Get The F@ck Back To Work

IMG_1766As most everyone in the Country I am disgusted with what’s going on in Washington. I say, Get The Fuck Back To Work. Let’s look at what’s going on, the GOP shutdown the Government and is threatening default because they dont like the Affordable Care Act ACA. This is unacceptable behavior. ACA is a law, approved by both bodies of Congress and the president, and approved by the Supreme Court. The 2012 election was all about repealing ACA and Obama won the election. To shut down the Government now over this issue to me is both unConstitutional and borders on criminal behavior. Before the House shut the Government down they voted 42 times to repeal/defund ACA. How is that allowed to happen in this Country. With all of the major issues this Country faces we have one branch of Congress throwing a yearlong temper tantrum. The time and tax payer money spent on 42 votes should have been spent on job creation, immigration, making the ACA a better law. Instead of acting like 3 year olds why didnt the House open up ACA and make improvements, help work out any glitches or issues with it. Their solution? Repeal it and leave people with nothing.

The scare tactics the GOP are using about ACA are almost all outright lies; where is the media to correct these lies. Where is the media to explain ACA; as usual they would rather talk about a car chase or some other low hanging fruit. Back to the scare tactics, the biggest one is that its a Job Killer, they cite UPS and other large companies who are making changes in their healthcare policies. UPS is cutting out spousal coverage, which to me is outrageous. I am sure it won’t affect anyone in the C- Suite, just the drivers. Just the people who need it the most. When the GOP uses UPS and other large companies as an example of the dangers of ACA they forget to mention that large employers received a one year delay of ACA, so in fact the changes these employers are making has nothing to do with the law. All the glitches yesterday? Thats because 10s of millions of people were on the site checking it out. Two million people in 2 hours came to the site in New York State alone.

I like the idea of single payer medical care, like most of the wealthy western countries have. Medical companies spending $400 Billion per year just in billing; imagine all of the other savings that could be utilized. I dont think healthcare should be tied to ones job, I think it should be your policy wherever you work and if you are unemployed.

As I said at the beginning of this short piece our Country has major issues to deal with. The longterm unemployment situation has not gotten any better, our economy is growing at a dismal rate, and the GOP puts all their muscle behind making sure people dont have access to affordable insurance? My words of advice, vote to open the government, raise the debt ceiling then Get The Fuck Back To Work!


7 thoughts on “Get The F@ck Back To Work

  1. Couldn’t agree more. Governments serve the people…not themselves. If they worked for the minimum wage, they might HAVE to work for a living. Yet these same right-wing, brain dead bigots are the hypocrits who vilify workers striking for a living wage. If a bunch of selfish, greedy, self-important, posturing people don’t like the people’s choice, they should get the fuck out of politics.

  2. I agree with one exception, Rather than telling government big wigs, “get back to work!” I would rather say, “You’re fired!” Send them packing for good. They are behaving badly.

  3. Excellent article! The current situation in which “…one branch of Congress (is) throwing a yearlong temper tantrum” continues to generate a dysfunctional government, and as much as Speaker Boehner insists that “Republicans are doing what the American people want,” it’s obvious by the traffic to the ACA web site on October 1st that Americans want access to affordable health care! The GOP has broken off into two distinct factions today with the radical right fringe taking charge of the Grand Old Party. The GOP’s asinine behavior is affecting all of America, and it feels more and more as if Republicans not only don’t care if government works, they would prefer it didn’t.

    Another excellent point you make is that healthcare should not be tied to one’s job. I have thought for a long time that this must be addressed in America, especially as the ‘baby boomer’ generation ages. Our healthcare system has enormous issues that have prevented many in the United States from even having health insurance or being able to see a doctor when needed. The ACA is a first step in changing this and creating a system in which all Americans have access to health care. The ACA is progress, and Republicans must accept this and stop being extortionists to get their way, which has proven to be a destructive way. Instead of shutting down our government, the GOP must do the right thing and get back to the People’s business…

  4. Once again Andrew you have “hit the nail on the head” so to speak. GOP OBSTRUCTION is way out of control all because we have a African American president plain& simple. Sad & infuriating that we have the MOST dysfunctional congress in the house in history.
    I also like the idea of a health-care single payer plan .Maybe someday we will acquire that. Until then I guess we hold our breathe and hope the middle class will survive all of this unscathed. I think not. Clean out the house.

  5. So very well said! We must work very hard to regain the House & hold onto the Senate in the upcoming midterms. These are critical midterm elections & we need a Presidential year turnout.

    My Dad taught government, and I was raised to look at the candidate, not just the party. I think that today, you can’t do that because even if you vote for a moderate Republican, that person is held hostage by the fear of being primaried by the Tea Party, so a vote for any Republican IS now a vote for the Tea Party.

    Therefore, the only way to get rid of these do-nothing, know-nothing, do the Koch Brothers’ bidding extremists is to vote only for Dems. Only then will the GOP have to figure out what they really want to represent. Because they were in trouble even before the Tea Party emerged. The Tea Party IS a big problem for them, perhaps the biggest right Now, but the GOP was clearly showing that they are anti-woman and anti-middle class well before 2010. At this point, I hope they have a decades-long re-vamping ahead so that our government can actually have the opportunity to work FOR the majority and not just making the 2% richer at the expense of the majority.

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