Analysis and Opinions That Cannot Be Ignored

originalYes, I hate this theme too, but change is coming to all of my social media platforms. Change is good, and will offer others help properly navigating the world we live in with so many vast possibilities.

So, today all the buzz it about Chris Christie. Did he know and orchestrate the traffic-gate scandal, or was he an innocent victim of a staff gone wild. Personally I am losing interest in this more and more every hour of the day. I find it hard to believe that any staff member of Christie’s would do anything as brazen and public as tying up traffic on one of the busiest bridges in the world without Christie knowing about it. He did put on a good show, he was very convincing. I haven’t made up my mind 100%, but like I said, I can’t imagine anyone on his staff risking his wrath if he wasn’t on board. Ok, now that that is somewhat over with there are much more important things to discuss. As always there is the staggering amount of longterm unemployed who aren’t counted or given any help. The recent uproar of UI is about currently the current people who are seeking unemployment insurance. The millions upon millions who have been unable to find a job and no longer qualify for UI aren’t counted. According to the BLS site they have no way of knowing how many people, and what percentage of people, are unemployed. This is because they can only track the people who are currently receiving UI. The official estimate of longterm unemployed is (and has been for 4 years) 4 million people; my guess, more like 20 million. The official unemployment rate is at 7%, my guess is closer to 20%.

But, enough of reality that normal people suffer through and let’s think about what’s to come. What is to come? Will we as a Country invest in ourselves for a better future? To remain the leaders of the free world. Or, will we make short sighted decisions that restrict education,  people’s ability to find a job. Right now much of the world is ahead of us; unthinkable 50 years ago. But we always went for the quick fix. Nah, don’t invest in new technology for air, train and auto travel let’s have tax cuts instead. I remember my Father used to be really into the interstate super highway system. I didn’t really realize until I was an adult that his interest came from the fact it happened in his lifetime. Ike made it possible. We need a new leader like Ike, like JFK, to inspire generations to come. The Internet itself came from JFK challenge to put a man on the moon. And look at the trillions of dollars that has created. We need to start reinvesting again so America doesn’t slip closer to a third world Country.

What’s the lesson here? Today everyone is focused on Chris Christie and traffic on a bridge. Who is focused on the future growth of our Country? There has to be someone more than just me.


3 thoughts on “Analysis and Opinions That Cannot Be Ignored

  1. A point well taken, Andrew. What I sometimes wonder about is the potentially disastrous effect of having so many LTU people walking around suspended in some sort of zombie-like state; they are neither dead, nor can they truly participate in life. What are the psychological and potentially criminal ramifications of these tortured and hopeless? The failure of this administration to provide a plan for getting the LTU gainfully employed is their biggest single failure. Christie is a fly on the butt of this issue, but makes for good media. Look through the B.S. and you will see the unions striking in thirty degree weather and people lined up in Queens in frigid temps seeking employment w. Benefits. These are the true heroes. Christie is just another loud mouth lawyer.

    1. I worry about the same thing, the longer people are unemployed the worse it will get too. I also worry about the criminal element when people run out of money for food, will they start stealing food. I think the failure of the Obama administration to not be drafting substantial jobs programs and to press the Congress into passing these bills is outrageous. As promised in his 2012 campaign Obama should have put the full force of his office and agenda to job creation. Very disappointing; and scary future for tens of millions of Americans who can’t find work.

  2. It is good that you keep talking about this Andrew, since the mainstream media does not give much focus to it anymore. It seems to be affecting so many Americans, including large groups of millennials and older workers. I worry about both groups, and feel that we are missing so much of value by marginalizing so many who could be contributing.

    Last night I was thinking about the skewed financial distribution in this country, and I think most articles are placing the emphasis on the wrong end. They all seem to focus on those who are accumulating the lion’s share of GDP. The reason this does not stir people to action is that we are still, despite the evidence of the last twenty years, a country of people who think that that could be us, or our children, if we only believe, work hard, are smart enough, etc. We need to place the focus on the lowest economic levels perhaps, and all the fine people who are winding up there through medical and insurance problems, banking industry malfeasance, trade agreements and job displacements. Perhaps then people will understand that we seem to be on the way to something I never thought I would see in our great country: a permanent economic underclass.

    Remember when shifting industry demand called for us to have training programs in new technologies? This kept our country growing, and helped to maintain a strong middle class as well. It seems that with the allure of large potential markets in China and India, many companies do not care as much about economic vitality in the domestic market.

    Thanks again for your post, and your repeated comments about the issue.

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