Yes JFK Assassination Was a Conspiracy Says United States House of Representatives 1978

House_Select_Committee_on_AssassinationsSomething no one mentions:

The United States House of Representatives Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA) was established in 1976 to investigate the assassinations of John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr. The Committee investigated until 1978 and issued its final report, and concluded that Kennedy was very likely assassinated as a result of a conspiracy. However, the Committee noted that it believed that the conspiracy did not include the governments of the Soviet Union or Cuba. The Committee also stated it did not believe the conspiracy was organized by any organized crime group, nor any anti-Castro group, but that it could not rule out individual members of any of these two groups acting together.

The HSCA suffered from being conducted mostly in secret, and then issued a public report with much of its evidence sealed for 50 years under Congressional rules.[1] In 1992, Congress passed legislation to collect and open up all the evidence relating to Kennedy’s death, and created the Assassination Records Review Board to further that goal.

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So, why is this never mentioned in articles that are written today? I just read in WSJ that Oswald acting alone was fact. No mention of the magic bullet, Kennedy’s head bouncing in the wrong direction from bullets shot from behind. I saw an investigation on ABC News in the last 5 or so years that had some cockamamie theory about the seats in the back of the Kennedy limousine were higher that’s why it wasn’t really a magic bullet. Why would the Country’s most respected news media still be covering up for the assassination? Blows the mind.

I want to know what happened. I would like this reinvestigated by someone who has nothing to do with the government, big business or lobbyists. Someone to tell the truth. The President of the United States is gunned down in front of a crowd, in the middle of the day and no one wants the truth? I do.



5 thoughts on “Yes JFK Assassination Was a Conspiracy Says United States House of Representatives 1978

  1. Many people have always believed that Kennedy was offed because he was percieved as a threat to the Federal Reserve, that very exclusive club that still today is wreaking havoc on our economies both domestic and global. End the Fed. I think we all remember where we were when Kennedy was killed. That fateful November day served as a benchmark to when our coutry began to deteriorate. After his demise, everything seemed to change on a downward spiral for middle class Americans. On a perverse, silly only slightly related note, I have always wondered why Jacqueline chose to wear a hot pink suit in November. Usurally that color suit would be reserved for springtime. She was my idol and still I think is a laudable historcal figure for her work in the preservation of both the White House and New York’s Grand Central Station. Yes, Andrew, I too want the truth!

    1. I have heard different theories as to who was behind the assassination, the CIA because he was going to dismantle them, LBJ, he was in on it, or he wasn’t. The Mob, because Bobby was trying to arrest them all. I haven’t heard the Fed though. I have read so many articles in the last few days that speak as if Oswald acted alone was a factual statement. Leaving out the above information, is dishonest reporting. That’s why I wanted to bring it to people’s attention. I also agree that the assassination was a turning point in our Country and things have gone down hill ever since.

      The pink dress, that’s an interesting question that I have never thought of, but it is interesting. I was born after the assassination so I don’t remember where I was (my Mother was pregnant with me at the time though!) I love Jackie, I think she was just great. My guess with the pink suit is that she liked being the center of attention and not paying attention to those silly rules other people followed about when to wear what color. I agree about Jackie being a strong historical person, in addition to what you mentioned don’t forget she got a job in the mid 1970s. I think that had a huge impact on women feeling comfortable working. Saving Grand Central was phenomenal (btw, it’s correct name is Grand Central Terminal). She died way too young; the first thing I thought when John died in that plane crash was thank god Jackie is not alive to see this.

      Btw, did you see the article in the NYT about Jackie’s pink dress? If you didn’t let me know I’ll find the link. Thanks for reading and responding!

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