One Cowardice Man Chooses To Save His Job Rather than “Country First”

OB-ZC577_1001sh_E_20131001075024Country First I believe is in our Constitution, but it should be mandatory for any politician in the Country. The Government shutdown and the looming debt ceiling increase really comes down to one man. John Boehner. The Speaker of the House. Mr. knows that if he called the House in session and had a vote on both issues they would both pass. The Government could reopen; the world would see that we are still the most reputable Country in the world. And most importantly the government could get back to work on the people’s business. But, Speaker Boehner is more concerned with keeping his job than bringing down the entire Country and quite possibly a worldwide Great Depression. Boehner knows if he called for a vote today it would pass, with more Democrats than GOP. This would lose him his speakership. What can you say about one man who puts his self interest above everyone elses in the entire Country. The contempt and disgust I feel for this man is beyond words. I believe his actions are treasonous and he should be tried and jailed. And, we pay this mans salary.   Where we are today could be solved today if this one man would grow a pair of balls and act like a leader. Tell his caucus he and they need to act for the good of the Country.

How did we get here? There is lots of blame to be spread around; in my view not one of our elected officials is not at fault. You could go back to January of 2009, when we were losing 800,000 jobs per month, when the GOP publicly rejected president Obama’s stimulus plan while Mr. Obama was in the car on the way to show the GOP plan that they were rejecting before seeing it. That set the tone of how the GOP would work with the first African-American President; yes I am implying racism. Lets fast forward to ACA/ObamaCare. The GOP and far right have fought so hard to repeal and defund this law. They have spent 10s of billions of dollars on negative ad campaigns. They have no repeal and replace; just repeal. Let the poor fend for themselves. This makes me wish the heaven and hell fantasy were true; kicking the needy while they are down should send you straight to hell.

Now the 2010 elections the tea party gained a lot of seats from uninformed voters and were sent to Washington to repeal ObamaCare. Fair enough. When you look at reality with a Democratically held Senate and President anything the House votes on wont become law. Its as simple as that. But what did the House do? They voted 43 times to repeal/defund ACA. Forty-three times! That time could have been spent by creating jobs; we have a staggering unemployment crisis; the workforce participation is at a 35 year low, which means there are 10s of millions of people looking for work. There is so much they could have tried to do instead of wasting time and money voting 43 times to kill a law that had no chance of being killed. The 2012 election was partly based on ACA and the GOP lost by 7 million votes.

So, now the GOP will fund all of Government except ACA; yet another fruitless attempt to kill the law. Their tactics are pathetic and for the first time in history the United States of America is a laughing stock. The Taliban ridiculed us for not being able to govern and saying we starve our own people.

And now I am coming full circle, we can’t undo what’s been done but one man, one coward, one person more interested in keeping his job is refusing to bring a vote to the House floor. This crisis could be resolved today. Speaker Boehner you are an embarrassment to our Country, Government and you should be behind bars.


4 thoughts on “One Cowardice Man Chooses To Save His Job Rather than “Country First”

  1. The Speaker of the House
    Send his butt back, to work the saloon.
    Make him earn a living with his old push broom.
    Sweeper of the House his new name
    Sweeping up the trash his new game.

  2. As usual, Andrew, you are right on target. This despicable human being is now 3rd in succession after the President and Vice-President. Makes me pray harder for Barack and Joe everyday. My answer to some of our problems is TERM LIMITS. We have to get rid of the lifers in Congress and get some fresh blood and new ideas.

  3. It blows my mind that they would stoop to this level to keep insurance out of the hands of the people that really need it. We have a health system that it ridiculous. I look forward to people in office that have solutions instead of obstruction as their goal.

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