STOP Point Fingers: Now Is The Time Get To Work Help #ACA

IMG_1827So, anyone who thinks the so called MSM main stream media leans left you should look back to an interview with Jon Stewart where he said the MSM is lazy and just goes for the easiest sensational story and run with it. Today’s news sources were spilling over with negative stories about President Obama, his handling of the #ACA rollout, his lying to the American people. It was brutal. Even the New York Times was laying it on thick. Talking about if this law goes down will Obama be considered a failure as a President. Not to mention the relentless attacks about his handling of the Middle East; how he should known of the technical problems of the website. The GOP is lining up to seize the moment for their ultimate goal of repealing #ACA.

The focus is wrong here. It’s not about President Obama it’s about what’s best for the American people. This new law will affect some 50 million people. This isn’t the time to be assigning blame, pointing fingers and playing politics. Real people’s live’s will be affected. Mr. Obama accomplished what both GOP and DEM presidents have been trying to do for 100 years. Offer healthcare that’s affordable to all Americans. He said it yesterday, he has been saying it all along, the law will need tinkering to make it better. Of course the GOP couldn’t let Obama go down in history for successfully launching a program that’s been in the making for 100 years; no their plan was sabotage and destroy. This disgusts me; the goal of all in Congress must be Country First. The GOP should have looked at the law and made it better, then they could have declared it the Boehner/Obama healthcare Act, or whatever. But they chose to screw over the American people instead. As we know they have no alternative.

And exactly where has the media been on ACA? Where was their thorough research and reporting on the law? Why didn’t they inform us that insurance companies can drop whomever they want, raise their rates however high they want. Even yesterday when the president explained this, there was no media coverage saying how true this is. Oh right, there was Miley Cirus to cover.

Ok, now that I am done pointing fingers at everyone besides Obama I am saying all hands should be on deck. Everyone should do what they can to make this work, to fight for the right for all Americans should have healthcare. Call, email, write your elected officials make your voice heard that the focus is on healthcare and we want it. Tweet, demonstrate, contribute money, whatever you can do to get the message of your support for healthcare for all.

It’s not about a website, a president, GOP treasonous games; its about what’s good for the American people.



2 thoughts on “STOP Point Fingers: Now Is The Time Get To Work Help #ACA

  1. For most of us Andrew, it has never been about President Obama, per se. But for the Right Wing, everything is about making President Obama look bad and be a failure. Their agenda from day one of Obama’s presidency has been to defeat him. It has never been about what is in the best interests of the American people. This should be painfully obvious to everyone, including the media. But, instead of doing their jobs and reporting both the good and the bad about ACA, all the media has done is use their platforms to bash Obama. It is sickening to watch. The only way we are going to get beyond this is to have a Democratic majority in both the House and the Senate. We, the voters of America, have the power to stop this nonsense. But, do we have the determination to do it? I guess we will see on November 4, 2014.

    1. As always thanks for reading and responding Pat; while I agree with most of what you are saying, the point of today’s post was to take immediate action. I have received a bunch of emails today from Unite Blue asking for donations. I want to get the word out that we can do something today to show we support ACA and make our voices heard. As for 2014 there has been so much gerrymandering it’s going to take a lot of work to get people in those areas to vote for common sense. Here in New York our elected officials know what we want.

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