Washington Maddening Nonsense That Could Lead to Worldwide Depression

IMG_1538Watching the news and reading the papers (digitally of course) the last week has made me feel like I live in the most pathetic place on earth. Trust me, I know there are much worse places than the Unites States of America. But the last few weeks, actually since 2009 I feel like we are an embarrassment on the world’s stage, ruining our standing as the sole Super Power in the World and more importantly having the U.S. dollar questionably being the safest investment in the world. Why is all of this happening? Has the Media portrayed and informed us as we need to be?

Lets start with the news media; they have not informed the public of whats going on; that this is the first time in American history that a party has seriously threatened default. Yes the debt ceiling has been used as a negotiating position, but in the past no one, Democrat or Republican has ever crossed the line to make the full faith of the U.S. Government and Treasury at risk. No one, in 230 years. The media should point out how severely dangerous this is and also how rare it is. The media tells a story of 2 sides negotiated, playing hardball. Thats not the case. Every American should want what’s best for this Country today and in its long run. If you dont you should move, and if you are in political office you should immediately resign. If you read my last posting, if you didnt you should, I said the manufactured crisis we are going through now could have been easily stopped weeks ago, months ago or today. But we have a Speaker of the House who is more interested in keeping his job than the havoc his reckless  behavior has shown. As I said earlier putting your job before the benefit of the entire Country is not only unConstitutional but I think criminal.

This Carnival like atmosphere has let a buffoon like Ted Cruze play the media to his advantage in such obvious ways anyone with half a brain could see it, except NYT, WaPo, WSJ. He went out and ranted on about nonsense, nothing that would ever happen and what did the media do? Instead of dismissing him like they should have for being an attention grabbing spotlight grabbing whore, they elevated him to national prominence. This is so lazy and despicable  I really shouldnt honor him with his name being mentioned or even speak of him. But seeing the front pages of the NYT, WaPo and WSJ Websites all saying Cruz wont block this makes my blood boil. Who is he and why does his opinion matter to anyone with an active thinking brain? He seized an opportunity to stand out from the crowd of misfits, and the media fell right in line. Waiting for his opinion, wanting him to run in 2016. Really, just how lame is the media?

So,  I havent pressed refresh yet to see whats going on up until the second recently. The Senate passes a bill, the House will probably pass it around 11:30 tonight, and we’ll be back in the same place January or February 15. This is no way to run a government. This is no way to run the world’s largest economy. The United States of America looks like an embarrassment on the worlds stage. We preach democracy and we practice idiocy.

I am disgusted with the ignorant tea party that thinks just saying no will solve everything. I am disgusted with the GOP leadership for not doing the right thing and saying this is what we need to do. I am disgusted with President Obama for not seeing this coming and had dialogue earlier.

Today I would like to move to England, Germany or France.


One thought on “Washington Maddening Nonsense That Could Lead to Worldwide Depression

  1. Your post explicates so many issues that need to be addressed. I loved the description, “…a buffoon like Ted Cruz…”, for that is exactly what he has proven to be with his thirst for the spotlight at all costs! The media are not doing their jobs and reporting the soap opera – which is DC today with the tea party being given so much clout by Speaker Boehner. Thank you for an excellent post which speaks to truth.

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