Duck and Cover ** Obama Blinks ** George W. Bush

Image 62Wow, where to begin, the last few days have been mindbogglingly inane. President Obama could not look any weaker than he does at this moment. Its obvious what the White House is saying was not their original plan. They saw public opinion polls and what happened with our strongest ally voting down the use of force, so now Obama says he wants Congressional approval? Thats a load of crap. He doesnt want to be  blamed for strikes that have no support.  We had full Congressional support for the Iraq war in 2003; that didnt make us stronger as a Nation when things started going wrong.  And now this, Syria, is going to be the top priority of the United States government? Mr. Obama continues to focus on the wrong things; things most people aren’t interested in. Recent polls say 70% of the people have job creation and the economy on their minds. Yet this is completely ignored by this president. Instead of campaigning full throttle for getting people back to work. Consumer spending is down and thats a bad thing, the less consumers spend the fewer number of jobs that are created.

President Obama has done so much good for bringing America into the 21st Century in so many ways; from promoting equality with gay people to changing drug laws that were ineffective and discriminatory. I dont think things like this would have happened with a Republican in the White House.  Bringing health care for all would not have happened. Its a shame that he has been such a disappointment in so many other ways. They say having someone new in Washington is good, fresh blood, new ideas. A younger president makes the country feel younger. That was true with JFK, not with Obama. I think its good to know the ways of Washington before you become president. Knowing how deals are made, calling on deeply rooted relationships across the isle to help get things done. For 2016 lets nominate someone that knows the score, Hillary, Biden, not new comers like Paul Ryan, Rand Paul etc.

Back to Syria and the mess thats going on now. First off, we should never have been in the place we are now. Obama should have never drawn a Red Line without having a military plan ready to go and act on it immediately. Obviously his Red Line comment was ill conceived, but thats why we are in the situation we are in now. A President of the United States makes a statement/threat it must be carried out. Our president’s word has to be ironclad. This duck and cover of waiting 2 weeks before the Congress gets back makes him look weak to the rest of the world. In Syria and Iran they are already declaring victory. But this entire subject opens up a whole new can of worms. Whats our strategy, are we just going to lob a few missiles at Syria then call it a day? No one seems to think that would do any good. So do we get more involved in another Middle Eastern state and go for regime change? Spend years bombing Syria? When in reality there isnt a whole lot we can do. So we need a strategy. Why is it ok to kill 100,000 people but killing 1,200 with WMD the turning point? Obviously the bigger message is to Iran and what would Obama do when they also cross his Red Line?

We are in a lose/lose/lose position right now. We dont want to become involved in the Syrian civil war; we have a president who foolishly stuck his neck out and now has to act – but what should he do. Then we have one of the most dysfunctional Congresses in history and you want to task them with doing the right thing? There is no right thing. There is no right answer.

The reason George W. is in the title of this piece is that he and Obama could not be more different in their approaches to foreign policy. Bush was the Texas cowboy who invaded Iraq and made a complete mess of Iraq and strengthened Iran. But, I think, the world had more trust and fear of Bush than Obama. They knew Bush would follow through. Obama’s message to the Muslim world was one of outreach and compassion. So, why is the U.S.A. hated more now in the Muslim world than when Bush was in office? Good question.

This mess is all Obama’s making; if he had wanted Congressional approval he should have sought it months ago. I dont see a good outcome coming from this.


8 thoughts on “Duck and Cover ** Obama Blinks ** George W. Bush

  1. Excellent analysis. Don’t think US is hated more now. Iran is not a threat in any form, and don’t know why it was lumped together with Syria, other than they are allies, but so are others.

  2. The Arab world hates EVERYONE! They don’t even get along with themselves apparently. It is very easy to attack Obama, not so easy to offer viable solutions. No other president since Truman was ever called out on not consulting Congress. You have to ask yourself why our president now is.

  3. Don’t kid yourself. The world hated Bush (remember the poster, “World’s Number One Terrorist…no??? well maybe you didn’t see it in US). My daughter’s room was wallpapered with “Bushisms.” Obama isn’t a clown like Bush, but he’s not as smart as we hoped he was. Anyone in the world who thinks about anything other than sex and drugs (and I’m not being moralistic, I enjoy these too) has long detested everything US stands for. Date: Mon, 2 Sep 2013 18:56:06 +0000 To:

    1. I remember clearly how much Bush was hated both inside the U.S. and around the world. My point was that I have seen many newscasts reporting that the Muslim world dislikes and distrusts the U.S. more today than Bush was in office. I dont know why thats the case; maybe its the drones?

  4. Pat Fuller says:
    September 3, 2013 at 1:56 pm Edit
    You are correct that we are in a lose/lose situation in Syria. The Red Line is actually the Geneva Convention on 1949. President Obama laid out clearly in Ch. 8 of Audacity of Hope what he believes regarding American response to unacceptable behavior in other countries. He stated that unless we are attacked, he believes we should not act unilaterally without a broad coalition of support from the rest of the world, including Arab nations. By sending this back to Congress, he is buying time and can hopefully get more countries on board. Just Sunday the Arab League voted their support.

    Also, Andrew, I think you are too harsh in your critique of the President regarding the economy. He has laid out a plan. See here: The problem is that progressives who were disappointed in the President sat out the 2010 elections and the tea party took over the House of Representatives. They are determined to block anything that President Obama supports. If you want the President to get a jobs program passed, then supporting Democratic candidates in 2014 is a smart move.

    I wish I had a time machine that I could loan our President so he could go back and do all the things people say he should have done to avoid the mess we are in today. Everyone wants to say what should have been done. Well, I say we need to stop “shoulding” on ourselves. What a waste of energy!! Let’s more forward and plan what to do next. I truly wish we could stop the violence in Syria and the Middle East, but, we can’t even stop the violence in Chicago! America has plenty to do right here at home without going all over the world trying to fix other countries’ problems. That’s my opinion.

    1. Pat, I agree with most everything you are saying; except I think the world has drawn the conclusion that Obama was ready to act and decided not to because of what happened in England and the polls showing no support for intervention. This is seen as weak. I think if he intended on going to Congress first I dont think he would have sent all of those war battle ships to the region. Seeking Congressional approval is good; but his actions showed thats not what his original intent was.

      As for the economy it has been extremely disappointing to me to Obama vigorously campaign for gun control, immigration and now Syria when I would like to see him vigorously make the case for a jobs bill. His plan for jobs should be something thats widely known, not something you have to get a link to the White House website to see. I also think the country agrees with me about unease in the economy and would like to see him focus on this issue. You are 100% correct that the tea party and GOP have blocked everything. Their actions have slowed the economy and recovery to the point where I think they should be tried for treason in deliberately taking actions that hurt the American people. With that said, I think Obama should spend his time aggressively pushing a well thought out jobs and stimulus plan. I think he would have the support of the American people since no one feels secure in their jobs, if they have one. What I am laying out is a plan for the future, not complaints of the past.

      1. The world may see President Obama as weak but I think it takes a strong person to pull back from the brink and rethink an issue. He was being pressured on all sides. Makes me think of the Aesop fable where everyone was telling the man and boy how to get the donkey to market. They ended up killing the donkey trying to please everyone and never did get to market.

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