Mid Week Round Up ** Fed ** Walt ** Iran ** Healthcare

IMG_0095I just noticed I haven’t written a posting in a long time.  So it’s time for me to weigh in on what’s been going on the last week or so. First let me start with Walt Mossberg being let go by the Wall Street Journal, today was his last column. I met Walt once, when I was working at WSJ he came and spoke to the advertising sales team. He started his column in 1991 when no one but techies were writing about technology. His weekly piece was to talk technology to a non-technology audience. Brilliant actually, especially so early on. Over the years he became a first read and his opinions well respected. I read every review he wrote about products I was thinking of buying. I have tremendous respect for Walt and I think this is a very bad move on the Journal’s part. I hope he lands somewhere soon, I will continue to seek his advice.

The Fed tapering off the quantitative easing because the job market is showing strength? That’s such bull shit, the job market is weak and fragile, unemployment is at crisis levels. For more details look back at other postings on here, I don’t feel like going through my views on the job market. All I can say is that anyone who thinks the jobs market shows strength is delusional.

Iran? I don’t buy their game. Not to sound like John McCain but I don’t think we should ease any sanctions on them until we have verifiable proof that they are destroying their nuclear program. They say they want nukes for energy, yet what they are building are nukes for at a grade that’s for weapons not energy. Not to mention they are sitting on one of the largest reserves of oil in the world. Where did I read that line about a young naive president so eager to make a deal with Iran that he would make a bad deal. I think that’s what is happening.

Healthcare? Ok, this is such a huge cluster fuck it’s difficult to sort it out. The GOP is staking everything on bringing down ObamaCare. Since  the Obama administration did such a horrible job explaining the new law they handed the GOP the gift of lying up a storm and scaring people to death. The GOP is winning this war right now; which is amazing since the alternative is no healthcare. The botched roll out with the website made things so much worse. And president Obama being caught lying about keeping your doctor if you want is a blow he might never recover from. Now, if we get back to healthcare itself we should know why this law is good. How is it helping people? I have been on the site and have no idea which plan would be appropriate. I have spoken to a few of my doctors, they have no idea what to do about ACA, which carriers they would accept and which they wouldn’t. When you go on the site it’s not like shopping for Aetna v United Healthcare; it’s more like choosing between Joe’s healthcare v Pinewood. It’s hard to pick your health insurance when not one name is familiar. The point should be better healthcare and a lower cost. I have not seen that yet.  I hope to though.

More to come!


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