The Utter Hypocrisy of Veterans Day

IMG_1094The fact that we have a national holiday for Veteran’s is so ironic and hypocritical it pisses me off. So, for today, we honor the fallen soldiers and the people who are serving today. The oldest living veteran from WWII will meet today with President Obama. It’s all pomp and ceremony. Ask the question, what do we do for our veterans when they get home from Afghanistan and Iraq.

We send brave young women and men into combat; make them serve over and over again on tour after tour and when they come back to the United States what do we do for them? Nothing. You read stories all the time about homeless vets, the ones who can’t find jobs. The vets who wait years for medical attention. The vets who commit suicide. While all the presidents and Congress talks about how thankful we are for the brave men and women who wear our uniform, none of them does anything to help them when they get home. No one helps them find jobs, their medical care is iffy at best. This is no way to honor and repay them for their service. About the best thing I have heard that’s being done for vets is Wal-Mart wants to hire 300,000 or something. That’s just great, they could look forward to living in poverty the rest of their lives.

It’s time the U.S. government did something for our returning veterans. Maybe the companies that have made 100s of billions of dollars could chip in and have a strong jobs bill for veterans. Perhaps the U.S. government could assure them a 2% rate for a mortgage if they wanted to purchase a home. The unemployment rate for veterans went up last month to 10.1%. There are so many things that could be done, both by the government and private citizens to help vets.

It’s time to stop the lip service and start acting. I call on the president and Congress to make life easier for these people. Stop the hypocrisy and do something to honor  them. I personally want to thank everyone in the military and all vets for their service. I always wanted to go up to someone in uniform and thank them for their service, but I always felt too awkward doing that. So I can do it from here! I am not in a position to hire anyone, give scholarships; I am  in a position to get the word out.  If anyone reading these words is in a position to do something please do.  If you want ideas, contact me I have tons. But sending young people out risking their lives then turning our backs on them when they get home is unacceptable. And, it’s reality.


5 thoughts on “The Utter Hypocrisy of Veterans Day

  1. You had me until you said, “It’s time the U.S. Government did something for our returning veterans.” Sir: don’t you think they’ve done enough? It’s REALLY time to stop looking to government to fix what we see wrong and do it ourselves. EVERYTHING…literally EVERYTHING the government does is inefficient and comes attached with it a high failure rate. You want to do something? Give money or donate time to Non-Governmental Organizations that are efficient and effective at helping veterans cope with coming back from war. If you want some suggestions, tweet or email me. @brianmcquaig B$

    1. Thanks for reading and replying. You def have a valid argument in saying government screws things up. However, its the government who sends these people to war so it should be the government to provide funds and programs for these heroes when they come home. If the private sector kicks in all the better.

  2. On a more positive note…The government is FINALLY giving a serious look into NON pharmaceutical pain management approaches such as acupuncture, massage, meditation and yoga to help treat vets. They are providing grant monies in the millions (5 million over 5 years) for one particular grant program; however, the grants will be used to conduct research on the effectiveness of the complimentary alternative medicine programs. I was quite eager to hear about these grants and in hope of our office applying; however, they released the information sooner than initially reported so they probably already have the organizations hand picked for receiving the grants. Now the studies should prove what most of us in the alternative/complimentary health field already know about the effectiveness of non-pharmaceutical approaches to pain management. (check out you tube video

    It’s my opinion that vets do receive great health benefits; my dad’s had excellent health coverage since he’s been a disabled vet…much better than private pay insurance would be. The move to help our veterans more with better approaches to nervous system disorders along with pain management is long overdo. We have many vets who have become addicts or who have had accidental overdose deaths due to RX medications. There aren’t nearly enough programs for re-entry back home here along with helping vets find jobs, but there are several programs and grant funding available for vets to start their own business. Educational benefits are pretty good, too. I sometimes regret not following through with entering the Air Force right after high school graduation.

    1. Thanks for giving a perspective from someone who has vets as family members. That’s great that your family has received excellent medical care; I have read many articles about people who don’t live near hospitals and do not receive good health care; glass to hear that wasn’t the case for your family. Good to hear the government is investing in non pharma pain relief but very disappointed to hear they are only spending $1M per year on it. With over 10% unemployment, 900,000 being kicked off food stamps and many other examples I think more should be done to not on honor vets but to help them.

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