just Sunday the Arab League voted their support.

    Also, Andrew, I think you are too harsh in your critique of the President regarding the economy. He has laid out a plan. See here: http://www.whitehouse.gov/a-better-bargain The problem is that progressives who were disappointed in the President sat out the 2010 elections and the tea party took over the House of Representatives. They are determined to block anything that President Obama supports. If you want the President to get a jobs program passed, then supporting Democratic candidates in 2014 is a smart move.

    I wish I had a time machine that I could loan our President so he could go back and do all the things people say he should have done to avoid the mess we are in today. Everyone wants to say what should have been done. Well, I say we need to stop “shoulding” on ourselves. What a waste of energy!! Let’s more forward and plan what to do next. I truly wish we could stop the violence in Syria and the Middle East, but, we can’t even stop the violence in Chicago! America has plenty to do right here at home without going all over the world trying to fix other countries’ problems. That’s my opinion.

    1. Pat, I agree with most everything you are saying; except I think the world has drawn the conclusion that Obama was ready to act and decided not to because of what happened in England and the polls showing no support for intervention. This is seen as weak. I think if he intended on going to Congress first I dont think he would have sent all of those war battle ships to the region. Seeking Congressional approval is good; but his actions showed thats not what his original intent was.

      As for the economy it has been extremely disappointing to me to Obama vigorously campaign for gun control, immigration and now Syria when I would like to see him vigorously make the case for a jobs bill. His plan for jobs should be something thats widely known, not something you have to get a link to the White House website to see. I also think the country agrees with me about unease in the economy and would like to see him focus on this issue. You are 100% correct that the tea party and GOP have blocked everything. Their actions have slowed the economy and recovery to the point where I think they should be tried for treason in deliberately taking actions that hurt the American people. With that said, I think Obama should spend his time aggressively pushing a well thought out jobs and stimulus plan. I think he would have the support of the American people since no one feels secure in their jobs, if they have one. What I am laying out is a plan for the future, not complaints of the past.

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