Barbara Walters Makes a Fool of Herself ** Victims Speak Out

Image 102I finally saw the clip that everyone has been talking about where Walters vehemently defends Woody Allen in the child molestation charges that were charged against him by his then girlfriend Mia Farrow’s 7 year old adopted daughter Dylan. Ms. Walters did say “I don’t know about Dylan” but then went on and on about how close she is to Woody and he could never do anything like this because he is such a nice man. He is so loving to his own 2 biological children. Barbara, isn’t it always the one you least suspect that is actually guilty? Her argument was preposterous. She really looked like an out of touch old lady. Other celebs have weighed in with their support of Woody Allen as well.

The fact is, no one knows what happened besides Dylan (who now goes by a different name) and Woody. No one. So no one should be taking sides or passing judgement. The very important part missed here is that this is exactly why victims of abuse don’t report it. Because they are afraid they won’t be believed. That’s not the kind of culture we want. We want kids to speak out. Barbara’s intensely strong backing of Woody would say to a child ‘I shouldn’t say anything, no one will believe me.’

Now, I am not saying Mr. Allen is guilty. And I am not saying he is innocent. I don’t know, I will never know. Neither will you. I don’t know why Dylan is speaking out now. I remember the whole saga going on with Woody and Mia breaking up. I read recently the police investigated the allegations and found probable cause but not enough to charge him. No, I have no way of knowing what that means.

The point here is to encourage any victim to speak up. A child. A soldier. Anyone. And no one should ever say ‘Oh no, he/she is much too nice to do something like that.’


3 thoughts on “Barbara Walters Makes a Fool of Herself ** Victims Speak Out

  1. That is exactly right. It is comments like this that make victims want to remain silent. Only Dylan and Woody and God know what really happened… but lets face it… Sex offenders never admit it willingly and he had an affair with his teenage step daughter at that time who he is now married to. I pray that the truth will be exposed and that Dylan will continue to be a voice for victims, no matter how much wealth and fame a person has.

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