How Did We Go From “Ask Not..” To Trickle Down Economics? Learn from the Kennedys’

A1-SUb-Pink-articleLarge-v2The other day I was watching Fox News Sunday and saw Chris Wallace interviewing Kathleen Kennedy (Bobby’s oldest child) and Patrick Kennedy (Teddy’s younger son). They both were so inspiring and positive it really made me wonder what has happened to this Country. Kathleen said her Father wrote her a note on the day JFK was buried telling her she was the oldest Kennedy grandchild and that she should carry on the family message of doing work to help people. Bobby wasn’t filled with anger, hate and revenge on the day his older brother, who had been gunned down and killed in broad day light, was to be buried. He wanted to make sure their message of helping others stayed alive. Patrick Kennedy, who wasn’t born until 1967, 4 or so years after the assassination, talked about his Father Teddy Kennedy and his endless fight for helping those in need, giving universal healthcare. Teddy always struck me as a type of hero. Not because I agreed with everything he did, or paid attention to all of his bills, or getting away with Chappaquiddick,  but because here was a man probably worth over a billion dollars and he spent his life trying to make things better for the average person.

Of course it was Jack Kennedy who asked to Country to pitch in and help out. He created the Peace Corps, inspired a generation to want to work in government for their country, pursued Civil Rights for African Americans. The Kennedy message was give back to society. How on earth did we go from a true member of the 1% with that message to a has been actor whose “Trickle Down Economics” (or as George Bush called it at the time “Voodoo Economics”)? The change in the Country and the Country’s leader could not have been more different. As a society back in the 60s people helping others was the goal. That was the message from a president who also, in today’s dollars, was probably a billionaire but his goal was to get the Country to work together, help the needy. Fast forward to 9/11; George Bush didn’t ask the Country for anything; he started the first wars in our Country’s history that did not have a war tax to pay for the wars. Now maybe that’s not a fair comparison because 9/11 was something we had never seen before, vulnerability on U.S. soil. Perhaps Mr. Bush thought having people get back to their everyday lives “going shopping” was his way of saying everything would be ok.

I wasn’t born when JFK was gunned down so I can’t say which was more impactful, his assassination or 9/11. What I can say is that the message of the Kennedy family was to help others. Give back. They were living proof of that. What was Ronal Reagan’s message? Greed is Good. We have had so many years since JFK that it’s virtually impossible for someone like President Obama to talk about giving back, helping others and our Country.

Now should be a time to look at the Kennedy family, follow their lead from the 1960s and extend a hand to those that need it. Change the culture from “give me” to “let me help you”. I am sure everyone knows the way the Kennedy family earned its money was dubious to put it nicely, we also know many of them have been reckless, ignored the law, gotten away with things no other family could get away with. But think of the good most of them have done. Teddy spending his life working for healthcare, helping the needy. Our billionaires of today, the Koch Brothers or Donald Trump, they have disgusting messages of greed, profit, and literally starving the poor.

We need another leader like John F. Kennedy.


Yes JFK Assassination Was a Conspiracy Says United States House of Representatives 1978

House_Select_Committee_on_AssassinationsSomething no one mentions:

The United States House of Representatives Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA) was established in 1976 to investigate the assassinations of John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr. The Committee investigated until 1978 and issued its final report, and concluded that Kennedy was very likely assassinated as a result of a conspiracy. However, the Committee noted that it believed that the conspiracy did not include the governments of the Soviet Union or Cuba. The Committee also stated it did not believe the conspiracy was organized by any organized crime group, nor any anti-Castro group, but that it could not rule out individual members of any of these two groups acting together.

The HSCA suffered from being conducted mostly in secret, and then issued a public report with much of its evidence sealed for 50 years under Congressional rules.[1] In 1992, Congress passed legislation to collect and open up all the evidence relating to Kennedy’s death, and created the Assassination Records Review Board to further that goal.

Taken from

So, why is this never mentioned in articles that are written today? I just read in WSJ that Oswald acting alone was fact. No mention of the magic bullet, Kennedy’s head bouncing in the wrong direction from bullets shot from behind. I saw an investigation on ABC News in the last 5 or so years that had some cockamamie theory about the seats in the back of the Kennedy limousine were higher that’s why it wasn’t really a magic bullet. Why would the Country’s most respected news media still be covering up for the assassination? Blows the mind.

I want to know what happened. I would like this reinvestigated by someone who has nothing to do with the government, big business or lobbyists. Someone to tell the truth. The President of the United States is gunned down in front of a crowd, in the middle of the day and no one wants the truth? I do.


STOP Point Fingers: Now Is The Time Get To Work Help #ACA

IMG_1827So, anyone who thinks the so called MSM main stream media leans left you should look back to an interview with Jon Stewart where he said the MSM is lazy and just goes for the easiest sensational story and run with it. Today’s news sources were spilling over with negative stories about President Obama, his handling of the #ACA rollout, his lying to the American people. It was brutal. Even the New York Times was laying it on thick. Talking about if this law goes down will Obama be considered a failure as a President. Not to mention the relentless attacks about his handling of the Middle East; how he should known of the technical problems of the website. The GOP is lining up to seize the moment for their ultimate goal of repealing #ACA.

The focus is wrong here. It’s not about President Obama it’s about what’s best for the American people. This new law will affect some 50 million people. This isn’t the time to be assigning blame, pointing fingers and playing politics. Real people’s live’s will be affected. Mr. Obama accomplished what both GOP and DEM presidents have been trying to do for 100 years. Offer healthcare that’s affordable to all Americans. He said it yesterday, he has been saying it all along, the law will need tinkering to make it better. Of course the GOP couldn’t let Obama go down in history for successfully launching a program that’s been in the making for 100 years; no their plan was sabotage and destroy. This disgusts me; the goal of all in Congress must be Country First. The GOP should have looked at the law and made it better, then they could have declared it the Boehner/Obama healthcare Act, or whatever. But they chose to screw over the American people instead. As we know they have no alternative.

And exactly where has the media been on ACA? Where was their thorough research and reporting on the law? Why didn’t they inform us that insurance companies can drop whomever they want, raise their rates however high they want. Even yesterday when the president explained this, there was no media coverage saying how true this is. Oh right, there was Miley Cirus to cover.

Ok, now that I am done pointing fingers at everyone besides Obama I am saying all hands should be on deck. Everyone should do what they can to make this work, to fight for the right for all Americans should have healthcare. Call, email, write your elected officials make your voice heard that the focus is on healthcare and we want it. Tweet, demonstrate, contribute money, whatever you can do to get the message of your support for healthcare for all.

It’s not about a website, a president, GOP treasonous games; its about what’s good for the American people.


The Future of News

IMG_1829While everyone talks about how news organizations are losing more and more money each year and what kind of impact that will have on their ability to reports and cover the news I think that’s not the only issue to think about when thinking of the future of news. While the economic realities are very serious and have had major impacts at many news organizations, there is also another trend going on.  Jeff Bezos recent purchase of the Washington Post Company for $250 million is an uplifting and inspiring sign for news gathering. He has the money to keep the paper going as long as he wants to and also has out of the box ideas that could make it profitable. Another excellent example is Rupert Murdoch purchasing Dow Jones & Co. for The Wall Street Journal. Mr. Murdoch has expanded coverage in the paper to include politics, sports, local news; which in turn has made the Journal a better newspaper. Before the purchase WSJ was the business newspaper of record. With the added cash the paper has expanded coverage and he did not turn it into Fox News2 as many feared. I think the future of news organizations is that there will be fewer of them but the big ones will stay around even if kept alive by one the many billionaires around.

What I think is more interesting about the future of news comes from what dozens of people have told me on twitter; that they don’t go to news websites or read newspapers, they come to my twitter feed to see what the important news of the day is. First of all that is a huge compliment, so any of you that have expressed that to me I am greatly humbled. But, to me, that’s really where the future of news lies. Where people will go to get their news. In 10 years from now people might only get their news from people they trust to pick out the need to know and interesting to know. As that does change the balance of power a bit, it doesn’t all that much. Because people like me, and many others, get the news from the trusted news organizations like Washington Post, New York Times, WSJ to name a few.

I do think this is the path people consuming the news are going in. Just as 15 years ago people got their news from the daily newspapers, I believe in 5 or 10 years people won’t be going directly to newspaper or magazine websites. But rather they will come to people they trust to get their news. It’s always been my goal to give coverage of both sides of a story. I would never include ridiculous rantings from the Palin’s of this world, but when Obama screws up I give it top coverage. When Obama scores a victory I give it top coverage. People shouldn’t only seek out the news they want to hear, they should seek to be informed and make up their own minds. That’s why I always tweet stories from left leaning NYT and WaPo and also right leaning WSJ and Politico.

In 30 years from now I am sure we will be receiving the news in a completely different manner as well. What’s most important is that people want to be informed.

The Utter Hypocrisy of Veterans Day

IMG_1094The fact that we have a national holiday for Veteran’s is so ironic and hypocritical it pisses me off. So, for today, we honor the fallen soldiers and the people who are serving today. The oldest living veteran from WWII will meet today with President Obama. It’s all pomp and ceremony. Ask the question, what do we do for our veterans when they get home from Afghanistan and Iraq.

We send brave young women and men into combat; make them serve over and over again on tour after tour and when they come back to the United States what do we do for them? Nothing. You read stories all the time about homeless vets, the ones who can’t find jobs. The vets who wait years for medical attention. The vets who commit suicide. While all the presidents and Congress talks about how thankful we are for the brave men and women who wear our uniform, none of them does anything to help them when they get home. No one helps them find jobs, their medical care is iffy at best. This is no way to honor and repay them for their service. About the best thing I have heard that’s being done for vets is Wal-Mart wants to hire 300,000 or something. That’s just great, they could look forward to living in poverty the rest of their lives.

It’s time the U.S. government did something for our returning veterans. Maybe the companies that have made 100s of billions of dollars could chip in and have a strong jobs bill for veterans. Perhaps the U.S. government could assure them a 2% rate for a mortgage if they wanted to purchase a home. The unemployment rate for veterans went up last month to 10.1%. There are so many things that could be done, both by the government and private citizens to help vets.

It’s time to stop the lip service and start acting. I call on the president and Congress to make life easier for these people. Stop the hypocrisy and do something to honor  them. I personally want to thank everyone in the military and all vets for their service. I always wanted to go up to someone in uniform and thank them for their service, but I always felt too awkward doing that. So I can do it from here! I am not in a position to hire anyone, give scholarships; I am  in a position to get the word out.  If anyone reading these words is in a position to do something please do.  If you want ideas, contact me I have tons. But sending young people out risking their lives then turning our backs on them when they get home is unacceptable. And, it’s reality.

What Every One Missed Tuesday And Today And More

IMG_3399Tuesday night’s election results were a stinging loss for the tea party and the radical right wing. Even Chris Christie’s win showed moderates could be voted in strongly. The win in VA was a clear defeat for the tea party. Is this just backlash from shutting down the government  or a real move away from the radical non compromising right that has left this Country paralyzed. What was briefly mentioned in the news was that all the exit polls at all the locations said people’s top concern is still the economy and their jobs. This has been the case for over 3 years. What are our elected officials doing about what the people want them to be working on? They are ignoring it completely. President Obama uses empty rhetoric about pivoting to jobs but he has never done it. He barely mentions job creation; the last bill he came up with for jobs was in September 2011. Two years ago. That’s unacceptable. Especially since the American public has for more than 2 years said their top priority was jobs and economy. Now everyone knows its not the presidents job to create jobs, job creation bills come from the Congress. This Congress is filled with people who care little about the American public and only themselves and their jobs. I’d still like to hear Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid mention a job creation bill. So, what was the take away from Tuesday? Not what the American people said, just the overall politics of the races and what it means for 2014 and 2016.

What did people miss today about the jobs report? Umm, that it sucked. Creating 200,000 jobs is barely breaking even. And the fact that we have the New Normal of thinking this is positive news is an extremely worrisome sign. We need job growth of 500,000 per month for a year to get people back to work. People wonder why so many people are on government assistance like food stamps; its because they can’t find jobs. Some have jobs and still can’t afford food. For those that think the cruelty of cutting aid to people who need it should really take a closer look at the jobs situation. Workforce participation dropped again this report; that means that more and more people are giving up looking for work. All of those people are eventually going to be subsidized by the government. Why not invest that money now so they can get jobs, support themselves, lift their self esteem, and also bring in more revenue to the government. Seems simple, but no.

In other news, are we seriously close to signing a deal with Iran when inspectors haven’t been in their country yet? The sanctions are working, make them stronger and tighter and push for an immediate Syria like inspection and removal. Lightening up sanctions now is the wrong things to do. I hate to agree with Dick Cheney, but in this case I do.

ACA continues to haunt the president and the democratic party. I am still flabbergasted why Obama didn’t hire someone PR firm to inform the public all of the benefits of the program, 3 years ago. They should be hiring a crisis management team now. Remember when George W. was selling the Iraq war? He had his entire team out there week after week on the Sunday talk shows. Cheney, Powell, Rice the whole crew. Couldn’t Obama have taken that kind of route to inform people how this would benefit them? Or send out doctors, business people, spread the word that this will be good for them.

Consumer confidence fell last month by the most it ever had according to Gallup. GDP for the U.S. is 70% consumer spending. when consumers lose confidence they spend less. Their lowered spending has direct impact on growth. Predictions by economists are saying this years Holiday season will have the slowest rise in spending since 2009, that’s not good. What’s the solution to confidence, economic fears, job loss concerns? Simple, a multi year massive jobs creation bill.

The United States of Chaos/Cruelty/Crybabies

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThere is so much disfunction in Washington I don’t even know where to begin. To be honest the entire situation has had me so disgusted that I haven’t even commented on it in a while. Let me just start, these are not in any particular order, and I hope I don’t forget any:

  • The tea party crybabies shut the government down because they don’t like the Affordable Care Act ACA or as they like to call it ObamaCare. This will sound like a broken record but ACA is the law of the land, the SCOTUS deemed it constitutional, and the 2012 election had Mitt Romney claiming he would repeal the law. Romney lost. The temper tantrum throwing House held 43 votes to repeal ACA. The amount of time and money wasted having these votes should be criminal. Instead, why not open the law and make adjustments to it, make the law better, correct aspects of the law that need correcting? But no, the tea party doesn’t have the Country’s best interest in mind, they have their own interests and careers in mind. So, they close down the government, cause many people who live pay check to pay check to do with out food or other primary needs, they add $24B to the debt. This is an embarrassment for our Country on the World’s stage. The tea party has lost credibility of American government. All for nothing, but Ted Cruz being a rising star in the Flat Earth Society.
  • Where is President Obama? Is he around? He makes a red line with Syria; doesn’t have the courage to go it alone so brings in Congress. Then out of the blue Putin comes in and saves the day. Yes, removing all WMD from Syria is a better outcome then a strike would have been, but this episode doesn’t make Obama look like he is in charge, that this was his idea. It makes him look like a bystander. Iran is making gestures. Do we trust them? Of course not. Now Syria dismantled and destroyed its chemical weapons extremely quickly. Why isn’t Obama calling the Iranian’s bluff and saying we will reduce some sanctions after a full inspection of Iran; oh and by the way that must be this Wednesday. Obama seems to be dragging his feet, not explaining what his strategy is. Does he have a strategy for the middle east? I do not see Mr. Obama as a Leader who is in charge. I don’t see it.
  • ACA roll out, WTF?? This was completely unnecessary and shouldn’t have happened. It gives all the crybabies a chance to reopen ACA  as being a debacle. One is a website one is an entire new healthcare system. Not a valid comparison.  Also we recently found out that Obama repeatedly lied to the Country about keeping their healthcare. What has happened is that subpar plans are being discontinued and replaced with better coverage with mostly lower costs. Can the Obama administration communicate anything? Why weren’t people told about this in August? This is good news.
  • Cutting Food Stamps? We have an unemployment crisis, the lowest workforce participation in 40 years; the job growth situation is worse now than after the Great Depression, and now is the time they decide to cut food stamps? No one in America should ever go hungry, we are the richest country on earth. Cutting help to those that need it most is despicable. Also this is a bad economic decision. Food stamps are spent, they put money back in the economy. This will have the effect of slowing the economy even more. The current GOP platform is make sure poor people don’t have healthcare or food. Words can’t even describe how enraged I am about this.
  • What makes anyone think the debt talks in 4 weeks will go any better? All of this uncertainty around the Holidays. Uncertainty makes people not spend money. This is the worst possible time to be going through this. Most stores earn their entire years profit from Thanksgiving until New Years.
  • What to do about all of this mess? As I have said many times, have the DOJ investigate the tea party people’s votes and their effect on the economy. We need a complete government overhaul. We need the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (or something similar) to focus on the United States government. Get rid of the corruption, lobbyists, gerrymandering, electoral college — we need a make over!