Religious Freedom ** Discrimination ** Slavery

IMG_1674Ok, I know I am not the first to write about this, but I need to add my voice to the conversation. First, it’s really alarming that in this day and age people would be trying to pass laws that allow bigotry and discrimination. Maybe what a lot of people say is true, we have to wait for the close minded bigots to all die. I saw a study recently that said a huge portion of millennials have left the church because of the church’s anti-gay stance.

This Arizona law that Miss Wag-Your-Finger (Jan Brewer) is waiting on either signing or vetoing is supposed to protect religious freedoms. Everyone is thinking it is all about gay couples, and it is, but there is so much more. But, this law would allow a restaurant owner to kick gay people out of his/her restaurant, solely because they are gay. This is revolting and outrageous.

So, today it’s gays; as Anderson Cooper pointed out, tomorrow it might be an un wed mother; a divorced man or woman. And it could also be for all black people. Religious freedom was the rationale that was used to allow slavery. Religious freedom was used in the 1950s and 1960s with the Civil Rights movement, for people that wanted to keep segregation. It was used as a rationale for not allowing blacks into the U.S. Army.

Luckily some major companies have spoken out against this law and are urging Ms. Brewer to veto the bill. From Apple to Delta Airlines, companies are speaking out. And shockingly Fox News has even spoken out against the law, Fox News!

I don’t understand discrimination. My parents brought my brother and me up to treat everyone the same way and that all people are equal. I remember in 3rd grade posters showing kids of all different colors and races together and smiling. I am sure there was some kind of text under it saying something about all being equal but I don’t remember that. Just the image of different colors all being equal. This is why I find this law so foreign.

In the end I am guessing the bill will be vetoed. Not because of the bigotry it shows, but because of the financial consequences. Still, better it’s vetoed.


The “Obama Economy” And Treasonous GOP

IMG_1819Remember in 2008 when Obama won the election and many people, magazines, TV Shows all talked about how the Republican party was dead. After the large losses in 2006 and then the presidency in 2008 people were openly talking about the end of the GOP.

Boy, were they wrong. The GOP was cooking up a strategy to come back in a big way.

It sickens me to see headlines like Marco Rubio saying “The Obama stimulus was a failure” or the term “The Obama economy.” So misleading and incorrect. The current shape of the economy is due to the obstructionism and the GOP’s desire to make Mr. Obama look bad. No, not look bad, have him go down in history as a failure.

Flashback to early 2009 when Obama proposed the stimulus. At the time most economists said it was too small and would only work for a couple of years. As president Obama was on his way over to submit his proposed stimulus the GOP held a press conference denouncing it. Before they saw or read it they said no. Here is where their scorched earth strategy started. Say NO to anything and everything POTUS wanted. The Country was on the verge of another Great Depression and the GOP was playing politics, with the United States of America’s economy. Mitch McConnell was caught on TV saying the GOP’s top priority was to make president Obama a one term president. Not to dig the country out of the deep hole it was in or to help others.

To me, playing politics and deliberately voting on bills that sabotage the U.S. economy is treason. I think these people with these strategies should be tried in a court of law. Yes, I am aware that politicians play politics, but it should never be at the expense of the American people. In 2008 when George W. Bush proposed the TAARP to bail out the banks, the DEMS voted in  the best interest of the Country. The GOP? Voted against it.

The economy is in horrible shape today. The Wall Street Journal estimates that there are about 18 million longterm unemployed people in the Country today. The unemployment rate keeps dropping because people are so discouraged they have stopped looking for work. I blame this situation completely on the GOP/tea party. When demand is low and consumer confidence plummets it’s time for more stimulus and job creating bills. The GOP has made it clear they won’t vote for any more money being spent. That very action is why the economy is in such a bad state. I read today that according to the Gallup polling jobs and the economy are what Americans are most concerned about. If we invested now in new programs in the future the longterm debt would be lowered. Instead of having the government pay unemployment, welfare, medicaid if the government invested in new projects that put people to work, those people would be paying taxes and bringing more money in to the treasury. Thus in the longterm lowering the national debt.

To hear the spin from the GOP that this is Obama’s economy/failure is infuriating when it was the GOP that stopped him every step of the way. I do fault Obama for not publicly pushing for job creation more. He gave up too early on that and that’s a major blow to him and his legacy. After the 2012 election the polls all said the economy and jobs were people’s number one issue, just like today, Obama should have pushed hard to get more job creation. He went with issues that people weren’t as passionate about like guns, immigration. Big mistake.

I think we should call this the “GOP Economy.” And, I do wish that all the GOP who participated in the obstructionism could be tried for treason and jailed.

And, to you, Marco Rubio: the stimulus didn’t fail. It wasn’t large enough.

Very Exciting News My Nephew’s Paper Is Now Live Read What It’s All About

1901827_10152193736305027_841880655_nToday’s the day Eric’s paper goes live, check it out and follow @Eric_Ginsburg @Triad_City_Beat

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A Job For Mitt Romney ** Should America Have A Monarchy **

Boca area in BA, Very colorfulIt occurred to me the other day seeing Mitt Romney on a few TV shows that I have the perfect thing for him to do. Since he wants to remain in the public eye and not retire he should emulate Bill Clinton and Bill Gates. He should remove himself from politics and put his ‘celebrity’ to good use.  He was obviously a successful business man, he showed that he can handle things on a grand scale like the Olympics. He should start a charitable Foundation in something that interests him and could help people out. The Clinton Global Initiative and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation have both done tremendous good. Mr. Romney has the leadership skills to accomplish something similar. Having him go on Sunday talk shows with partisan opinions is such a waste. He didn’t make it in politics; here would be a chance to really bring people together and help others. Mitt, I hope you are reading this. Pick a charity (homelessness, poverty, unemployment, infrastructure) bring business and thought leaders together and make things better. Imagine if The Romney Foundation raised enough money to rebuild the crumbling infrastructure in this Country; or if it helped schools teach kids the kind of things they will need to know so they can get good jobs. I think he is the perfect person to take on a mission like this; and everyone would benefit from it.


I was reading in the paper the other day about how Queen Elizabeth II wants public money to pay her heating bills. The Royals have always kind of interested me in that people take them so seriously. When Charles and Diana got divorced she lost her HRH title, Her Royal Highness. People take these titles so seriously, I remember the outrage at the time. The Queen gave either her sister or daughter, the most highly respected title. That was adding the word “The” in front of Princess. All that stuff is funny to me.

The article was actually pretty interesting. She doesn’t own one of the palaces she lives in, the public does. Same with the Crown Jewels, they are hers to wear but she could never sell them. Some of the Castles and land she does own, I wish the article had been more specific.

The British people love the Monarchy, something like 87% of the people are in favor of keeping it. That made me think about the U.S. How nice would it be if we had a head of state that 87% of the people liked. In this day and age with all of the bitter partisan fighting, the posing and posturing of our elected officials. What’s happened is that our government is paralyzed. Nothing gets done. It’s beyond dysfunctional.

I know we left England and started this Country to get away from the Monarchy but what a nice thought. Americans agreeing on something.

Please Read A Personal Experience With #Unemployment

IMG_3864An anonymous guest blogger’s Unemployment story:

Came from CUBA w my parents back in 1967 in the LIBERTY FLIGHTS.
Got married ,divorced, no kids and worked different jobs.
In Feb 11th    1980 got an office job and I thought to my self I will retired from here at 65.
On JULY  2012 after 33 years I  got layoff .They got TEMPS and younger college people.
I did  get UI .and looked for part time jobs. But there is a problem I was 60 They want younger people.
In NOV 2013  after I did worked all my life the stop my UI .No savings.
I will be force to retired at 62  10 months to go.
I have not paid rent for the last two months, going to food pantry and Salvation Army for food, for me and m pets.but they don’t give personal items. EMBARRASSING.
You can go once a month to either one .Never get enough food for my dogs. So if I get $5 extra dollars is for pet food.
I don’t drink or smoke but I LIKE TO DRINK DIET COKE  and I can’t .My dogs are first.
I been waiting to get help w my electric bill since JAN 16th  that I did apply for help.
Com ED can’t wait till I AM approved ,they want down payment of $ next Friday.
Had to cancel the YMCA of 14 years.
My family pays my phone and Internet in case of an emergency .
My neighbor did give me money to help w my cooking gas.
I am not a lazy person I clean the building to help w my rent. I take care of a couple of cats ,I do my land lord’s laundry and help her in her house .She takes it off the rent.
They offer me to apply for low income ,just have to get in line…..
Why do I have to move when I been here for 34 years?
No one can tell me that I am taking a long vacation and enjoying this situation ,not knowing if next month I will have electricity or cooking gas or a place to leave.
I wont tell my name. , don’t want anyone to feel sorry for me .I want what I deserve ,what I worked for. 

A New Era Has Begun @Triad_City_Beat

IMG_3857My nephew Eric Ginsburg and a few colleagues are starting their very own newspaper and website called the Triad City Beat. Eric has been a professional writer for years now at Yes Weekly. Obviously this is a very exciting time and I couldn’t be more proud of him. 

I can’t wait to see how this evolves and I invite you all to watch along with me. You can start by following their twitter feed @Triad_City_Beat and the website when it’s up

Also, make sure to follow Eric himself @Eric_Ginsburg Keep posted for other new news from the #GinsburgFamily! Thanks all



Bill Gates ** The Clintons ** The Koch Brothers

2013 Jun 27_Yosemite_0109_edited-1What do these 3 groups of people have in common? They are all billionaires (well, not the Clintons, but I’ll get to that later). Bill Gates changed the world with building Microsoft and using a computer common place and easy. Bill Clinton changed the world, as every President of the United States does, with the strongest economy and job growth in any presidency since WWII. The Koch Brothers made billions of dollars and are trying to change the political landscape.

Now, think about it. What would you do if you had 5 or 10 billion dollars? As everyone knows Bill and Melinda Gates have devoted their lives to philanthropic work. Their foundation’s primary goals are to eradicate poverty globally, expand healthcare globally and to expand education and information technology in the United States. They have had tremendous success and helped millions in need.

Bill Clinton started the Clinton Global Initiative which has also poured billions into healthcare, preventing HIV/AIDS, pediatric care. It is also a nonpartisan group that brings business leaders, heads of state, Nobel prize winners and other global leaders to share ideas,  on how to solve global issues. What a great way to use your influence and power to bring people together to help solve the world’s problems.

The Koch brothers on the other hand are using their billions to try to cultivate more power, cut off people in need and damage the American way of life. The Koch’s are the ones who created and funded – still funding – the tea party. They are not putting their wealth to help others. They are using it to hurt others, deny freedoms.

Obviously everything I have written here is common knowledge and nothing new; except people should really take a moment to think about what their goals in life are. Do you want to help others in need or do you want to have more power. I find this so striking because I don’t think I have ever met anyone that would not want to help others. I am talking about people who don’t need to worry about money. I wouldn’t say to an unemployed person why don’t you go out and volunteer to help the needy in their spare time. Unemployed people are the needy!

If I had billions and didn’t need to work I would love nothing more than helping other people. I guess their are people who are truly evil. What a shame.


photo copyright Dan Ginsburg 2014