The War on Christmas ** White Jesus and Santa ** And Other Hypocritical Things

IMG_1835I wonder if the people over at Fox News make things up just to rile up their audiences and boost their ratings. Or is it just the stupidity of the people who work there who come out with these statements. In the Santa is White piece Megyn Kelly was obviously not kidding when she said both Santa and Jesus were white. Is that small mindedness, coming from such an insular place that the thought of Jesus as being blonde blue eyed and white is just a given; the thought he could have been something else just too far out of the question? I don’t think her statement was racist, I think it was ignorant. I don’t watch Megyn Kelly, so I can’t comment too much on her performance or attitude but from what I did see, it looked like an insecure over compensating young woman making a fool of herself. I am thinking that a Jew in the Middle East wasn’t white.  And from something I read it said the bible (which I have never read) never once refers to Jesus’s looks. And this is so everyone would feel embraced by him.

The War on Christmas? This has to be just something Fox thought up to rile people up. There are a few aspects of this nonsense. One is seeing the 10 Commandments in government buildings — if you will recall our government is based on the separation of church and state. But, I see nothing wrong with places like the White House having a nice big Christmas tree and also having a Menorah. But, what really gets people, Fox people, riled up is that they think it’s un-PC to say Merry Christmas. They think saying those words are seen as discrimination against those that don’t celebrate Christmas. Guess what? It’s fine to say Merry Christmas, there is nothing wrong or offensive about saying that to others who celebrate Christmas. So, no, there is no war. Bring it on and keep saying it. I said it today to my PT. What I prefer to say, for me, is Happy Holidays. Why? Because I don’t know what everyone’s religion and beliefs are, the New Year is also a Holiday so to me Happy Holidays covers everything and everyone. But that’s me. Anyone else can make up their own mind.

I’ve noticed something extremely hypocritical recently, coming from the left. Whereas most on the left demonize, with good reason, the tea party, they are following a similar trajectory. I have noticed people on the left freaking out if you criticize President Obama at all. To me that’s just complete bullshit. If you criticize him for his policies and how he carries them out that’s fine. If you are in the GOP and only want to see Obama fail, that means you want to see our Country fail. If you want to see our Country fail you should move out of this fabulous Country, renounce your citizenship and be gone. If on the other hand you bring up criticism of the president that could make the Country better that is a good thing in my book. Those that can’t handle criticism of Barack Obama need to get a life. No one is above criticism. You can think what I am saying now is complete bull shit, and if you do please comment on that and I, with an open mind will rethink my positions. If you respond by saying “you are a fuckhead and have stupid opinions” I won’t pay attention.

Our goal should always be to make life better for people, especially people who live here in the U.S.  I call on anyone who is reading this to try to do something to better the people in our Country. It might be a tweet that inspires others. It might be saying let’s sit down and work this out. I have my blog and other social media accounts to make life better; not to increase traffic or be more popular.

This time of year is the time we should reach out to the needy, help who we can and stop with the idiotic self inflicted internal wars. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and more importantly a Happy 2014. No, this isn’t my last posting of the year. Just wanted to wish those that are reading this some good cheer.


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