The Fiasco of ObamaCare #ACA in Manhattan

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I always liked what I heard about ACA; I think affordable healthcare for all is both essential and the moral thing to do.

I never understood why the Obama administration didn’t explain the law better, or at all. We heard 2 or 3 talking points and that was it. The public was never told ‘what’s in it for me.’ That baffled me because if this law was as good as they were saying I would have thought they would have been singing its praises.

I can tell you from first hand experience that it’s not just the website which had a disastrous rollout; it’s the entire law. Since I will be starting a business soon I have done a lot of research about ACA, which doctors will accept it, what kind of plans I could get. What I have found out has been maddening and extremely disappointing. I can’t speak for any other state besides New York, but let me tell you what I found out. First I talked with my dentist of 13 years, she told me that they had not decided which of the exchanges they would accept. She said that the information given to doctors was just as opaque as what was given to the public. She recommended not having dental coverage and just paying out of pocket; it would probably be cheaper.

Next I spoke with my dermatologist of 10 years. She also told me that she had very little knowledge of ACA and what plan she would accept. She also told me that her practice is also a small business and didn’t know what she was going to do about her own, and her staffs’ health insurance. She was concerned about what she was going to do. Her recommendation to me? Don’t choose a plan that she would accept; I should just come for my yearly check up and pay out of pocket for it.

Last week I saw my primary care doctor of over 20 years; before I saw him the woman in charge of billing told me the practice would be accepting none of the exchanges in ACA. When I spoke to the doctor I asked him about it and he was furious. He told me that it wasn’t his decision not to accept any of the exchanges; it’s that the exchanges would not accept any doctors who are affiliated with teaching hospitals or universities. Any reputable doctor is affiliated with teaching hospitals. He said that once you take that layer of doctors away what is left is subpar doctors. He also said that ACA was trying to push everyone into Medicaid; this would be a disaster because the doctors that accept Medicaid are definitely doctors to stay away from. They are amongst the worst in talent and treatment. My doctor also told me that in ACA you are covered for emergency room visits. But it might only be the ER on Coney Island (50  miles away). He recommended getting catastrophic insurance and pay out of pocket for regular visits.

These are my choices? This is supposed to help people? This is how you insure people who own small businesses? Three of my doctors, that are highly respected and at the top of their fields, recommend no insurance? My PC doc predicts an implosion in the coming months. Healthcare for all, but not any of the good doctors? Bad healthcare isn’t good for anyone, whether you have insurance or don’t.

This plan is unacceptable for anyone who lives in New York. It is a disgrace and needs to be immediately changed.


9 thoughts on “The Fiasco of ObamaCare #ACA in Manhattan

  1. Welcome to my world. Long Before O care was even a gleam in the eye my medical treatment under Cigna seemed limited to Punjab from Bangladesh U or Abu from the local 7/11. Dental? Dental is a totally unregulated Wild West so my pearly whites haven’t been in five years now. But hey these work visa Amerikans are more important than my well being so I should just quit belly aching. This country is so bass akwards twisted I no longer care if I live or die. Punjab can have it and does.

  2. Just a clarification- it is not true that all doctors affiliated with teaching hospitals are not covered by ACA exchange policies. I live in NNY, my physician practice is in Syr NY and affiliated with St Joseph’s Hospital Health Center a long time teaching hospital. My phys practice IS excepting BC/BS Excellus plans thru the exchanges. they sent letters to all patients nd posted this on their patient portal site.
    I wholeheartedly agree with your statement that roll out and education to the public and healthcare professionals, physicians has been poor and is disappointing. I think it is important that correct information be shared, and incorrect information corrected. I think our differing experience speaks volumes to the roll out problems.

    1. Thanks for reading and responding to my blog. Perhaps different parts of NY have different rules; I am in NY County (Manhattan). My doctor was furious when I saw him, they had just heard back from the last of the exchanges saying they would not reimburse his practice because of his affiliation with NYU. I am speaking out because a) this pisses me off since I’ll have to get insurance privately and b) maybe someone will fix and change this. Perhaps I’ll change the title of this post from NY to Manhattan. Thanks again

      1. It will be interesting to see if things are so different regionally. My physician is in Onondaga County. Worth watching/ trending.

  3. Interesting that some of the best cancer centers in the world are teaching hospitals. What a shame and a possibly one of the largest govt. scams in our lifetime.

  4. I have to point out that insurance companies have been limiting providers LONG before the ACA both privately purchased plans and employer-provided plans. I had to switch my kids to different doctors several times because the insurance company dropped the doctor. Insurance companies have been tightening networks for many, many years.

    Perhaps a new post is in order… but your personal experiences are your personal experiences…

    Also, most privately purchased plans now do not cover dental or vision except for kids.

    1. Hey, thanks for reading and responding. The point of my piece was to describe my experience right now, today, in Manhattan. I know insurance companies have been trying to screw over people for decades, I thought ACA was going to change that. When my doctor told me that the ACA exchanges wouldn’t accept any doctor who was affiliated with a teaching hospital I was shocked. Those are the doctors you want to see. When I found out with ACA you could only see subpar doctors I was/am furious. How is this a help to me or anyone else? This is an issue that needs to be addressed immediately. And yes, dental needs to be put into healthcare, absolutely.

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