The United States of Chaos/Cruelty/Crybabies

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThere is so much disfunction in Washington I don’t even know where to begin. To be honest the entire situation has had me so disgusted that I haven’t even commented on it in a while. Let me just start, these are not in any particular order, and I hope I don’t forget any:

  • The tea party crybabies shut the government down because they don’t like the Affordable Care Act ACA or as they like to call it ObamaCare. This will sound like a broken record but ACA is the law of the land, the SCOTUS deemed it constitutional, and the 2012 election had Mitt Romney claiming he would repeal the law. Romney lost. The temper tantrum throwing House held 43 votes to repeal ACA. The amount of time and money wasted having these votes should be criminal. Instead, why not open the law and make adjustments to it, make the law better, correct aspects of the law that need correcting? But no, the tea party doesn’t have the Country’s best interest in mind, they have their own interests and careers in mind. So, they close down the government, cause many people who live pay check to pay check to do with out food or other primary needs, they add $24B to the debt. This is an embarrassment for our Country on the World’s stage. The tea party has lost credibility of American government. All for nothing, but Ted Cruz being a rising star in the Flat Earth Society.
  • Where is President Obama? Is he around? He makes a red line with Syria; doesn’t have the courage to go it alone so brings in Congress. Then out of the blue Putin comes in and saves the day. Yes, removing all WMD from Syria is a better outcome then a strike would have been, but this episode doesn’t make Obama look like he is in charge, that this was his idea. It makes him look like a bystander. Iran is making gestures. Do we trust them? Of course not. Now Syria dismantled and destroyed its chemical weapons extremely quickly. Why isn’t Obama calling the Iranian’s bluff and saying we will reduce some sanctions after a full inspection of Iran; oh and by the way that must be this Wednesday. Obama seems to be dragging his feet, not explaining what his strategy is. Does he have a strategy for the middle east? I do not see Mr. Obama as a Leader who is in charge. I don’t see it.
  • ACA roll out, WTF?? This was completely unnecessary and shouldn’t have happened. It gives all the crybabies a chance to reopen ACA  as being a debacle. One is a website one is an entire new healthcare system. Not a valid comparison.  Also we recently found out that Obama repeatedly lied to the Country about keeping their healthcare. What has happened is that subpar plans are being discontinued and replaced with better coverage with mostly lower costs. Can the Obama administration communicate anything? Why weren’t people told about this in August? This is good news.
  • Cutting Food Stamps? We have an unemployment crisis, the lowest workforce participation in 40 years; the job growth situation is worse now than after the Great Depression, and now is the time they decide to cut food stamps? No one in America should ever go hungry, we are the richest country on earth. Cutting help to those that need it most is despicable. Also this is a bad economic decision. Food stamps are spent, they put money back in the economy. This will have the effect of slowing the economy even more. The current GOP platform is make sure poor people don’t have healthcare or food. Words can’t even describe how enraged I am about this.
  • What makes anyone think the debt talks in 4 weeks will go any better? All of this uncertainty around the Holidays. Uncertainty makes people not spend money. This is the worst possible time to be going through this. Most stores earn their entire years profit from Thanksgiving until New Years.
  • What to do about all of this mess? As I have said many times, have the DOJ investigate the tea party people’s votes and their effect on the economy. We need a complete government overhaul. We need the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (or something similar) to focus on the United States government. Get rid of the corruption, lobbyists, gerrymandering, electoral college — we need a make over!

6 thoughts on “The United States of Chaos/Cruelty/Crybabies

  1. Agree! Your post is spot on target. Bill and Melinda, however seem an unlikely answer. Independent third party to rid US of the DemocRATS and RepublicRATS is what I see as viable. These bullies are going to fall. It is just a matter of time. Keep up the good fight!

  2. • To your point about “tea party crybabies”, why must you resort to labeling or name calling with the modifier “crybabies”? The tea party is a minority group within the congressional House of Representatives. I do not recall you referring to the LBGT faction as “crybabies” in any of your blogs. It appears that minorities that you side with deserve respect and minority groups that you disagree with have some kind of demeaning label. The divisions of power within the federal government were put in place to restrict dictatorial forms of governance. The house has the exclusive power to allocate funds. The country was founded on the principle of majority rule, while respecting the opinion of the minority. This is why there is unequal representation in the House of Representatives and equal representation in the Senate. The minority in the House were excising their right to voice their concern over the government regulating one-sixth of the private sector. My question to you is, if 85% of the US population was covered through their employer and 15% uninsured, why didn’t the solution only address the 15%?
    • To your point on the ACA rollout, you state “What has happened is that subpar plans are being discontinued and replaced with better coverage with mostly lower costs.” Where are you getting this from? To date, November 5, 2013, there have been 2.71 million insurance cancellation notices sent out across the nation according to CNN. You refer to “subpar” plans. That may be your definition of plans that do not carry all of the provisions mandated by the ACA. I would say that most of the cancelled plans had what the consumer needed and were priced accordingly. The ACA mandates that all policies must have “free” birth control pills. Every single male that buys insurance will be helping to cover that cost. How is it right for the government to tell people that they must give some of their earnings for something that they will NEVER use? That is not the definition of fair. According to the Insurance Institute, 89% of the cancellations are resulting in premium increases for reduced coverage that the insured will use.
    • To your point on the reduced benefit for food stamps… Should anyone in this country go hungry? No. Should this program be temporary? Yes, but it isn’t. According to the USDA, there is 31% of recipients that are second generation of a lifetime recipient. If one does not have a time limit on their public assistance, where is the incentive to be a productive member of this society? I do not have a problem with people who use the system as a “safety net”, but can not understand why liberals think that the tax payers need to support people for their entire life. I do not know the benefit levels in New York, but I do know what they are in California. I am tired of people who are on public assistance actually getting more free food via the SNAP program than what I can afford to spend on MY family. This is not cold hearted but a fact of life. A family of 4 gets $712 per month in SNAP benefits whereas I can only budget $500 per month for my family. This is all we can afford after paying our “fair share” and supporting other who do not contribute to the system. There is nothing wrong with charity, but what the government is doing is forcing citizens into paying for a slush fund to buy votes. “Vote for me, and I will get your benefits increased” will get every vote from those who live off of the system. Secondly, the government does little to curb fraud in the food stamp program. From the USDA, “
    “In FY 2012, over 100 analysts and investigators reviewed over 15,000 stores and conducted nearly 4,500 undercover investigations. Close to 1,400 stores were permanently disqualified for trafficking and nearly 700 stores were sanctioned for other violations such as the sale of ineligible items.
    FNS also works with State law enforcement authorities to provide them with SNAP benefits that are used in sting operations, supporting anti-trafficking actions at the local level.
    USDA’s Office of the Inspector General also conducts extensive criminal investigations – many resulting from FNS administrative oversight findings and referrals – to prosecute traffickers.
    In FY 2012, OIG SNAP investigations resulted in 342 convictions, including a number of multi-year prison terms for the most serious offenses, and approximately $57.7 million in monetary results.
    In FY 2012, OIG devoted more than 50 percent of its investigative resources to prevent SNAP fraud, waste and abuse.”
    100 people devoted to watch over 47 million recipients? If they cut the fraud, the truly needy people would have more. The entire program is corrupt. Eliminate the waste first, and then we can have a conversation about the small monetary cuts to the program.

    1. The tea party is a bunch of “crybabies.” Furthermore, there is absolutely no comparison between members of the tea party and members of the LGBT community. Your “logic” is unsound.

    2. Wow, too bad you didn’t take all of this time to focus on helping people than nitpicking my piece. Did you actually read the piece? Most of the questions you bring up are covered in the piece itself. I understand how the government works, and understand the tea party was sent to DC to repeal ACA; fair enough. With a DEM Senate and POTUS there was 0% chance ACA would be repealed. I call them crybabies throwing temper tantrums because they don’t understand they can’t win this but yet they waste the Country’s time and money on voting 43 times and shutting the government down. Because Boehner didn’t have the balls to challenge the tea party and bring the vote to the floor, which would have passed with DEM votes, the Country gets shutdown by the tea party. Why don’t I pick on other minority groups? Because I have never seen a more unAmerican group that acts unConstitutionally. Last nights election should show you many agree with me.

      Lets see, the subpar insurance being replaced with better and cheaper insurance came from @WSJ; debating whats in ACA should have been done instead of 43 votes to repeal it. As far as all of your info regarding food stamp abuse the Federal Government says abuse is about 1%; yes that should be looked at. But cutting food stamps in this economy is cruel.

      You obviously missed the point of this piece and you are part of the problem, since all you offer is criticism and not one solution. This piece is about disfunction and how to recognize and fix it.

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