Why No Updates, Why No #GinsburgViews? Here Are Some!

IMG_1758You might wonder why I haven’t posted anything in a while, when there is just so much to comment on. The main reason is I did something to my back while unpacking boxes in my new home and sitting down is not comfortable. Standing, walking, lying down are all ok. Makes it hard to sit and write an opinion piece like I normally do. Also makes it awkward at home, standing walking around or lying down on the bed or sofa… not the norm. The good news is that my back is getting better every day, so there hopefully is nothing serious or permanent damage.

Lets see if I can come up with a few topics off the top of my head. First off today is my brother’s birthday, so I hope he is having a good day. The world situation? I read on Reuters that Syria gave a full accounting of its chemical weapons stockpile, and on time too. That should be headline news. We ask for things and then dont report them; the public should be kept informed. Iran might be willing for talks? Sure it could be a stalling tactic like Syria; but what if its not. What if Iran wants to join the world community and give up their nuclear program? Wouldnt that be great if a long time foe could have the same mutual interests as we do?

On the the American Taliban; the GOP and its radical wing the tea party continue to threaten the ruination of America because they don’t like the black man in the White House. This is absurd. America is the worlds leader, the beacon on the hill. If you haven’t read Peggy Noonan’s column in this weeks WSJ you should. If the GOP had only spent their time trying to make ACA better rather than acting like children in a sandbox we would be in a much better place. I dont know how anyone can have a particularly informed opinion on #ACA since we know so little about it. Obama is so losing the messaging war on this. The majority of Americans disapprove, in poll after poll. You know why? No one knows whats in it or what it means for them directly. This is the fault, 100%, of Barack Obama. Explain, tell us whats in the bill, why its good for us. But, no explanation in 3 years except, no pre existing conditions and the talking points we all have heard.

The GOP, in threatening to shut down the government and default on U.S. debt, should all be tried for treason. If you read my blog on a regular basis this will sound familiar. Why isnt our economy better, why is unemployment at a staggeringly high amount? Because the GOP have blocked all attempts by Obama for job creation. As lame as Obama’s attempts have been, at least he proposed job creation in 2011, 2 full years ago. The GOP in threatening default should be jailed. The U.S. economy, the largest in the world, is not to be tinkered with. Its to be maintained and grown.  Even threatening default or government shut down slows the economy, the GDP and job creation. That in my mind is treasonous. Just where do people think the long term unemployed go? There was a brilliant article on how disability insurance is souring. Why? Because normal people cant find normal jobs. So, in the end, the GOP cuts end up costing the Country more, growing the long term debt. All because the GOP’s goal is to sabotage Barack Obama. We have never seen this kind of behavior in the history of the Country.

On a lighter note and certainly less important, I was very unimpressed with Apple’s new iPhone 5S. Yes, Apple owns the market now but that wont always be the case. I have seen many companies fall from grace. My advice to Apple, get your ass in gear and bring out a game changing product; otherwise you will go the way of AOL, and other has-beens.

Thats it for today, hopefully my back will feel good enough to sit and write more, I know I am leaving a lot out…


8 thoughts on “Why No Updates, Why No #GinsburgViews? Here Are Some!

  1. http://obamacarefacts.com/obamacare-explained.php Anything and everything in one location. Also, once ACA was signed into law it was the responsibility of DHS to present it to the public. Major fail. Media don’t help as in Chuck Todd saying it wasn’t media’s responsibility to correct the lies about ACA. That’s a major journalism fail if I’ve ever heard one. Imagine Tim Russert saying that! Some are saying Obama wants a shutdown or he’d negotiate on budget. How does anyone negotiate when the other side wants 100% of their way. Until we come together and vote these Tea Party fanatics out, we will have gridlock and ordinary people will suffer.

    1. I didnt see Chuck Todd’s comments but I completely disagree with them. You make a good point about the Media having failed in explaining ACA. Thanks for providing that link; I myself dont know how it will affect me and I think most of the Country doesnt know either. Barrack Obama is a smart man, he or someone on his team should have been out there explaining more than the 3 or 4 talking points we have all heard. We wont know until October what kind of plans are available and at what costs. I think the bills unpopularity is directly related to people not having the info they need and people like the Koch brothers spending 10s of millions of dollars on bashing the bill and scaring people about it. What a good thing this could be if everyone in the Country had affordable access to health care? If the GOP had spent time working with it and making it better, rather than voting 42 times to defund it we’d all be better off. I was watching Bill Maher the other day, he said the the number of people in poverty has doubled in the last 5 years; and he attributes the gun violence to that.

      You are correct about not being able to negotiate with the American Taliban/tea party. It blows my mind people vote for them. The Pope himself says stop focusing on abortion and gay rights so much, but that doesn’t stop the tea party. These people need to be voted out.

      1. The healthcare exchanges are for people who do NOT have insurance coverage either through employer, self pay or Medicare. I assume you are already covered so you should see little change.

  2. Ginsburg manages to hit the highlights despite hiatus and brevity. I heard on Bill Mahr show, via guest Joy Behar that Cosmopolitan Magazine will devote an issue explaining AHA. Just crazy that we might rely on this. I for one intend on getting a copy as nobody else can explain this cryptic medical care. As to what is causing long term unemployment, in a word – greed. Everyone knows it. The psycological repercussions of long term unemployment are taking their toll. The Repubs are playing by/with themselves in the sandbox if they think they will garner support with their antics. Only the uber rich and the pathetically stupid would switch flavours. Things are too far gone, and gonna blow soon. The tension is palpable. The LTU have nothing to lose.

    1. Thanks for reading the nice words. I love Bill Maher, he proved my point about nobody knowing whats in the bill. I think disfunction in DC is causing the long term unemployment. Where is a jobs bill from the GOP? If we had a sane GOP there the economy would be growing faster, more people would have jobs, more revenue coming in, lowering longterm debt. But all the bickering and obstructionism basically has business at a stand still. Greed is there too, of course!

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