Tea Party Is UnAmerican and UnPatriotic And Needs to be Called Out on It

Image 75What the United States just went through was an embarrassing fight that could have resulted in a worldwide Great Depression. The Great Shining City on a Hill that Ronald Reagan spoke of has turned into an ungovernable farce. The escapades of the tea party, the cowardice of John Boehner was so reckless; and who will feel the pain from all of this? Certainly not them. Its the people who live paycheck to paycheck, people who cant find jobs and rely on government for assistance. The political posturing and gamesmanship shown the last few weeks has had severe negative impact on people. The government, that is paid by you and me, should not allowed to play chess using the American people as pawns.

What was the disagreement about anyway? ObamaCare aka The Affordable Care Act #ACA. The tea party is so against this law that they shut the government down and put us on the brink of default. They have spread blatant lies about #ACA saying that corporate America is already suffering from it, they cite UPS for no longer covering spouses as an example. President Obama delayed the employer mandate a year, so the decision by UPS had nothing to do with ACA. It’s another tea party lie. First off, I dont know how anyone could be so against ACA when no one really knows whats in it. As I have said many times the administration has done a dismal job informing the public about the bill. As I have also said many times, the fact that the House has had 43 votes to defund/repeal ACA is an outrageous misuse of Congressional time. Its obvious to me, and I cant understand why its not to others, that the GOP and tea party arent in Congress to make life better for the American people, they are there to make Mr. Obama a failure as president. Plain and simple.

As I mentioned in my last post, the tea party zealots might have in fact been sent to Washington to repeal ACA. When you look at the big picture, if you are able to, you see that whatever the House votes to repeal will not become law unless the Senate agrees and the president signs it. Chances of that were about 0%. That should have been learned or taught to the tea party day one, hour one. Yes one symbolic vote might have been ok. Then it was time to move on. President Obama doesnt say the bill is perfect. The GOP plan was to repeal the healthcare law and leave people without health insurance. If the tea party consisted of true patriotic Americans they should have gotten straight to work on making the law better, fixing the kinks in it. Instead they postured and bloviated for four years about the evils of ACA and were hours away from having the worlds economy dive into a cataclysmic disaster.

So its not really ACA the tea party was after, it was Obama. The tea party has a point in bringing up the Country’s long term debt, that is a real and serious issue. However their charade of the last few weeks has added $700B to our debt. Again, if you look at the bigger picture and your goal as a patriotic American is to have a better life for generations to come you have to think of ways to lower the debt. Currently our economy has over 23 million un/under employed people, some estimates are as high as 89 million. What you need to do is get these people back into the workforce. Thats the single best way to bring in more revenue to the U.S. Treasury which in turn will lower the longterm debt. According to an article in Forbes magazine if the U.S. were to spend $400 Billion in a jobs program today, the amount of money that would come into the treasury is $4Trillion in ten years. Why does no one pay attention to this? Oh, because they are too busy with manufactured crisis like the one we just went through.

If the tea party were Patriotic Americans they would be behind such a bill. Closing a lot of tax loop holes is also needed. Not revenue neutral. GE and other large corporations are able to pay no taxes at all? Our tax code needs a major overhaul. No flat tax; the more you earn the more you pay. Period. Those that have good fortune should reach their hands out to those that don’t.

Like Elizabeth Warren I am not pleased with this deal either. It just delays the fight for 6 weeks. The tea party is already gearing up to kill immigration and other bills the president wants to do.

Tea party is not pro America.


11 thoughts on “Tea Party Is UnAmerican and UnPatriotic And Needs to be Called Out on It

  1. They’ve done a poor job informing us what’s in the ACA because if they did we did we wouldn’t want it.

    The only affordable part of the ACA is in the name.

    The government is paid for by you, me, ..and China.

    1. Just curious if you know of any specific and concrete things in this bill that will be less affordable than whats available today? If there are such things this last year should have been spent improving the law not trying to destroy it. There should be no American who cant afford healthcare.

  2. Again, you have written a truthful and excellent post! The tea party members of Congress are not thinking of the country or American citizens. The far right wing members of government have had one goal, and that goal is to destroy the Obama administration or to remove any positive legacy that President Obama has. As Bill Maher would say when he wants to make the point that racism is at the root of their hatred … ‘Let’s see, what is it about THIS president they hate so much?’

  3. Sadly, Andrew, we have more to fear than just the Tea Party. Keep your eye on Club for Growth, Heritage Action, and Value Voters, etc. These groups, like the NRA, contribute tons of money to politicians and score them. That means if the pols don’t vote the way the group wants them to vote, the group will put up a candidate to oppose them in the primary. That is how they control John Boehner. Unless he does their will, they will run someone against him in the primary and he won’t make it back to Congress. Somehow, we have to get the money out of the politics. Overturning Citizens United, term limits, and mandatory public financing all possibilities but unlikely as the current pols would have to enact the laws and they can’t even pass a budget.

  4. The billions of dollars wasted by the fatheads in the GOP could have paid for a lot of healthcare and a lot of jobs. Where we part company, is giving amnesty to ILLEGALS. This is a smack in the face to every legally processed US citizen. I blame both parties for the invasion of America. The Repubs. played wink wink at the borders for cheap labor, the Dems did the same for votes. As Frankie M. from the neighborhood would say, “They both suck canal water! “

    1. I am glad you agree about the wasted money and time the GOP has spent on this issue, so much more could have been done to help our Country during this time and the wasting of $700B is criminal. If I wasnt clear enough in the piece let me make my point crystal clear. I meant Congress could have worked on Immigration, I was in no way endorsing one side or the other. Thanks for reading and especially for your feedback, sorry if I was not clear enough.

  5. So now “checks and balances” is terrorism? The Tea Party politicians had a duty to fight this. Obama kept refusing to pass a budget, while spending trillions more and coming back every year needing to raise the debt ceiling. The Tea Party knows our creditors want to be paid, and were wanting to pay our existing bills, while Obama wanted to create trillions in new bills(Obamacare). They basically insisted that Obama pay our bills and put off his spendthrift goodies until a later date when we can actually afford them…. It is like a married couple with a credit card bill due. The husband thinks they should pay that bill, but it means cutting out the cable tv and date nights. The wife says she wants to go to Paris and buy a new car, and she will do that by asking the credit card company for an expanded credit limit. The credit card company says you have troubles paying the bills you already have and your wages haven’t increased. They tell them no, and the couple ends up paying the bill they already have while putting off that new car(Obamacare)…

    1. Hi Ray, thanks for reading my blog and responding so passionately, I really appreciate it. Let me ask you if you read my entire post or not? Checks and balances are what makes this Country great, but, as I said, there was no way for anyone to defund/repeal ACA. So the 43 votes were a complete waste of time and tax payer money. You need to do a little research, raising the debt ceiling is approving payment for what Congress already voted on to spend money on. One cannot compare the spending of a government with a household; thats simplistic and not a true comparison. Are you aware that the deficit has been cut in half with Obama in office? Are you aware of why his deficits were so high? Where we were in 2009 took a lot of digging out and a lot of money to avoid another Great Depression. The checks and balances should have been used on the ACA itself to improve it. Since there was no way it could be stopped people view the tea party as irrational and infantile to have 43 votes on it. We have 3 branches of Government, so most see the efforts of the tea party as, yes, terrorist like.

      To me ,the tea party has some good points about reducing spending and out debt. But, your actions just increased the debt by $700B so it makes one wonder what the real intention is. As I said in the piece, the U.S. economy needs to be growing at a much faster pace than it is now, and creating many more jobs. I dont see any of your efforts relating to these 2 fundamental problems. All I see from the tea party is saying ‘no’ which makes me think your goal isn’t to reduce the deficit (like I said its dropping faster than it has in 50 years) your goal is to make President Obama a failure. If your party didnt like what was in ObamaCare there was plenty of time to go over it, tweak it, add subtract. To do whatever it took to make the law better. When you live in reality you know one branch of Congress can’t change a law on its own, so your colleagues havent been doing “checks and balances” they have been doing sabotage and destroy. Sabotage and destroy is in fact unAmerican and unPatriotic.

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