A Big Thanks to Cheez-It For Sending Me a Great Holiday Present ** Social Media Changes the World

It is a very exciting time that we are living in, with the advent of all different forms of social media a person like me can catch they eye of The Kellogg Company and have them send me not only a Holiday present but also a House Warming gift. How did this happen? I guess I mentioned a few times that I loved Cheez-It and someone from Cheez-It/Kellogg’s contacted me and asked if they could send me some gifts in appreciation for showing them the love. Pics are below of what they sent and their new product #Grooves is really good!

I am excited for the day when more people, people of power and influence, understand what can be done with social media. How they can make better products, satisfy people’s needs better. That day will come and I am going to help get us there!



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