DEMS Now Is NOT the time to Get Cocky

Italy2011 337What happened the last few weeks can be summed up as nothing but a fiasco. Government shutdown, dangling worldwide depression with a U.S. default on debt, everyone stuck in place and digging their heels in. This was an embarrassment for our Country, most likely slowed the economy and GDP growth, and more importantly made the United States of America look like a parody of a Democracy. If DEMS reading this think they won, let me be the first to tell you, you are wrong. No one won; everyone lost. Today the polls show a huge drop in approval for the GOP; elections in 2014 won’t remember this episode. The maddening part is everyone lost. So we put this budget and debt ceiling off for 6 weeks. Then what will change?

A more energized tea party? A bigger fight? An actual default? It was so frustrating and mind boggling for me to watch the Sunday News shows yesterday. Seeing Ted Cruz be able to blabber on about how only if the GOP in the senate stood with the GOP in the House everything would have been ok? Seriously? No it would not have been. President Obama would veto any repeal of healthcare. There is no 2/3 majority in the Senate to overturn his veto. Did Cruz getting questioned about that? No. Since that is the case, the tea party has wasted the people’s time and money on something that has no chance of happening.

So where do we go from here? When I read newspaper articles about the tea party fighting harder next time it really wants to make me move out of this Country. They are so irrational and unConstitutional I believe they should be tried and jailed. No, not because I dont agree with their lunacy, but because they are wasting the people’s time and money. I don’t care if every single person in TX wasn’t ACA gone, we live in a democracy and those Texans lost so they cant repeal/replace/defund ACA. As the President himself said just the other day; if you dont like this go out and win a few elections and maybe you could change things. But, we are where we are. We cant change the fact we went into Iraq and made a huge mess; we cant change the fact the ACA is the law of the land. One with a thinking working brain would try to improve ACA, make it better. But, like I have said before, for the GOP it never was about ObamaCare, it was about the man himself Barack Obama. It’s whatever Mr. Obama is for they are against.

But, DEMS, dont be fooled. No one will remember this episode in 2014 or 2016, keep up the good fight. Wage war to get more people back to work; make ACA better, work on immigration. Winning this temporary fight doesnt mean anything. Keep pushing whats on people’s minds, what can help the average American citizen. The more the DEMS work for timely issues the more the GOP will be stuck in the past, talking about contraception and gay rights. When the Pope is more with it than you are, you need to rethink your strategy.

And, for the rest of us who are not in politics: register to #vote, vote out people who waste the governments time and money on posturing events. Vote to make your voice heard. Vote for change. Today we are ridiculed around the world, we as citizens can and must change than. Vote in 14 and vote in 16.


Tea Party Is UnAmerican and UnPatriotic And Needs to be Called Out on It

Image 75What the United States just went through was an embarrassing fight that could have resulted in a worldwide Great Depression. The Great Shining City on a Hill that Ronald Reagan spoke of has turned into an ungovernable farce. The escapades of the tea party, the cowardice of John Boehner was so reckless; and who will feel the pain from all of this? Certainly not them. Its the people who live paycheck to paycheck, people who cant find jobs and rely on government for assistance. The political posturing and gamesmanship shown the last few weeks has had severe negative impact on people. The government, that is paid by you and me, should not allowed to play chess using the American people as pawns.

What was the disagreement about anyway? ObamaCare aka The Affordable Care Act #ACA. The tea party is so against this law that they shut the government down and put us on the brink of default. They have spread blatant lies about #ACA saying that corporate America is already suffering from it, they cite UPS for no longer covering spouses as an example. President Obama delayed the employer mandate a year, so the decision by UPS had nothing to do with ACA. It’s another tea party lie. First off, I dont know how anyone could be so against ACA when no one really knows whats in it. As I have said many times the administration has done a dismal job informing the public about the bill. As I have also said many times, the fact that the House has had 43 votes to defund/repeal ACA is an outrageous misuse of Congressional time. Its obvious to me, and I cant understand why its not to others, that the GOP and tea party arent in Congress to make life better for the American people, they are there to make Mr. Obama a failure as president. Plain and simple.

As I mentioned in my last post, the tea party zealots might have in fact been sent to Washington to repeal ACA. When you look at the big picture, if you are able to, you see that whatever the House votes to repeal will not become law unless the Senate agrees and the president signs it. Chances of that were about 0%. That should have been learned or taught to the tea party day one, hour one. Yes one symbolic vote might have been ok. Then it was time to move on. President Obama doesnt say the bill is perfect. The GOP plan was to repeal the healthcare law and leave people without health insurance. If the tea party consisted of true patriotic Americans they should have gotten straight to work on making the law better, fixing the kinks in it. Instead they postured and bloviated for four years about the evils of ACA and were hours away from having the worlds economy dive into a cataclysmic disaster.

So its not really ACA the tea party was after, it was Obama. The tea party has a point in bringing up the Country’s long term debt, that is a real and serious issue. However their charade of the last few weeks has added $700B to our debt. Again, if you look at the bigger picture and your goal as a patriotic American is to have a better life for generations to come you have to think of ways to lower the debt. Currently our economy has over 23 million un/under employed people, some estimates are as high as 89 million. What you need to do is get these people back into the workforce. Thats the single best way to bring in more revenue to the U.S. Treasury which in turn will lower the longterm debt. According to an article in Forbes magazine if the U.S. were to spend $400 Billion in a jobs program today, the amount of money that would come into the treasury is $4Trillion in ten years. Why does no one pay attention to this? Oh, because they are too busy with manufactured crisis like the one we just went through.

If the tea party were Patriotic Americans they would be behind such a bill. Closing a lot of tax loop holes is also needed. Not revenue neutral. GE and other large corporations are able to pay no taxes at all? Our tax code needs a major overhaul. No flat tax; the more you earn the more you pay. Period. Those that have good fortune should reach their hands out to those that don’t.

Like Elizabeth Warren I am not pleased with this deal either. It just delays the fight for 6 weeks. The tea party is already gearing up to kill immigration and other bills the president wants to do.

Tea party is not pro America.

Washington Maddening Nonsense That Could Lead to Worldwide Depression

IMG_1538Watching the news and reading the papers (digitally of course) the last week has made me feel like I live in the most pathetic place on earth. Trust me, I know there are much worse places than the Unites States of America. But the last few weeks, actually since 2009 I feel like we are an embarrassment on the world’s stage, ruining our standing as the sole Super Power in the World and more importantly having the U.S. dollar questionably being the safest investment in the world. Why is all of this happening? Has the Media portrayed and informed us as we need to be?

Lets start with the news media; they have not informed the public of whats going on; that this is the first time in American history that a party has seriously threatened default. Yes the debt ceiling has been used as a negotiating position, but in the past no one, Democrat or Republican has ever crossed the line to make the full faith of the U.S. Government and Treasury at risk. No one, in 230 years. The media should point out how severely dangerous this is and also how rare it is. The media tells a story of 2 sides negotiated, playing hardball. Thats not the case. Every American should want what’s best for this Country today and in its long run. If you dont you should move, and if you are in political office you should immediately resign. If you read my last posting, if you didnt you should, I said the manufactured crisis we are going through now could have been easily stopped weeks ago, months ago or today. But we have a Speaker of the House who is more interested in keeping his job than the havoc his reckless  behavior has shown. As I said earlier putting your job before the benefit of the entire Country is not only unConstitutional but I think criminal.

This Carnival like atmosphere has let a buffoon like Ted Cruze play the media to his advantage in such obvious ways anyone with half a brain could see it, except NYT, WaPo, WSJ. He went out and ranted on about nonsense, nothing that would ever happen and what did the media do? Instead of dismissing him like they should have for being an attention grabbing spotlight grabbing whore, they elevated him to national prominence. This is so lazy and despicable  I really shouldnt honor him with his name being mentioned or even speak of him. But seeing the front pages of the NYT, WaPo and WSJ Websites all saying Cruz wont block this makes my blood boil. Who is he and why does his opinion matter to anyone with an active thinking brain? He seized an opportunity to stand out from the crowd of misfits, and the media fell right in line. Waiting for his opinion, wanting him to run in 2016. Really, just how lame is the media?

So,  I havent pressed refresh yet to see whats going on up until the second recently. The Senate passes a bill, the House will probably pass it around 11:30 tonight, and we’ll be back in the same place January or February 15. This is no way to run a government. This is no way to run the world’s largest economy. The United States of America looks like an embarrassment on the worlds stage. We preach democracy and we practice idiocy.

I am disgusted with the ignorant tea party that thinks just saying no will solve everything. I am disgusted with the GOP leadership for not doing the right thing and saying this is what we need to do. I am disgusted with President Obama for not seeing this coming and had dialogue earlier.

Today I would like to move to England, Germany or France.

One Cowardice Man Chooses To Save His Job Rather than “Country First”

OB-ZC577_1001sh_E_20131001075024Country First I believe is in our Constitution, but it should be mandatory for any politician in the Country. The Government shutdown and the looming debt ceiling increase really comes down to one man. John Boehner. The Speaker of the House. Mr. knows that if he called the House in session and had a vote on both issues they would both pass. The Government could reopen; the world would see that we are still the most reputable Country in the world. And most importantly the government could get back to work on the people’s business. But, Speaker Boehner is more concerned with keeping his job than bringing down the entire Country and quite possibly a worldwide Great Depression. Boehner knows if he called for a vote today it would pass, with more Democrats than GOP. This would lose him his speakership. What can you say about one man who puts his self interest above everyone elses in the entire Country. The contempt and disgust I feel for this man is beyond words. I believe his actions are treasonous and he should be tried and jailed. And, we pay this mans salary.   Where we are today could be solved today if this one man would grow a pair of balls and act like a leader. Tell his caucus he and they need to act for the good of the Country.

How did we get here? There is lots of blame to be spread around; in my view not one of our elected officials is not at fault. You could go back to January of 2009, when we were losing 800,000 jobs per month, when the GOP publicly rejected president Obama’s stimulus plan while Mr. Obama was in the car on the way to show the GOP plan that they were rejecting before seeing it. That set the tone of how the GOP would work with the first African-American President; yes I am implying racism. Lets fast forward to ACA/ObamaCare. The GOP and far right have fought so hard to repeal and defund this law. They have spent 10s of billions of dollars on negative ad campaigns. They have no repeal and replace; just repeal. Let the poor fend for themselves. This makes me wish the heaven and hell fantasy were true; kicking the needy while they are down should send you straight to hell.

Now the 2010 elections the tea party gained a lot of seats from uninformed voters and were sent to Washington to repeal ObamaCare. Fair enough. When you look at reality with a Democratically held Senate and President anything the House votes on wont become law. Its as simple as that. But what did the House do? They voted 43 times to repeal/defund ACA. Forty-three times! That time could have been spent by creating jobs; we have a staggering unemployment crisis; the workforce participation is at a 35 year low, which means there are 10s of millions of people looking for work. There is so much they could have tried to do instead of wasting time and money voting 43 times to kill a law that had no chance of being killed. The 2012 election was partly based on ACA and the GOP lost by 7 million votes.

So, now the GOP will fund all of Government except ACA; yet another fruitless attempt to kill the law. Their tactics are pathetic and for the first time in history the United States of America is a laughing stock. The Taliban ridiculed us for not being able to govern and saying we starve our own people.

And now I am coming full circle, we can’t undo what’s been done but one man, one coward, one person more interested in keeping his job is refusing to bring a vote to the House floor. This crisis could be resolved today. Speaker Boehner you are an embarrassment to our Country, Government and you should be behind bars.

Special Thanks to Cheez-It and Kellogg

I received an email this afternoon saying I had a package in the package room. When I went down to pick it up, much to my surprise it was from Cheez-It from Kellogg’s with a house warming gift for my new apartment. They very generously sent me some of their new products, a Cheez-it pen and lab coat and a special ID badge. I love Cheez-It; regular kind is best. Everyone should get some today!

And a big Thank you! IMG_1794IMG_1798

Get The F@ck Back To Work

IMG_1766As most everyone in the Country I am disgusted with what’s going on in Washington. I say, Get The Fuck Back To Work. Let’s look at what’s going on, the GOP shutdown the Government and is threatening default because they dont like the Affordable Care Act ACA. This is unacceptable behavior. ACA is a law, approved by both bodies of Congress and the president, and approved by the Supreme Court. The 2012 election was all about repealing ACA and Obama won the election. To shut down the Government now over this issue to me is both unConstitutional and borders on criminal behavior. Before the House shut the Government down they voted 42 times to repeal/defund ACA. How is that allowed to happen in this Country. With all of the major issues this Country faces we have one branch of Congress throwing a yearlong temper tantrum. The time and tax payer money spent on 42 votes should have been spent on job creation, immigration, making the ACA a better law. Instead of acting like 3 year olds why didnt the House open up ACA and make improvements, help work out any glitches or issues with it. Their solution? Repeal it and leave people with nothing.

The scare tactics the GOP are using about ACA are almost all outright lies; where is the media to correct these lies. Where is the media to explain ACA; as usual they would rather talk about a car chase or some other low hanging fruit. Back to the scare tactics, the biggest one is that its a Job Killer, they cite UPS and other large companies who are making changes in their healthcare policies. UPS is cutting out spousal coverage, which to me is outrageous. I am sure it won’t affect anyone in the C- Suite, just the drivers. Just the people who need it the most. When the GOP uses UPS and other large companies as an example of the dangers of ACA they forget to mention that large employers received a one year delay of ACA, so in fact the changes these employers are making has nothing to do with the law. All the glitches yesterday? Thats because 10s of millions of people were on the site checking it out. Two million people in 2 hours came to the site in New York State alone.

I like the idea of single payer medical care, like most of the wealthy western countries have. Medical companies spending $400 Billion per year just in billing; imagine all of the other savings that could be utilized. I dont think healthcare should be tied to ones job, I think it should be your policy wherever you work and if you are unemployed.

As I said at the beginning of this short piece our Country has major issues to deal with. The longterm unemployment situation has not gotten any better, our economy is growing at a dismal rate, and the GOP puts all their muscle behind making sure people dont have access to affordable insurance? My words of advice, vote to open the government, raise the debt ceiling then Get The Fuck Back To Work!